10 Ways to Arrange Your Jewellery

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Over the years, I tried many DIY methods to store my earrings since that is what I had in abundance and I realized that, ultimately, your convenience mattered. You could arrange them in boxes or di…

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Skirts For Your Wardrobe

The jeans, leggings & jeggings fever has abated and the streets are flooding with Palazzos. However, if there is one thing that stays forever in bottom-wears, they are skirts. I personally do not bother what the latest fad is and what is not, while choosing my clothes. I wear what I like at that moment. But, if we do consider the trends, skirts are evergreen.

Here are some of the skirts that would add color and style to your wardrobe:

  1. Midis – Pull out your favorite laced knee high shoes for the midis wouldn’t hide them at all. While florals and maxi skirts go together, plains & midi is the best pair. You have a wide variety in Midi skirts; laced, pleated, pencil & so on. The one shown below are A-line.
  2. Pencil Skirt – I had to make a special mention of this one. How we go all gaga over Rachel Green’s clothes in Friends! And the way she carries pencil skirt with so much elegance! Recently, I when I was (re) watching it, I couldn’t help myself and ordered a blue pencil skirt for myself! The structure of this skirt adds so much grace to the wearer and keeps our movement in check. If there is an occasion you want to look super-presentable, this piece of clothing talks for itself!

  3. Floral Maxi Skirt – Ah! Maxi skirts have my attention always! Special florals, flares and all. If you are looking for some free movement, comfort and vibrance, this should do. Pair them up with black or white top, multicolored necklace & a beach bag and you are good to go! 🙂

  4. Asymmetric Skirts – Flaunt the beauty of imperfection with Asymmetric skirts. When perfection is too mainstream and you feel like breaking the rules, asymmetric helps you unleash the free soul in you. I have always found unconventional clothing rejuvenating my soul.

  5. Sexy Denims – Denims keep popping in and out of fashion way too often. So owning one of these could be like a skirt forever! You can stash it in your wardrobe and years later, pull it out and feel like you have a new piece of clothing! Plus, plains, checks, florals; you name it and they all go with these sexy pieces.


  6. The Black – This had to be included irrespective of the pattern. A safe bet, sexy, quick decision maker and goes with any top. There are hundreds of colors but there is nothing like black. I have around 20 pieces of clothing in black and I can never have enough. It suits just about everyone and whatever the  occasion, black can never go wrong!

    The list isn’t exhaustive. Since skirts are graceful, allow freedom of movement and enhance the femininity, people have explored and brought out so many varieties of skirts that one cannot own them all. Because, while you do, there will be another one in the making. 😉

Image credits: All the images have been taken from Style We. If you like these skirts, you can follow them on Pinterest and go through their Blog.

Online Shopping – A Step Ahead With Shimply

Online shopping has become the Mantra of the Era. Those who have had a taste of it know how addicting & convenient it is. Apart from that, people love shopping online because of the variety it offers. There are umpteen sites and shops online that offer a wide, unique and quality range of products. If you know what you want, you have it there. Simply apply the filters and choose what you like. With ‘no questions asked’ return policies offered by most of the e-commerce sites, nothing could really go wrong shopping online.

Yet, when it is about apparels, you definitely wish for one more boon – the option to try the clothes on and see how they look on you. Choosing the favorite color isn’t difficult. But many people face that dilemma of choosing between the sky blue and turquoise blue, Violets and Purples and so on. The colors look wonderful and pleasing to the eyes. But what would suit you the best? Many have similar dilemma when it comes to choosing the patterns too.

Will Anarkali look better than the umbrella cut on me?

Women are the ones almost always facing it. The color, fit, the compatibility with your skin tone, comparison with other available colors of the same product etc are few of the many factors that trouble women while buying clothes. You buy one, try it on, don’t like it much, order the next and wonder whether the earlier one looked better. If you are a frequent online shopper, these hassles get on your nerves after a while.

Behold! You can now try on the apparels you buy online!

