The Unfinished Kiss

Can we freeze this moment?
Right here.
You and me, the rains drenching us,
Hiding from prying eyes.
A heartbeat away from each other.
Every time I look at you,
I lose sight of everything else.
Around you, around me,
the past, the future
The reasons, the purposes.

All I can see is you,
Oh so beautiful! that
Beauty gapes at you in awe.
And my heart aches
For it knows not,
How long we have together.

There is an urgency
Every moment I am with you.
An urgency to compress
A hundred million years,
Into that moment, for that’s how long
I want to be with you.
Until the end of time
And beyond.

Don’t look away!
Don’t move
For the time is short.
And in that limited time I have,
I want to spend every split second,
Memorizing your face,
Memorizing how it feels,
When we embrace.

I want to hold you,
Cling on to my dear life, that’s you
For when I no longer have you,
I will need the shadows of this memory
To live through the rest of my life.
As colorless as it would be,
Your memories will be all
that could make my life a shade better.

Shh… Don’t say anything.
They are coming for us.
The moment isn’t far
When they’ll wrench you away from me.
Until then let’s kiss away our pains,
Every kiss seemingly being
The last one.

A split second later,
You vanish
Without a sound,
Just your eyes
screaming at mine.
You vanish
Without a struggle,
As an unfinished kiss
Dies on our lips.


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The Stranger on the Bike

There is a beautiful stretch of road I often take to get home. Being in the city, I almost always avoid the central areas and junctions. While the alleyways are narrow, long, winding and time consuming, I prefer the coolness of those interiors rather than the heat and pollution of the main roads. Lined with trees, shrubs and simple houses on either side, it is a silent, residential area.  

As I entered this stretch of road, a bike passed by me. In a short while, I noticed that the bike had slowed down, much below my pace and so, I overtook him. It did not take very long for him to overtake me again and that was when I actually began to take notice of him. I decided to slow down for a while and not go past him but I lost my patience and increased my pace.

It began to get interesting as he passed by and slowed down again.

I took a look at his mirror.

Our eyes met.

He smiled.

So did I.

And I overtook him, this time playfully.

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If only the road stretched on forever… But alas! It ended at a junction and after a while, we found each other on the same path again. A shorter one this time. After one last drill, the road diverged and he took the deviation. As I went ahead to melt into the traffic, I looked at my mirror to see him take a last glimpse at me. With a hint of a smile, he vanished.

All I knew was his smile and his eyes. The conversation happened between our bikes. I didn’t know his face, his identity, his beliefs or virtues. There were no fears, no expectations, a tad bit of curiosity that didn’t even require any sating. Yet, I had a wonderful time with him. The stranger on the bike.


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Some Inappropriate Things

Read Some Inappropriate things  – 1 here

That week, a movie had been the reason for his visit. He visited again the next week, this time because he had to buy some new clothes for himself. During a few earlier visits too, she had helped him pick his clothes. It had become their ‘thing’ now. If he wanted to buy new clothes, she would accompany him and help him pick. It went like this,

“Hey! I need to buy a new jacket.”

“Okay. When can you make it?”

“Next Saturday?”


This was followed by his visit the very next week to enquire something about his exams at the University. So, they met again. His visits were becoming more and more frequent, she noticed.

That day, they had their lunch in a mall and were on their way to the parking lot. They got into a packed elevator. He went in first and stood right behind her. As the elevator closed and began its descent, she could hear him breathe. Hard, fast and loud as though every moment in that elevator was a torture for him. She wondered what was going on in his mind. The next time the elevator opened, she motioned him to follow her.

“What was happening in there?”, she asked him.


“You. You were hyperventilating. What was that? I could hear you breathe so loud. I bet everyone in there could.”

She was leading him down the stairway. He hesitated before he answered.

“I – I – You were right in front of me, so close, the scent of you, your hair, it was difficult.”he said, refusing to make eye contact. Somehow, it didn’t come off as a surprise to her.

“I don’t think we should keep meeting so often”, was her reply.

