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Let’s Look at Our Parents Without The Capes

    Remember that time when you made a mistake, your parents told you that you were wrong, maybe a bit too harshly but then again, poured honey on your wounds, kissed the pain away and then completely forgot about the mistake? That is what they are supposed to do. Because you were just a… Continue reading Let’s Look at Our Parents Without The Capes

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The Art of Apology

  A colleague of yours hurled verbal abuses at you. He insulted you to the core and accused you of committing a mistake which you did not commit. After about a week, he realizes his mistake, comes to you and says casually, ‘Apparently it wasn’t your fault. Sorry for blaming you’ and he leaves. Will… Continue reading The Art of Apology

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If You Wouldn’t Eat it, Don’t Put it on Your Skin

Do you know the amount of poison we are being exposed to on a daily basis? Do you eat the Chemicals that you put on your skin? A friend’s post on instagram and our conversation following that, opened my eyes to it. Elaine from The Fire spirit blog sent me this video by Fittuber in… Continue reading If You Wouldn’t Eat it, Don’t Put it on Your Skin

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Saying Yes to The World

“I couldn’t sleep yesterday!” “Why so?” “We went patrolling.” “What patrolling?”, I was baffled. We were 21 when we had this conversation. We were both mere CA students and he wasn’t in any sort of organization that went patrolling during the nights. “Prostitution.” I held my breath. It wasn’t a topic I wanted to discuss… Continue reading Saying Yes to The World

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North of Frostville, where the Sun shimmers off the ice, a thin frozen stream named Nehiris emanates from atop the Misty Mountains. It remains frozen throughout the year, except on the second day after every new moon. The ice melts and the stream flows down the mountain, through the length of Frostville, enters the land of Whitewillow,… Continue reading Azures

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The Journey of Water From Abundance to Scarcity, Purity to Poison

“I used to walk about 4-5 Kms everyday to bring water. I was a little girl, seven or eight years old, that by the time I brought the pots home, they would be half empty as the water used to drip.” my grandmother recalled. Children carrying water “Do not open that hand shower. It is… Continue reading The Journey of Water From Abundance to Scarcity, Purity to Poison

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A Beginner’s Guide to Hyderabad

When Hyderabad called us, Jose and me, we had no idea about the place and its culture. We began planning in advance for a 3 day trip and we made a list of places to go to, gradually getting clarity on what each of us wanted to do. He had only one thing in his… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Hyderabad