You read that right. Shimply, India’s multi-category online Bazaar, launched its mobile app recently. There are a huge variety of unique products on Shimply, curated from across the country at affordable prices. The highlight of the mobile app happens to be the ‘Virtual Trial Room’ facility which is such a relief for many shopaholics.


I know what you are wondering.

How could a virtual trial room work?

The app has a trial room section where you have the option to either choose an image from the gallery or click a picture. Once the image is chosen, a wide range of products appear below the image from which you can choose the ones you like, for trial. The apparel can be placed anywhere on the image, zoomed in & out and tilted to fit the size of your image. You can easily alternate between products trials to determine the one that suits you the best.

I was skeptical about the color aspect. I wondered how I’ll know if the color actually suits me. Astonishingly, the apparels not only fit well with the image used, but I also got a precise idea of how the colors would look on me.

The icing on the cake? You can have trials with Home Decors too. That totally enthralled me. Simply click a picture of your living room and see how the decors look in their respective places. Choose the ones that suit the paint color and go well with the other furniture in your home.

Is it safe?

Virtual Trial Room claims to work on the Patent Pending Technology where, once the image is clicked, it is saved nowhere in the phone. This makes it much safer, keeping at bay, the peeping Tom problem.

As mentioned earlier, while women are the ones most benefited by the feature, men will definitely be relieved thinking about the time saved. Now you have more reasons to shop online and stay at home, rather than walk into store after store with your better half.

Shimply has around 1.7 crore products ranging from casual wears, formals, bridals, Bollywood designs and specialties, beauty & personal care products, furniture, home decors, books, jewellery of all kinds and just about everything. There are some unique products that define the diversity and culture of India. With the added advantage of virtual trial for all these products, it has taken online shopping a step further.

Never Judge A Woman By Her Looks


Stereotyping is a part and parcel of womanhood. Every woman face the problem many times in their lives and there is no end to it. Sometimes I gape open-mouthed at the situations and comments that link to my appearance.

Not surprisingly, that is the case everywhere. Nielsen India conducted Nihar Naturals #IAmCapable survey and here are the startling figures:

a. 69% of men agree that their judgement of women is based on their looks.

b. 64% of women agree that the judgments passed on them have affected their ability to reach their true potential.

c. 70%of women agree that majority of judgments on women are from family members or friends rather than strangers.

d. 72% of women agree that working women face more judgments on their looks or their clothes than housewives.

nihar-naturals-statistics-women (1)

The experiences prove the same too. It took me a while to change some of the perceptions. Yet many remain the same:



No Ornaments = Not Religious

“Where is your Bindi? And what will happen if you were a necklace? Why leave that neck barren? Women these days! They don’t have Bhaya Bhakti Bahumanam. They do not fear or respect Gods.”, an old lady in our temple said.

How I overcame the experience? By wearing ornaments when I met them. 😛 Old unrelated people have a way of spoiling your peace of mind.



Short/deep necked dresses = To tow Men

A friend had uploaded an image that she had taken for a magazine. She wore a deep necked top and the image was a beautiful one. She was bombarded with calls and texts asking her to take the picture down. They threatened to inform her family about this and ‘take action’ against uploading such exposing images.

How she overcame the same? She put up a status on Facebook about the calls and the texts. She got lots of support, followers and more appreciation for the image as well as her boldness. Her friends dared the ‘moral polices’ to comment right there if they had the guts. 🙂



Dusky Bride = Dusky Groom

My aunt was groom hunting for me and then she tells the details to my parents.

“There is this wonderful family. The boy is very nice. I told them about your daughter. I said that there is one problem. The girl is dusky. Anyhow, even the guy is dusky. So it is alright.”

When I heard this, I asked why was it mandatory to look at the color of people for which she replied to my parents.

“What is wrong. Your daughter is dark complexioned. Can you deny that? No. So only a dark complexioned guy can marry her. She can’t be adamant that she needs a fair guy.”

And the word spread that I wanted fair guys and I sat with my hands on my head. Relatives!



Modern clothes = Strong-headed
Traditional attire = Calm & Composed

“Are these your daughters? They are so adorable!”, Smiley aunty said. She said everything with a smile.