“Why not?”

“It just doesn’t feel right”

She noticed that the staircase was empty and something made her increase her pace down the stairs.

“What is wrong in meeting once in a while?”

She increased her pace further.

“And why are you running? It is as though you fear me!”, he added

She ignored him.

“So where are you going next?” she asked.

“Home. Mom wants to visit my uncle and I should be there by 4 PM to take her there.”

She slowed down as they approached the last floor of the building. 

“Ahh! It is already 3.40pm and you have around 35 Kms to your home. I hope people don’t discover that you are ‘The Superman.’”

He smiled. She liked his smile when he enjoyed her witticisms and before she could even bask in the glory of her successful jest, he caught her unguarded and pushed her lightly against the wall of the staircase and planted a kiss on her cheek. As her initial shock wore off, he relaxed his grip on her and she punched him hard. A couple more punches and she ran out into the parking spot, amidst people.

It was all over in a flash and her heart was pounding loud and hard. She feared he could hear the thumping. Or even worse, she feared her heart would just smash through her ribs and fall off. She wondered if she should punch him again, there, in front of all those people. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea. She glared at him furiously as he walked towards her rubbing his arm where she had punched him. He had that ugly smirk on his face.

“Stop smiling! Else, I’ll punch you again!” she said. He tried but just couldn’t stop smiling. If anything, his smile just grew wider. He had always wanted this. So many times had he imagined holding her and kissing her like that and more. But no imagination came even close to how it actually felt kissing her. It was difficult for him not to smile.

Some Inappropriate Things - A Kiss
Some Inappropriate Things

“Totally worth it! If you had slapped me, even that would have been worth it.” he said, that smirk of sweet victory dancing on his face, yet again. She wanted to wipe that off his face with another punch, right there and break that little proud nose but thought better of it.

I will be the wine that you’ll never taste. She had told him once.

“You will so regret this.” saying so, she stormed out.

I won’t talk to him ever again. Not if he apologizes, not if he begs. That should teach him a lesson. That would teach him not to meddle with his friends like that.

She had made up her mind. She wanted to make him regret his folly. She wanted to make him understand how wrong he was.

The human mind is like the Universe. Vast, unexplored beyond a certain extent, full of possibilities and surprises. We think we have figured things out when a new theory would emerge contradicting the existing ones. We think we know ourselves very well. But there comes a point in our lives when we would end up surprising ourselves.

Something fluttered inside her stomach as she was on her way back. Her heart was still pounding. It is amazing how we almost never notice its presence. But during moments like these, the heart is like a caged, wild animal. She couldn’t get that moment out of her head. The deftness with which he pushed her against the wall and the gentleness with which he kissed her. How could one be so strong and yet so gentle at the same time?

No! I shouldn’t be thinking of it. It was wrong. I should be angry with him. I am. And I would make sure he regrets it.

Yet, her thoughts wandered to him, to that staircase. That wall behind her, his fingers holding her, those soft lips against her cheek, the initial jolt, the moment of the realization, the struggle…

The first thing she did once she reached home was to enquire if he had reached safely. “It felt good meeting you again.” she typed.

No! I was supposed to be angry. Dammit! I am angry!

“Except the last part. I am still angry.” She added and hit the send button. That should do it for now. She closed her eyes, remembered that kiss and smiled to herself.

Why on Earth did some inappropriate things feel so so so good?

To be or not to be continued…

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Grandma Tales – Of Food & Coffee

“Ranjini! It is time for food!”, my Ammamma (Grandma) would call out.

I’ll either have lots to write or lots to study. I’ll say okay and continue with my work. She’ll call again after a gap and again 3-4 times, until I go have food. The problem with my studies is that I just can’t abandon it midway and so it takes time for me to have food. Sometimes, even after 12 am and I wouldn’t have had my food.

She would come to my room and softly ask,

“Why haven’t you eaten yet? You’ll have to eat alone. Call me when you do.”

“I’ll eat Ma, I have got some more work to do. You sleep. I don’t need company.”

