Best Facebook Pages for Self Discovery

Among all the social media sites around, Facebook is my favorite. It might be because I have been delving deeper into the jungle that FB is through the ages. In my quest, I did find some amazing pages and communities there. While bloggers flock around twitter, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of twitter and I can’t get enough of Facebook. So I decided to compile the best pages that happened to me on Facebook.

If you are a reader, a thinker (overthinker), an introvert or if you are always in awe of mind’s weird ways, you will be able to relate to this list.

  1. Literature (Reading is Sexy)

    The name has it all. They put up quotes and poems. Some of them are on repeat mode, yet you cannot really get annoyed. Because, how much can we remember? Even if we do, we can never have enough of certain quotes, poems. Pablo Neruda, Charles Bukowski are some of the people who have created some amazing stuff that you could read over and over again. The page is about such things. Here is a glimpse of one of their posts.

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2. Beautiful Minds  –

We need more beautiful minds like these to curate all those quotes and inspiring videos. About themselves, they say the quotes they post are to inspire people to think. They give a spark that could grow into a fire and spread from minds to minds. Here is a video from this page that would stay with me for a while. I urge you, please do watch it. Click the link. Click it!

3. The Mind’s Journal –

Their website has articles about thoughts and the mind that makes them. These articles help you know yourself better. They could be written by someone just like you or someone with an elevated mindset, a more experienced soul who could help you walk through your situation. As I had mentioned earlier, a spark is enough to make you think, to change you, to know yourself better. If that is what you are looking for, this is the place.

Here is a glimpse of the article from the page and here is the link

Screenshot of their article on Empath
Screenshot of their article on Empath
4. The Idealist –

The page dwells on ideas and so the cover pic says:Image may contain: one or more people and text

5. Berlin Artparasites –

A magazine that expresses ideas and emotions through art, this is one whacky place with whackier concepts. Their storytelling have unique pictures and write-ups that make us think. I have noticed that the artwork most of the times make no sense on their own. But with the write-ups, they just blow our minds away!


6. The Mind of an Introvert –

Ah again! It is all there in the name. This is a personal blog with write-ups and memes about introverts; some their own, some they found. I had a tough time choosing just one meme/quote to put up here! 😀 I wouldn’t say this was the best. They are all amazing people!

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7. Rantings of a beautiful Mind –

Another mind boggling area that sometimes leave me spell bound!

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8. Spirit Science –

Dealing with the science of spirit, this page comes up with articles on meditation, concepts such as flower child, Indigo child, Rainbow child, whether you or anyone around you are empaths, HSP or narcissists and so on. Like other pages we discussed earlier, this one helps you delve into yourself and understand your own personality.

9. WordPorn –

Ah well! Most of the booklovers know about this. Like Literature (Reading is Sexy), this one discusses authors and their works of art. They share quotes and poems which are soul stirring.


10. Love What Really Matters –

This is one soulful page that shares experiences of people. It discusses Love, not just between couples, but love in every form. It makes us think from others’ viewpoints, it makes us happy that humanity is in fact still very much there. These is a page with stories of real people like you and me! And sometimes about dogs too. Real, supercute dogs 🙂

11. Open Letters That Matter

Letters to him, to her, to yourself, to your body, to someone who ruined you, someone who stuck through the storm and many more. There are umpteen letters there and many of them will strike a chord in you. You will be able to relate to some, you’d feel sorry for some, you might even realise that you were an oppressor unknowingly, at some point. They are open letters. They matter.

Screenshot of the post: A Letter to ‘My Dearest Body’

Facebook is one vast universe of ideas, opinions and thoughts that I know there are many more people and pages waiting to be discovered. This isn’t an exhaustive list. If you could relate to all these pages and if you know more like these, do let me know through the comments. And do share this post if you feel more people need to know about these virtual places of solace.

PS – All the images in this post, have been taken from the respective facebook pages. Had to upload the images since the embed wasn’t working well on wordpress. A Few Handpicked Things do not claim ownership to any of those.

Four Beliefs or Opinions

Day 3 – Four Beliefs or Opinions

I am back after a break with the Four things Ten Days Challenge. If you have been a long time friend of mine, you’d already know that I have some really strong beliefs & opinions. I wouldn’t say that I am right about everything. I could be wrong. But if I feel about something, I do feel strongly. You might have got a whiff of it from my Bio. So, this was a list made after a lot of thinking. Took me close to three days.

Souls / Spirits – Maybe the stories I heard from my Grandmother instilled this fear in me. But I did not find any reason to not believe in them. She herself has witnessed people being possessed by spirits and the thought freaks me out. What if there is a spirit right here as I write this, preparing to possess me?
I think a lot about them. People have seen them wearing the clothes they wore while they died. But how do souls have a form once they discard their mortal coil? What would happen to me when I die? What if I do not move on to the parallel world and stay around helplessly?