After a while, her husband walked in.

“These are her daughters. The elder one is very silent, calm and homely. Take one look at her and you’ll know. The younger one is a bomb! She is very smart, bold and sometimes strong-headed.”

My sister comes home and says, “How do they say that she-” she points at me.

“-she is calm? Composed? What atrocity is this? Her looks and clothing is what does it.”



Fashionable = Spendthrift

“Look at those eyes! You have a ton of black paint around there. With all those make-up stuff and fashionable clothes, you must be a spendthrift!”

I write, win vouchers and buy my clothes mostly using them at discounted prices. I calculate the average price of material, stitching charges and compare them with the clothes I buy and only if I feel it is reasonable, I buy them. I like trying out variety outfits even if it isn’t in trend in my hometown. I am anti-make-up and the only things I use are Kajals & Eyeliners that aren’t too expensive.

I looked at him and asked, “What brand is your shirt?”


“How much does it cost?”

“Around 1600 INR”

“My top costs Rs 100, the shrug Rs 150. My jeggings Rs 850. Eyeliner Rs. 80 and Kajal Rs. 150. I have only asked you the cost of your shirt yet. Should I continue?”

That was enough.



Decked up = To attract men

“What on Earth is that?”

“A Earring. Isn’t it beautiful?”

“What? You’ll wear that thing in your ears?” he asked looking at the pair of Peacock feather earrings a friend had given me.

“Yes.” I said. It was obvious.

“You think guys find it beautiful?”

I felt like something hit my head.

“Wait! You think women wear these stuff to impress men?”, he smiled to affirm.

I continued, “Seriously? I have quite a lot of crazy earrings and accessories and I wear them because I love dressing up. I have never thought of a guy while choosing my stuff. We dress to please ourselves and not guys.”

He stood there baffled and embarrassed.

My Peacock Feather Earrings 🙂



Thin = Weak

“Oh yes! I learnt to ride a two wheeler when I was 13 years old. Soon after that I learnt to ride the bike.”

Arun choked on his Coke.

“Come on yaar!”

“Hey! Seriously! She used to ride a bike well before she came to the college. She was on the bike stunts team.”, I said proudly about my friend.

“What? She is so puny. The bike would have just crushed her if it fell on her.”

They all started laughing. I saw the glint in her eyes and I realized what she felt at that moment.

“Let’s go for bowling.”, I said changing the topic.

There have been many situations where we were able to overcome them, but in certain cases, it isn’t easy to change the ideas and perceptions that have been ground into people’s heads.

I’m breaking stereotypes based on appearance by sharing my experience for the #IAmCapable activity at BlogAdda in association with Nihar Naturals.

16 Tips to Make Your Year Productive – I

Fed up of making resolutions and dropping them midway? Then chuck resolutions and prepare a set of achievable and interesting goals. By goals I mean, all those one-time-things you have always wanted to do. You can even do them side by side. Here is how.

The year glides by and before you know, it is December. In the end, you ask yourself, ‘What have I achieved this year?’ and you can’t think of anything much. Deep inside, you know that the year was just okay and you are in the same position you were, when the previous year ended. 365 days whooshed past and you have no clue what you did. To change that, I prepared a list of things I wanted to achieve this year. When I wrote My Bucketlist for 2016, it was well received by the few who read it. That inspired me to write this post.

Resolutions are mostly recurring, boring and general in nature. That is partly a reason for us to stop them midway. Most of us keep resolutions to make a difference in our lives and at the end of the year, we are back to square one. Isn’t it time to change the pattern? Yes! Prepare a list of achievable goals. Things you have wanted to do but never got to doing or fears you wish to overcome! Anything that would be a propulsive factor to you, something that does not require a forever routine.

Why Replace Resolutions with Goals?

