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This Women’s Day, I Mourned

For all those women who were and are raped, for all those abused wives and friends, for all those women whose talents are suppressed for merely being born a woman. For the child raped by the Church priest, for the 7 children in the orphanage who were raped, for… Yesterday, I was tagged in many… Continue reading This Women’s Day, I Mourned

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My Sin? I Watched Them Being Butchered

I have been listening to the vicious revving of the chainsaw since yesterday. Last time this happened I remember looking out my window helplessly, willing it to stop. The sound was haunting. But soon, I realized that it was worse when it stopped, for when it did, I cringed; dreading the thud of death as… Continue reading My Sin? I Watched Them Being Butchered


Why Shouldn’t we Litter the Environment?

Every day,  I would get down from the bus, pull the ticket tucked safely beneath my ring and put it inside my bag. I would eat chocolates, and deposit the wrappers inside my bag or purse. I’ll reach home and empty my bag of all the waste and put them in the dustbin. I have… Continue reading Why Shouldn’t we Litter the Environment?

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The Lord’s Laments

Today, as I was browsing through Facebook, a series of satirical quotes caught my attention. The author portrays how certain religious beliefs scream irony so much so that even God is flabbergasted. But, we humans do not question them because come on! We go to hell if we do. And no! You don’t need to know… Continue reading The Lord’s Laments

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Valentine’s Day – 9 Fun Ways For Couples & Singles

There are lots of singles who turn all gloomy when February begins. They see the Valentine’s Day vibes everywhere. It begins with annoying people like me, writing posts on how to’s and what to’s for valentine’s day. No matter where the singles turn, there is love in the air. During those times when I forget… Continue reading Valentine’s Day – 9 Fun Ways For Couples & Singles

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What is Wrong With The Youth Today?

Belonging to Generation Y and being in the prime of my youth, I have often been disturbed by this question asked by the elders. According to them, the values, cultures, traditions and laws preserved by them and their ancestors are going to the dogs because of the youth today. On a personal level, I noticed… Continue reading What is Wrong With The Youth Today?