When I finally go to the kitchen, she’ll hear the sounds in the kitchen and come sit with me. Sometimes, if I persuade her, she goes to sleep. But mostly, she sits with me until I finish eating, ensures that I have my fill and only then does she return to her room. She wouldn’t call me or come to my room after that. Her hunger is satiated once I eat. Her heart is at peace.

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There was a time when my sister and I used to study overnight for our exams. She had her boards and I had CA exams. One night, it was around 2 am. We were sitting in the dining room, preparing for our exams. Suddenly we heard music from Ammamma’s room. She was humming an old song.

Uthhara Swayamvaram kathakali kanuvan…

She always told me that it was her brother’s favorite song and that he used to sing it very well and so very often. This conversation repeats itself very frequently. And so, every time she listens to, or sings, this song, I know she misses her brother a lot. He passed away around twenty years back and she keeps reminiscing their childhood days.

That night, when I heard her sing, I knew she was missing him. My sister and I decided to go and sit with her for a while. She looked upset as expected. We spoke for some time and soon we were sitting in her room, studying. After a while,

“Do you want coffee?”

“No Ammamma. We chorused.”, we both are coffee lovers. And who wouldn’t want a cup of coffee while working or studying overnight? But we didn’t want to trouble her.

“It’s okay. I’ll make some. It won’t take much time.”

“No. We don’t want it.”

“You have been studying a lot. A cup wouldn’t hurt!”

We again denied it and then,

“If you say yes, I can also have some.”

Now, we were in a fix.

“I’ll make some”, she said and went to the kitchen.

In another fifteen minutes, the three of us were sipping hot black coffee and chatting at an unearthly hour, when half the world was asleep.

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A Grandma, two grand-daughters and some black coffee ❤

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Grandma Tales


“Whom do you like the most? Your father or your mother?”

This was (and is I guess) a cliched question people asked children. When they used to ask me, I used to think just for a moment and say,

“My Ammamma.”

That is what I call my Grandma. I had been thinking of starting a section on my Grandma in my blog for a long time. But I just didn’t know where to begin. The other day, I posted something relating to her on Facebook and my friends Neetu and Smisha requested me the same thing.

This was the very same day when the Bloggers’ friend Blogchatter announced the #MyFriendAlexa campaign and I was looking for a theme for the campaign. The requests and the campaign were well timed and it seemed like an opportunity to make my wish come true; Starting a section on Ammamma. And so, here I begin The Grandma Tales section!


Grandmothers are visible angels with invisible wings, silver hair, and oodles of cuteness. Have you noticed how stories with Grandmothers are always heart warming?

Ammamma is this adorable surprise package with stories galore! She is funny, smart, hardworking, charming, lovable & a cleanliness freak!!! Ahh… She is much more. She has a painful past, yet the twinkle in her eyes never fades. She has been a strong woman and even in her old age, she stands tall and fights her back pains away! It goes something like,

“Ammamma, stop doing all these unnnecessary chores!”, I’d say. She has to keep doing some job all the time. She can’t sit still.

“I don’t like seeing things like this!”, she’d point at a pretty well arranged cupboard in the kitchen.”

“I am the one doing it. What is your problem? You go study!”, she would shoot.

And that is how she fights her pains 😀

As far as my memory goes, she has been a silver-haired, huggable angel always smelling of Vicco turmeric, Mysore Sandal soap, Ponds talc and home. She is this fuzzy feeling you get when you see babies, puppies and everything loving, nice & cute.

My Tranquilizer

When I am with her, I forget all my worries and I know I am alright. She is like a walking tranquilizer. One hug and there is peace. It is as though she has the power to ward off all my inner turmoils.

Some nights, I go to her room, climb onto her bed and there is a space on her bed that is mine. I find that space, lie down, curl up and snuggle up to her. She’ll either tousle my hair and tell me how I never tie my hair and how bad that is for my hair or run her palm on my hand, find a rash and admonish me for not applying oil on my body. And those few moments are enough to just flush out the entire day’s stress. I always feel I never do enough of that these days due to my studies.