Know the difference in this context 🙂

Let's drop the resolutions and pick up the goals
Let’s drop the resolutions and pick up the goals


  • The reputation – Most of us do not take up resolutions anymore because we know it is not going to happen!
  • The Recurring Routine Nature – Most of the resolutions have a routine nature and picking up routines isn’t easy. People get bored when they hit the gym on the tenth day or eat boring dietary food everyday. There is nothing interesting to pep it up.
  • No Defined Plans – To hit the gym regularly, to read more, to meditate, to diet, stop procrastinating are the regular items on the list until the list goes missing. No one defines what regularly means and how to achieve that, what more means in ‘read more’, how to meditate and what dieting means according to you. With no plans, they all vanish into thin air.

Here is an extensive, but not an exhaustive list of goals you could prepare:

1. A Bank Account to Enjoy Life – If you are earning, open a Recurring Deposit account, give a standing instruction so that a portion of your salary automatically goes into the RD account. This will be your account for enjoying life. I have seen many of my friends work a lot, spend carelessly and then struggle for money when they want something they have been dreaming for long.

Now, what is your passion? Is it traveling, reading, shopping or partying? If you transfer enough per month, you will have enough in the end, to go on that trip, buy all the books, go shopping or partying. Did I hear you say that you already have good investment plans? Even then, you need an account for splurging. It is an assurance that you can have fun at anytime! I saved a bit when I earned earlier and used it for a recent trip. Trust me! You won’t regret it. 🙂

2. For Book Lovers – Many of the book lovers do not manage to read as much as they used to. I, for instance, read barely 3-4 books last year. The books I intended to read in 2014 are still pending.
The best thing to do is, to prepare a list of books you intend to read. Keep going through the list and soon, you will find yourself remembering about your goals more often. Movie lovers can do the same with movies.In a year, there are so many moments we waste unknowingly. Always carry a book around so that you can read whenever you get a free time. In this manner, you won’t get bored and you will achieve your goals.

Prepare a list of books you want to read
Prepare a list of books you want to read

3. For Globetrotters and Bikers – Whether you are a Globetrotter or a crazy biker, prepare a list of places you wish to visit. I know that most of the guys prefer impulsive rides. You can have that. Preparing a list makes it easier to decide. But most importantly, like I mentioned earlier, looking at the list urges you to travel more.
When you get tied up with work or studies, you don’t realize that the year is coming to an end. It is in the end that you look back and regret that you didn’t do much that year. The list will be a reminder. When you look at the list, you’ll look at the calendar. The fact that you haven’t covered much of the items will make you go for an impulsive ride or trip.

4. Learn Something New – I decided to learn a new language. You can decide on anything you have an aptitude for. Here are some tips:

  • Martial arts
  • Music or musical instruments – Indian or western.
  • Dance
  • Knitting or stitching
  • Painting of any kind – Pots, Mural, Fabric, there are a hundred options.
  • Craft and DIY tricks
  • A degree in a subject that you are interested in – Fashion, Vedas and Sanskrit have been in my mind for quite some time. But not this year.
  • Sports – I am not listing anything here. You know it better.

    Pic courtesy: via Canva.com
    Pic courtesy: via Canva.com

5. Cook – Ladies and Gentlemen! Cook something new. Not Indian or Chinese! Something very very different whose name you can’t even pronounce! Be it Mtuzi Wa Samaki from Africa or Char Kway Teow from Singapore or Fiori di Zucca from Rome. I have no idea what these are, but you get the point. Later, if you feel up to it, you can prepare a four course dinner for a family or friend. Who else can you experiment on? 😉

Along with this, you may also take up learning actual cooking. It is a goal that will help you throughout your life. Eating is something we cannot stop. It is only natural to know how to cook. A bit of burnt curry a day is better than hotel food for an entire year. It is no rocket science; you’ll pick up with practice.

6. Meet a Friend You Haven’t Met for Many Years – Outside the city! I said that because, you can also check out a place from your travel list. Write down the name of that friend you haven’t met for years. Maybe more than one. Call them up, discuss your plan. Keep in touch with them and discuss your visit more often. By doing this, you have already done half the job. They will remind you, your goals list will remind you and the universe will conspire to make you both meet.

