A Bucket-list For a Better Lifestyle in 2019

Creating Bucketlist is like letting the Universe and yourself know the list of things you wish to achieve. It is the first step to getting yourself up and moving. Here is mine for 2019. Hope it inspires you as well.

The Journey of Water From Abundance to Scarcity, Purity to Poison

"I used to walk about 4-5 Kms everyday to bring water. I was a little girl, seven or eight years old, that by the time I brought the pots home, they would be half empty as the water used to drip." my grandmother recalled. Children carrying water "Do not open that hand shower. It is … Continue reading The Journey of Water From Abundance to Scarcity, Purity to Poison

Price of a Cell Phone? A Cup of Tea

Cell phones and I share a special bond. No! It isn't a bond like yours or anyone else's. This is different. Believe it or not, I always get the defective piece in the lot. In fact, I was teaching probability to my students recently and I asked them, 'Do you think that probability can be … Continue reading Price of a Cell Phone? A Cup of Tea

How Aware are You of Indoor Pollutants?

According to WHO, 4.3 million people a year die from the exposure to household air pollution. Source Shocking! Isn't it? If you are on this page and not an acquaintance of mine, you are probably looking for answers. They could be about Indoor pollution or a certain ailment that could have resulted from Indoor pollutants. … Continue reading How Aware are You of Indoor Pollutants?

Place of Origin – An Answer to Your Snack Cravings

If you are fond of local dishes from all over the country, you would always be on the lookout for people who go on trips to various places to bring you some. During my college days, students used to wait for the Keralites to arrive with their Banana chips and  the Tapioca chips, the Telugites … Continue reading Place of Origin – An Answer to Your Snack Cravings

Matrikas Journals for The Creative Minds

Journal writing is one of the best practices you could have that will help you in life in long run and at present as well. It would be a million times better if you have a self help journal to guide you. Wouldn't it? Here you have it! 🙂

Story Time With Kids

The moment my nieces come home, the first thing they ask for is noodles. This is followed by the request to apply nail polish for them – Both hands and feet. I am the cool aunt who grants all their wishes. This hullaballoo ends with a game that we all play together. But this time, … Continue reading Story Time With Kids

One Stop Gifting Solution – IGP.com

A couple of years back, my sister and I had decided to celebrate Mom's birthday with lots of gifts and surprises. One thing we had planned was to send her a bouquet. I tried searching for shops online since we wanted to get it delivered to her office which was in another district. But no … Continue reading One Stop Gifting Solution – IGP.com

Online Shopping – A Step Ahead With Shimply

Online shopping has become the Mantra of the Era. Those who have had a taste of it know how addicting & convenient it is. Apart from that, people love shopping online because of the variety it offers. There are umpteen sites and shops online that offer a wide, unique and quality range of products. If you know what … Continue reading Online Shopping – A Step Ahead With Shimply

To He-Man, With Love, Teela

He-man dearest, This will be one among the hundreds of letters written by me to you and this will find you at the right time. This time, I wouldn't write poems stolen from great writers. This time, it isn't cheesy lines or mundane anecdotes. On the contrary, it is about some promises I'd like to … Continue reading To He-Man, With Love, Teela

Of Chores and Laundry

She walked out of her office too tired. The cash section had not tallied with the accounts, they had received a complaint from a customer and she had been receiving calls from her superiors. The complaint was against her, though it wasn't her fault. She had done as her immediate manager had asked her to … Continue reading Of Chores and Laundry

Tips for Your Leather Shoes

"There's an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes" You must be familiar with this quote from Forrest Gump. You must also be too familiar with how our teachers insisted on jet black, polished, shiny leather shoes. Though we never bothered during those times, we are well aware of how shoes speak … Continue reading Tips for Your Leather Shoes

Whats & Whys of Ezebee.com

  Almost all of us are variants of tech-savvy entrepreneurs these days. Most of us either sell products or provide services and many of us have considered about starting a business of our own at some point of time or the other. The next thought that comes to our mind is the source of investment … Continue reading Whats & Whys of Ezebee.com

Home is Where the Heart is

As I swerve and maneuver through the city traffic, I notice all the buildings lighting up. I have way too much time to look at all the decorations since there is a heavy traffic. Though I am not a fan of traffic, I know what this means. It means development. It means in a couple … Continue reading Home is Where the Heart is

Delving into Kesari

Kesari is one of the easiest sweets to prepare. Let me assure you, there is no compromise on the taste. Kesari is the oblique yellow sunshine melting in your mouth. For me, Kesari smells like home with the rich aroma of ghee and fried cashews. Are you thinking about any of those relatives who cannot have … Continue reading Delving into Kesari