Whats & Whys of Ezebee.com


Almost all of us are variants of tech-savvy entrepreneurs these days. Most of us either sell products or provide services and many of us have considered about starting a business of our own at some point of time or the other. The next thought that comes to our mind is the source of investment and we drop the entire idea. Starting an online shop involves a lot of effort and entail expenses – or so it was until now. Until Ezebee.

Ezebee is a free online marketplace  where entrepreneurs can sell their products (including second hand items) or services or even provide them on rental basis. They can sell anything & everything without any additional payments as long as they are legal!

Ezebee in a Nutshell

Why Ezebee?

While selling online through various platforms could be expensive and entail payment of commissions to the platform owners, ezebee.com brings the marketplace home for  entrepreneurs sans any commission payment. This enables the sellers to make money online without unnecessary revenue losses.



The benefits from creating an online marketplace on Ezebee is multifold:

  • The word free wasn’t used in the previous paragraph for naught. There is absolutely zero cost involved to sell online through ezebee.
  • The upcoming brands, start ups, small businesses, budding entrepreneurs etc need not compete with the bigger brands for a marketplace. Simply list the products  on ezebee with the right description and the same will be available for millions across the globe to see.
  • This means international exposure.
  • If you open a Facebook page on your own, you will take ages to find the right audience. Get your own free Facebook shop through Ezebee. They help you with the exposure & customers can buy directly from your Facebook page.
  • Psst! Sell those unused stuff lying at home.

Do you know a wonderful artist looking for space to sell their creation? Do you know people looking for space to advertise their services, sell their products be it of any industry? Or are you one of them? Create your free online shop.