Image result
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The more I think of it, the more I’m sure of my belief in souls. Once this body disintegrates, there will still be me left. I am just not sure if I should be happy or terrified of the prospect.
God & Miracles – I am skeptical about the reality of Ramayana or Mahabharata. The Rama setu would have been real, so would have been the Kurukshetra war. But, whether they were related to Godly men isn’t something I’m sure of. I enjoy epics and the depiction of little Krishna, his love for butter, his episode with Radha etc. On the other hand, I do not buy Rama’s reasons for sending Sita away and I don’t think stories such as those send out good messages, especially when people consider him to be a Hero.
That being said, I believe in the creator; the presence of a power that keeps everything in motion. I have often felt the presence in my life. I used to experience them right from my school days. At the right time, I received the right guidance and the push. There were moments when things were totally out of my hand and amazingly, they turned out well. They were too good to be coincidental. Call it vibration, guardian angel, cosmic power or God. I believe in it.
I believe

Rights and Wrongs – How often do we argue fervently with people, reaching no conclusion in the debate? Ever thought of the possibility that both the parties to the argument could be right? Let us take up this very post. My beliefs or opinions may not be agreeable to you. It is alright with me as long as you don’t shove yours down my throat.
I wrote a poem on this which is close to my heart. You can read it here: My Black Velvet Unicorn.

Image result

Right to Love – This is a continuation of the previous point. I thought this required emphasis. I believe people have the right to love and this isn’t to be put to vote. How would you feel if someone says,

“Hey! Why do you Love your mother? You shouldn’t. My Holy book of Crapism says so.”
The government intervenes and says,
“Alright! Let is put his right of Loving his mother to vote. Those who think he should be given the right, put your hands up.”

Keeping aside all religious sentiments, considering the fact that we are mere souls; the body will disintegrate and so will our gender, tell me how could we put LGBT’s rights to vote? Let people Love anyone they want to love as long as there is no bloodshed and destruction! Why don’t people feel so strongly against rapes, murders, littering the streets & corruption, but go nuts over two men in love?
Alright! You are entitled to your opinion. I am mine. But remember, so is the LGBT community! You can choose to be straight. But you don’t get to choose for others.
I believe in the policy of live, and let live. I try my best to ensure that my beliefs do not inconvenience or encroach upon the rights of others. My beliefs are an intermingled mesh of your belief and disbelief. I may not be an ideal person in the conventional world. But I am ideal in my own eyes, I live guilt free and that is what matters to me.

This is Day 3 of Four Things Ten Days Challenge. If you like this, you can read the previous posts here –
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PS – If any of you want to join the challenge, you can start right away. This is for 10 days and you’ll have only 4 things to list each day. I’m not revealing the remaining list now. You can discover it with each day. You can either join the challenge in your blog or in the comment section.

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Four Fictional Characters

Day 2 – Four Fictional Characters

More often than not, fictional characters have a lot of impact in our lives. We look up to some, we cast aside some and some of them leave us in tough positions as to whether they are lovable or not. There have been debates about certain fictional characters and the debates will be there as long as the books keep taking the rounds. For instance, Snape-James debates. Oh! I witnessed ‘word’ wars in their names.

I relate, not to the heroes. I adore some of those supporting, special characters for their simplicity and straightforwardness. Here are four such fictional characters I adore. If you know them all, you’ll know the underlying connection between them too:

1. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter – She is weird, she accepts that and doesn’t change herself to suit the rest. She knows that people make fun of her, play games with her (remember she was searching for her lost shoes and found them hanging from the ceiling?) and that does not disturb her in the least. She continues wearing her radish earrings, spectrespecs and she keeps talking of nargles and wrackspurts that make no sense to anyone else.


Image courtesy:

While the rest write her off as weird, she has the insight at times to solve certain mysteries that even Hermoine couldn’t solve. Yet, Luna talks of them as though they are the most obvious things that anyone could think of. One such instance is when she helps Harry find Ravenclaw’s Diadem.


There isn’t much that Luna says, but every word is filled with wisdom and every other unintelligible word portrays how it is okay to be yourself. I Love her!

2. Phoebe Buffay from FRIENDS – Not a book character as most of will know. Phoebe Buffay had her own beliefs and no matter how weird they were, she stuck to them. Like Luna Lovegood, even though she knew that people found her weird, she wasn’t bothered. She was very compassionate towards animals and refrained from using woollen clothes or  eating meat.

During one instance, during her pregnancy, when she had a craving for meat, she ensured that her share of animals were not killed by requesting Joey to refrain from eating meat during that period (He is too adorable to have helped her considering how much Joey loves food).

Image courtesy:

She believed in being herself. I adored both her moralistic and the effortlessly humorous side!

3. Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones – Here is Tyrion Lannister’s most famous quote; a lesson for each one of us.


Image courtesy:

Tyrion not only knows his flaws, but also, he is aware of his strength. He is well read and cunning. His wit and knowledge are his sword and shield. Surely, we do see how he wages wars with words. That brain of his has helped him escape some tough spots more than once.

There aren’t many people who love Tyrion Lannister and yet, he fights. He lives among cunning lions, he knows he could be killed any moment, yet he is compassionate to the weak and righteous. The poison in the family doesn’t spread to him. Perhaps, it could be because he is the oppressed one in the family. Even so, he is one character that you cannot help but love.

Oh! And how could we miss those sarcastic one-liner jabs?

4. Ian from The Host – The Host is a book which has not reached many. You can read about it here and I am sure you will love it if you like fantasy, alien invasion & a bit of romance.

Ian is a young man who is one among the humans who are hiding from the aliens. When an alien walks into their midst, he hates her at first. But with time, he begins to understand her, empathises with her and gradually falls for her. The alien is nothing but a soul, and Ian isn’t bothered about her not having a body. He is in love with the soul alone and that speaks volumes about him.

The soul of the alien resides in the body of Melanie alongside her soul and Ian doesn’t care about Melanie’s form for it is only the alien part of her that he loves. The alien tells him that her soul is a ‘reflective silver living ribbon with nearly a thousand thin feathery attachments’ and yet, when he eventually holds the soul in his palm, he holds her with love.

He loved her personality rather than her form.

If you are the kind of book lover I mentioned earlier, please do read The Host. It takes a while for the plot to sink in. But after that, it is worth it.

This is Day 2 of Four Things Ten Days Challenge. If you like this, you can read the first day’s post here – Four Likes Four Dislikes.

PS – If any of you want to join the challenge, you can start right away. This is for 10 days and you’ll have only 4 things to list each day. I’m not revealing the remaining list now. You can discover it with each day. You can either join the challenge in your blog or in the comment section. 🙂

Sunday Symphony

Signing in from Ooty on an early July, Sunday afternoon. The weather is romantically chill, the hills nearby are misty, the greens are greener and the flowers seem more colorful. We have the melodies wafting through the cottage occasionally, when my uncle strums at his guitar and hums long forgotten songs from Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood alike. It is from him that I picked up this old Hindi melody with heart rending lyrics. I have a earworm now!

I sent it to some of the melody lovers who love my taste and yet I feel incomplete. So, here it is on my blog. For the hopeless romantics, melody lovers, for those who are never tired of the old Hindi songs, for those who have heard it and the ones who haven’t, I am currently listening to;

Hope you like the Sunday Symphony. While we are at it, here is a quote along the same lines. Have a Happy Sunday!


The Emerald Tears


The skies cried.
The emerald tears
Froze on Earth.


Note – This is a view from my window this monsoon. The water weeds & the weeds from the woods have merged to give this wondrous spectacle.

Do You Have A Vision?

Sometimes I just stop whatever I am doing and try to make sense of the things happening around me.

We study from a very young age. Our adolescence and youth is spent mugging up unnecessary theories that we will never need in real life. Our youth is spent pretending to understand further more complicated theories. This is followed by the pursuit of money and the momentary pleasures they could buy, not that it is all wrong.

But when I ask myself what do I need in the end, all I can think of is a vision. A tiny cottage beside a river, a library with books for a lifetime and someone to love.


Someone with whom I can be myself, share my fears, joys, sorrows and the silliest of thoughts even if it is at the oddest hour of the day.


I look at the books & documents around me. I have no clue how these papers would give me the life I want. I look around me and see others with their documents and laptops. Do they have a vision? Will they achieve theirs? Have they even thought of a vision?

Have you?

The sad part is, we are all content with our robotic lives. Studying, working, earning, marrying, creating more robots, retiring. We are satisfied, maybe because we have no vision. Even if we have one, we have replaced it with the societal definition of vision.

Even if we have one, we forget it, ignore it the way I will ignore mine. After posting this piece of writing. Once and for all. Because now, I need to study, get a job, earn, marry, create robots and retire. By the time I remember my vision, I’ll be too old, withered and will be visiting hospitals every week.

Now, let me ask you. What is that ultimate vision you have about yourself? Are you in the process of achieving it?

PS – Did I mention that I need a dog? I need a dog too. In that riverside cottage of mine. 🙂
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Come See Me

Come see me,

Not because you have something to give me

Not because you need something from me.


Come see me

Not because you passed by

Not because it is my birthday

Not because it is our anniversary



Come see me,

Only if you have that overpowering urge to see me

That makes you restless.

That makes living impossible.


Come see me,

Because I am the air you breathe.