7. Face Your Fears – I am not the right one to say this. I have lots of fears and I am too skeptical to face them. This is for those people who are more daring and who will have the guts to put this down in their goals list. Pick up one of those fears; whether it is facing the public, heights, clients or anything else, decide to go for it and get it over with. Er… I shouldn’t dwell much on this. 😛

Read on to find the remaining 9 tips…


The Unexpected Gift

100 Happy Days – Day 66

Happiness is Skirts

I have always had this craze for skirts. Specially the long, flared ones. I love blacks and silvers and it so happened that my cousin and I were walking by the street. Suddenly both of us stopped and exclaimed, “Lovely skirt!”. It wasn’t the same words. But we audibly confessed our love for a skirt that was on display on a mannequin.

I peeped inside and asked the rate. Even if I wasn’t going to buy it, I could always know the rate, just to reassure myself that I couldn’t have it. My cousin R however had half decided to buy it and said that we had to drop into the store on our way back.

After our day’s work, we went back to the store, looked for other colors and finally, she picked the one on the mannequin itself. We reached home and to my surprise, she gave the skirt to me and said, ‘This is for you’. I gaped at her open mouthed.

“No, I cannot have it. You loved it. You have to keep it.”


Blacks never lose their charm

The two of us have gone shopping together many times before. It was mostly because she had something important coming up and so I accompanied her. She always offered to buy me something and I refused. Hence this time, she took this measure. I tried to convince her that I bought a lot of clothes online, but it was all in vain.

Finally, with a mixture of happiness and guilt, I accepted her gift. I know that the guilt was unnecessary. But, it kept reminding me that she loved the skirt too. Soon, I could get rid of the guilt because, we went back to the shop and purchased a similar skirt with slight changes.

Now the two of us have similar skirts and we are looking forward to wearing them together. Little joys of life. 🙂

My Little Munchkins

100 Happy Days – Day 63

Do you know what happens when nieces come home?

They have fun with their cool aunt! That’s me. No publicity please! 😛 Except, they call my mother aunt and hence I become their sister (chechi).

It so happened that my lovely cousin decided to bring her little devils (She’ll kill me if she reads this) home and they were restlessly waiting for their cool chechi. 8) Finally when chechi reached home, they had a number of games to play. But Super-chechi (Prefixed by chechi herself) lures them saying she will paint their nails.

They were too excited. They trotted behind me and I placed them on the bed. I fetched my nail colors box and asked them which one they wanted. The tiniest Fashionista said she wanted a different color in each nail and the elder one followed suit. I do not believe in clipping children’s wings and so, we decided to paint different colors that she chose. I don’t remember who that was, but one of them asked me for flower design on their nails. I was impressed. Kids these days are well updated on fashion.

I drew flowers for the little one. I asked the elder one if she wanted the same colors as her sister’s. She said yes first, then no. We decided to apply the same color. She chose the color she wanted. I applied it and put tiny hearts on them.



Next they wanted their toenails painted. That done, they wanted to paint my nails. I gave them the black color, they painted almost half my foot black, spilled polish on my bedsheet (old one :P) and then when I asked them to stop, they hesitated. I pretended to be angry and they looked at me with Puppy eyes and said, “So are you going to remove the paint from your legs?”

How could I say I was about to? I said no I wouldn’t and walked around the city and posh malls with black nail paint splattered on my 4 toes of my left foot and with absolutely no paint on my left leg toenails.

Strange world it is. Nobody ever noticed. Even if they did, I don’t think it makes a difference. 🙂

There are two things I want to stress here;

  1. Whenever children ask for something, do something creative or voice an idea, if it is not harmful to anyone, if it doesn’t bring a black mark in their character, let them say, let them create, let them be themselves. Do not clip their wings. If they do what you say, you are simply creating another version of yourself. Let them be real and unique.
  2. Sometimes, we worry too much about unnecessary things. Chipped nails, a hair out of place, clothes not matching, not the right shade, yearning to be someone else, yearning for acceptance etc. Half the time, nobody cares. Rest of the time, they will keep commenting on whatever you do. In either case, their opinions do not matter. This advice is more towards myself than towards anyone else.