My Naughty Teddy Bear

Do you know what makes her beautiful? Her wrinkles. They are these lines of perfection that make her, her! I can’t imagine her without them.They are so soft, I can’t resist hugging her and kissing her. Man! She hates that. The moment I’m out of eyeshot, she wipes her cheeks. If I see, she’d say,

“I don’t like that, with a sheepish smile.”

Um… she doesn’t do that anymore, though. Maybe that’s because I kiss her and wipe her cheek for her. 😀

I also pull her cheeks and say “Ammamma kuttyyyy!” in a high-pitched voice. She loves that, but never admits it. She’ll feign pain and say, “Even though you’re thin, you are too strong. My cheek hurts. Stop doing that!” and sure enough, there will be a smile that she’d be trying to hide.

It took us a while to understand that she was in fact secretly enjoying many of the things we did for her, while denying them all. She could be a puzzle sometimes. But that is what makes her, her. All those pranks, pretences, love and the care she gives us. Knowing the value of Grandparents, I’d say go spend some time with them today. I’ll do that too. And for those of you who miss having grandparents, I hope you enjoy these posts and that they fill at least an inch of that space. Until next time;


You can read the stories about Ammamma under the Category ‘Grandma Tales’ which you’ll find on the right side of this page. (Scroll down! Scroll down! 😀 ) If you don’t find it, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. If you love my ‘Grandma Tales’, again please leave a comment and I’ll be grinning ear to ear and replying! 🙂

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Four Beliefs or Opinions

Day 3 – Four Beliefs or Opinions

I am back after a break with the Four things Ten Days Challenge. If you have been a long time friend of mine, you’d already know that I have some really strong beliefs & opinions. I wouldn’t say that I am right about everything. I could be wrong. But if I feel about something, I do feel strongly. You might have got a whiff of it from my Bio. So, this was a list made after a lot of thinking. Took me close to three days.

Souls / Spirits – Maybe the stories I heard from my Grandmother instilled this fear in me. But I did not find any reason to not believe in them. She herself has witnessed people being possessed by spirits and the thought freaks me out. What if there is a spirit right here as I write this, preparing to possess me?
I think a lot about them. People have seen them wearing the clothes they wore while they died. But how do souls have a form once they discard their mortal coil? What would happen to me when I die? What if I do not move on to the parallel world and stay around helplessly?

Image result
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The more I think of it, the more I’m sure of my belief in souls. Once this body disintegrates, there will still be me left. I am just not sure if I should be happy or terrified of the prospect.
God & Miracles – I am skeptical about the reality of Ramayana or Mahabharata. The Rama setu would have been real, so would have been the Kurukshetra war. But, whether they were related to Godly men isn’t something I’m sure of. I enjoy epics and the depiction of little Krishna, his love for butter, his episode with Radha etc. On the other hand, I do not buy Rama’s reasons for sending Sita away and I don’t think stories such as those send out good messages, especially when people consider him to be a Hero.
That being said, I believe in the creator; the presence of a power that keeps everything in motion. I have often felt the presence in my life. I used to experience them right from my school days. At the right time, I received the right guidance and the push. There were moments when things were totally out of my hand and amazingly, they turned out well. They were too good to be coincidental. Call it vibration, guardian angel, cosmic power or God. I believe in it.
I believe

Rights and Wrongs – How often do we argue fervently with people, reaching no conclusion in the debate? Ever thought of the possibility that both the parties to the argument could be right? Let us take up this very post. My beliefs or opinions may not be agreeable to you. It is alright with me as long as you don’t shove yours down my throat.
I wrote a poem on this which is close to my heart. You can read it here: My Black Velvet Unicorn.

Image result

Right to Love – This is a continuation of the previous point. I thought this required emphasis. I believe people have the right to love and this isn’t to be put to vote. How would you feel if someone says,

“Hey! Why do you Love your mother? You shouldn’t. My Holy book of Crapism says so.”
The government intervenes and says,
“Alright! Let is put his right of Loving his mother to vote. Those who think he should be given the right, put your hands up.”

