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Ever Wondered What Your Dogs Were Trying to Say?

  Note:  Ginger the dog’s thoughts are given in the bracket. Liya is on her bed, reading a book when her Dog strolls into the room, “Hey Ginger! Come here come here.” Ginger is about to settle on his spot, “Woof! Woof!” (I am sleepy! Gonna a take a nap) Liya picks her up, keeps… Continue reading Ever Wondered What Your Dogs Were Trying to Say?

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A Conquest is Brewing

Food for thought – Suppose you are creating something. But in the process, you destroy ten other things. Is the creation worthwhile? The idea has been implanted well. Increase the content of greed in there, won’t you? Due to their greed for wealth, fame, and power, they’ll double their production and pollute the environment. They’ll… Continue reading A Conquest is Brewing

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My Sin? I Watched Them Being Butchered

I have been listening to the vicious revving of the chainsaw since yesterday. Last time this happened I remember looking out my window helplessly, willing it to stop. The sound was haunting. But soon, I realized that it was worse when it stopped, for when it did, I cringed; dreading the thud of death as… Continue reading My Sin? I Watched Them Being Butchered

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Conversing With the Waves

100 Happy Days – Day 86 Happiness is a chair, a book and the threshold of an Ocean and not knowing which one makes you happier. Every Bibliophile’s dream – A serene spot with a view, some peace and a book. Behold! An evening at the beach, watching the waves breaking against the rocks, holding… Continue reading Conversing With the Waves

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A One Night Stand

I walked up to him, stealthily drew a line on his spine, with the tip of my slender, cold index finger. A shiver ran through him. I turned him around, took a cursory look at him & sighed. I would neither be his first nor his last. I had known that forever. But I was… Continue reading A One Night Stand

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Me, On Behalf of Those Animals

We have heard many stories about how Tigers and Leopards wandered into the cities and then they were killed. When we spot a snake, we ensure that we don’t lose sight of it, grab a weapon and then kill it. In Trivandrum, Kerala, there were many street dogs that bit children and adults alike and… Continue reading Me, On Behalf of Those Animals