Rains, Rainbows And Some Color Splash

Monsoon is the most happening season of all. From the breezy prelude to its arrival, the gradual change in lighting, the sound settings that turn our heads towards the windows, Monsoon sure arrives in style. 😉

But let’s face it! We have no idea when our guest would choose to revisit. One fine day, when you are out wearing your favorite white gown, he might just surprise you and leave you drenched, your white gown clinging to your body with mud stains. We surely don’t want that to happen, right? So, we all nod in unison when we say, let us be monsoon ready.

Obviously, white gowns are off our list. We need clothes that keep us carefree and sometimes that let us enjoy the rains.

While rains do paint a happy picture, there are the practical difficulties. This is where we put comfort first. We are talking about the likes of capris, shorts, skirts, short dresses, denims, tops & tunics with no compromise on colors. With umpteen online sites selling everything above the Earth and below the Sun, it isn’t difficult at all to find the items I just listed. But I did not emphasize on the words ‘no compromise on colors’ for naught.

It has been around a year since I have been stalking clothes and accessories on Limeroad. They have some amazing and unique stuff that you can’t help but own. Here is one among them I bought.


I am sure that you are convinced about the style element in Limeroad. That is the second best thing. The first is, their scrapbook feature. A unique and engaging feature that also helps us know what accessory or footwear goes better with a dress.

Now that the monsoon is spreading its wings and soaring far and wide, they have introduced the monsoon themes. Here are some looks I created with the themes.


I started off with a pretty PURPLE top that caught my eyes. Considering the difficulty in washing and drying the clothes during rains, denims are the best option. Besides, there is no second opinion when it comes to comfort. The flip flops would carry you safely through any type of roads. The chic, color bomb bag would have surely caught your eyes. No compromise on colors and style. 🙂

I introduce the next look.


Red to light up the cloudy skies, green to paint the wet streets and the yellow butterfly to brighten up faces. 🙂 This dress would not only keep you comfortable but make you party ready and even if you end up in the rains, wets you in style. 😉

Closer look at the pendant

Our next look uses an equal amount of green to contrast with the stylish pink. The slippers are the highlights here.


The last look among my list is a peppy one with everything that every girl loves – florals, colors, blacks and brightness.


Every girl is her own fashionista. All we need is the variety. Now you know where to find them. Be Monsoon-ready! 🙂

Day 28 – Tiny Bottles of Colors

100 Happy Days – Day 28

Happiness is having nice nail polishes.

As a child I was very fond of nail paints. Those tiny bottles of colors could make me happy at any point of time. When I went to some of my relatives’ home, they would ask me if I wanted to apply nail paint and I would gladly agree.

One day, I went to a friend’s house. She took me to her room and I saw on her dressing table cute tiny bottles of nail paints arranged neatly. There were every possible colors and I secretly wished for a set like that. At that point of time, I just had a bottle or two of half dried up polishes at home.

Even now, I like buying nail polish for the sheer joy of choosing the colors. Whenever I go to the supermarket, I spend some time looking at the nail polish section and once satisfied, I leave. Buying isn’t mandatory.

A couple of months back, my best friend’s cousin who also happens to be my friend, went to Dubai. When she got back, she gave me a set of gradation polishes. I loved that thing for many reasons. That gift was unexpected, I loved the color, there was a glittering one which I’m fond of, gradation polish is a new thing for me & I like experimenting. But when I realized that I’ll have to use it, I was skeptical about it. Let me back up a little.


I can draw, paint or sketch anywhere from walls to paper to hand to canvas to floor (It’s not what you think! :D). Anywhere, but nails. When I apply nail polish, I’m so impatient that it looks like I have smeared bright colored cowdung. 😛 No. I am not exaggerating. Many times, my roommates have pitied me and snatched the nail polish bottle and painted my nails themselves.

Since this involved applying 3 colors, I was doubtful about the outcome. So, after a long time, yesterday I decided to give it a try. And…


…here is a long distance view of how it looks. Pretty right? 😀 Well, not so much when you see it close. I’ll show how exactly it looks from near.


