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Stars on Earth

The bright twinkling silver drops Like diamonds studded in pitch black canvas Fell for her every night.   Following my biggest ever writer’s block, Parul at Happiness and Food, Somali at Prepforum & Jan at Jan’s Doodles suggested I do photo prompts. With a bit of push from Jithin’s side, here is my entry for Mundane Monday Challenge.… Continue reading Stars on Earth

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My Black Velvet Unicorn

To the world, I am invisible. But in my eyes, I have a world of my own. Where right & wrong aren’t the only options. In my world, there are in betweens & beyonds. There is a right for everyone. And the rights are all respected, even if they’re disagreed upon.In my world, Infinity is… Continue reading My Black Velvet Unicorn

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Torn by You

I am addicted to you. Addicted to the searing pain Coursing through my existence When you caress My gaping wounds. In your absence I notice, My addictions are Tearing me apart. When you are Beside me, I realize, I enjoy being torn by you. Image courtesy –

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A One Night Stand

I walked up to him, stealthily drew a line on his spine, with the tip of my slender, cold index finger. A shiver ran through him. I turned him around, took a cursory look at him & sighed. I would neither be his first nor his last. I had known that forever. But I was… Continue reading A One Night Stand