Since the polish is new, it was much easier for me to apply. And so, it didn’t turn out as bad as I assumed. The fashion freaks will identify the flaws. But the rest can tell me how beautiful this is. 😛

Until I got this set, I didn’t know how to apply shades. So I thought I’d help people who are like me.

How to bring the shaded effect:
-Apply 2 coats of shade 1 and let it dry.
-Apply shade 2 on the one-third portion of your nail as shown below.


-Before it dries, apply shade 3 on two-third portion of the nail to blend in the shade 2 polish. Refer above image.

That is all. Your gradation polish is ready. You can use the compatible shades you already have. Just ensure that shade 3 is transparent, with or without glitters.

Until you try this on, kindly bear with me flaunting my new nail polish. Yay! Look at my nails! 😀


Day 11 – Flying Chokers

100 Happy Days – Day 11

Happiness is, finding and owning something you have always wanted.

I love unique accessories and fashionable clothing. If something beautiful catches my eyes, whether it is in a movie or with a friend or a stranger, I’ll make a mental note about it and hunt it down. If it is affordable, that is, below 100 bucks, I buy it then and there. Else, I buy my time, wait until I have made some money, and then own it.

Whatever, the case, I am a very very good accessories and clothes hunter. I have made a list of luxuries I would love to own when I make money. Some of them aren’t too expensive. Yet, I know I don’t need them right now. So, I have kept them waiting. 🙂

One day, as I was watching the famous sitcom ‘Friends’, I happened to see a choker on Phoebe’s neck. I have wanted those when I was a child (Oh! I was born with immense fashion sense :P). But I wasn’t a hunter back then, blame the delay in advent of internet in our household!

So, when I saw the famed choker again, I began the hunt. It wasn’t too difficult to find it. But, it was difficult to find an inexpensive one. I was either led to sites with necklaces that cost approx 400 bucks or to sites that weren’t trustworthy.

It took me a long long while and finally through a friend, I was able to order the same for a low price. This happened almost a month ago. Occasionally, I thought of it and waited since I was told earlier that it would take a while to arrive.

Well well well! The arrival happened to be yesterday and ever since I have been flaunting these black beauties everywhere. They seem a bit fragile and if I’m to wear them all the time, I fear they’ll stretch and wear off. But what the heck! I can’t stay away from them.

The flaunting session began with myself trying them on and prancing all around the house. This was followed by myself showing the choker to each family member, seperately, again and again. Now, it is your turn to see them! 😛


It isn’t perfectly made. But that doesn’t make a difference. No one would look too close to see if the gaps are perfect. This one could go with almost every type of clothing, except ethnic ones. Sometimes, I feel none of my necklaces go with some of my dresses. Now, that problem is solved. If there is no matching necklace, I have the choker. This is not all.


I’m holding the choker necklace. It can be stretched easily. However, with time, it would loosen up considering the fact that I have paid comparatively less. On my wrist you can see the ‘choker-bracelet’. Not sure what it is called. That is the name I gave. Well, I got the 2 together and hence, voila! Double Happiness! 😀

These are available in multiple colors too. I’ll buy 2 more pair of black – one for me when these stretch and one for my sister. I may also buy a few other colors. I haven’t made up my mind on that. So, they will go into my lists. Too many of them are a luxury. But one is always precious. Myyy precioussssss! 😉

PS – You can contact me if you are unable to find it. Plus, I’m planning to learn how to make it. If that works well, nothing is a luxury. 😛

Friday Semi Casuals For Indian Divas

Image courtesy: girlsfashionsense

While working with a branch of an International company in Kochi, I was told initially, that I could wear Semi casuals to work on Fridays. For men, the semi casual wears are pretty much the same everywhere. It isn’t much of a pain separating the casuals from formals. However, for the women here, our work attire comprises of salwar kameez or kurtas (sarees for some). We do not wear the pant suits or professional skirts like in the west, which reduces our choices considerably. Once I began my work, I realized that nobody knew the difference. One thing was sure. The difference had to be in salwars, kurtas and sarees itself, since that was our comfort zone. Hence, after a lot of deliberation, I decided to make a list of the variety Kurtas that would come under the semi casual category. We need some Friday fun too ;): 1. Full Length Kurta – The one currently in fashion. It suits all body types. If you’re tall, it emphasizes on your structure and if you’re short, it also makes you look tall. Sleeveless is always trendy while, the fact that it is a kurta keeps it formal. 2. A-Line Kurtas – Dresses with too many flares might look too gaudy. While those with no flares might seem too boring. Midway, with the right color combination could give you the right semi casual look. There are many varieties of styles in A line kurtas – with varying sleeves, with ethnic jaris or with modern prints and grafittis. All you have to know is the apt design for your color and shape. download 3. Kurtas with modern prints – Kurtas are basically variations of salwar kameez. From the traditional looks of salwar, kurtas have traveled a long way and now, to give it the modern touch you love, they come with colorful modern prints and graffiti. Certain color  combinations and designs give the much aspired modern look to these beauties. Pair them up with printed or plain leggings and you could carry off a modern look gracefully.

4. Plain White Kurtas with Patiala paired with accessories – There is nothing like white. Basically, patiala salwars give an ethnic touch. When ethnicity is paired with traditional jhumkas and ear cuffs, it brings out the Indian beauty in you. You might think that it would end up being too showy. Just ensure that the clothing is plain and then accessorize. It would give you the midway look.

Image courtesy for Jhumkas: silvermessages

A white kurti, as you all know could be worn with any color patiala. So, if you own one, you own multiple dresses at a time. I love how Kurtas, for they are a safe bet for any occasion. I have heard friends complain about how they can’t wear western formals here since it is not in trend. But I have no such complains. I feel great about the Kurtas and its various styles that come up on a daily basis. The difference between formals, casuals and semi formals depends upon our sense of color, style and accessorizing. So, next time, mix them, stitch them and accessorize them for some head turning Friday semi casuals.

Ballerinas – Answer to Every Question

Conceived as the shoes for Ballet, Ballerinas or Ballet shoes were initially used for the dance form. Even now, in the strictest sense of its meaning, that is what they are meant for. However, these beauties evolved overtime and are now used for every occasion. The most striking feature about Ballerinas are, they are light weight and made for comfort. Being a person who has tried all kinds of shoes, here is why I strongly recommend Ballerinas-

1. Comfort – Of course they were meant to be dancing shoes. You could expect a high degree of comfort while wearing them. If you pick the right size, you will know it when the beauty just clings snugly onto your feet. The comfort also varies depending on the material. In a cold weather, leather would keep you warm while in heat, cloth would keep your feet unhurt.

2. Design – Like any other products today, Ballerinas are available in a wide variety of designs. Be it classy checks, sexy animal prints, simple plain colors, polka dots, shiny and sequinned, brightly color splashed or as per your specifications. Yes. You can even renew your old ballerinas by covering them with the cloth of your choice. There are DIY videos for the same on youtube. 🙂 Trust me. It is easy. As the fashion industry has grown, so has people’s sense of fashion. Think of any design and you can easily find it, somehow.

3. Price – Ballerinas, whether meant for dancing or flaunting the beauties, start from as low as INR 250. As for the maximum, sky is the limit. For those who love shoes, Ballerinas is the best option since, they can buy more for low prices. The one below costs as low as INR 298. It is simple yet elegant. Whether you’re going for a party or to the neighboring shop, this suits all occasions. That is how they work. Buy at low prices, wear them everywhere.

Image courtesy: askmebazaar.com

4. Compatibility – The best compatible dresses to go with your Ballerinas:

  • Capris
  • Shorts
  • Casual pants, full length
  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Knee length skirt
  • Knee length dresses

In short, they go pretty much with every dress other than sarees, salwar kameez and bodycon maxi dresses. I heard someone say that ballerina wouldn’t be a good choice for short people. I say no. Because, they have Ballerinas with heels. Besides, tall or short, wear what you like. Whether that means a 4 inch shoe or a ballet flat. Your feet, your choice! 😉