Keeping aside all religious sentiments, considering the fact that we are mere souls; the body will disintegrate and so will our gender, tell me how could we put LGBT’s rights to vote? Let people Love anyone they want to love as long as there is no bloodshed and destruction! Why don’t people feel so strongly against rapes, murders, littering the streets & corruption, but go nuts over two men in love?
Alright! You are entitled to your opinion. I am mine. But remember, so is the LGBT community! You can choose to be straight. But you don’t get to choose for others.
I believe in the policy of live, and let live. I try my best to ensure that my beliefs do not inconvenience or encroach upon the rights of others. My beliefs are an intermingled mesh of your belief and disbelief. I may not be an ideal person in the conventional world. But I am ideal in my own eyes, I live guilt free and that is what matters to me.

This is Day 3 of Four Things Ten Days Challenge. If you like this, you can read the previous posts here –
Day 1 – Four Likes Four Dislikes.
Day 2 – Four Fictional Characters
PS – If any of you want to join the challenge, you can start right away. This is for 10 days and you’ll have only 4 things to list each day. I’m not revealing the remaining list now. You can discover it with each day. You can either join the challenge in your blog or in the comment section.

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Some Inappropriate Things

As they walked through the platform, his hands brushed against hers. There were people everywhere, going in all directions. Some going towards the train, some away from it, some going up the stairs to the next platform. The railway station was buzzing with life. She wondered if it had been like this all the time. She was one among them, hurrying towards or away from trains, until yesterday. But today, she had come to see him off. So she had all the time in the world and seemed to see the railway station for the first time. She really saw it.

Another brush of his fingers against hers. This time, she noticed a man pushing past him & running in a hurry. She gave her companion some more space so that he could leave enough space between him & the train for people to hurry past.

Enter a caption

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“You really don’t have to go this early, you know!”, she said knowing only too well that he’d have to go. “Now that we have met after such a long time, we could spend some more time together and then, you could leave by the next or next to next train.”

“I wish. But I should reach there in time for the drinks.” he winked at her.

She mumbled, “Guys and drinks!”, smiling all the same.

“Alright listen! The train will leave any moment now. So, we’ll meet sometime soon.”

He extended his hand. She took it. When he held her hand for longer than usual, she tried pulling it away. He didn’t let her. He held her hand tightly and began pulling her towards him. She resisted. He leaned closer and whispered,

“I like your perfume. Which is it?”

She tried not to show the effort – of resisting his pull – on her face and mentioned casually, “Eternal love”. He eyed her for a while, gave a knowing smile and left her hand. He took his bag and together, they walked towards the train.

“Okay. Bye then” he said and in two long strides, he got into the train. In the process, somehow his fingers brushed against hers for the third time. He looked at her and gave that knowing smile. She narrowed her eyes and scowled to let him know that it wasn’t appropriate. Again, his smile broadened as if to say, he knew and that he didn’t care if it was appropriate or not.

The train began to move. She turned and walked away, the scowl turning to a smile, wondering why sometimes the inappropriate things felt so good.

A work of fiction, I didn’t think I will come up with another part. Thanks to Deepika Kumaaraguru for putting the idea in my head and encouraging me to continue. Please read Some Inappropriate Things Part – 2 here.

Conversing With the Waves

100 Happy Days – Day 86

Happiness is a chair, a book and the threshold of an Ocean and not knowing which one makes you happier.

Every Bibliophile’s dream – A serene spot with a view, some peace and a book. Behold! An evening at the beach, watching the waves breaking against the rocks, holding a book and finding a nice spot to read.

The Book facing the Sea

I flipped a few pages as the Ocean’s music filled my ears. There was a feeble breeze and the rocks were drenched with water from both the Sea and from the drizzle that had just stopped. The tides were high, way before twilight and it looked as though the Sea would rise any time and gobble me up. I thought it was the rains, but it was something else.

I had come to this very same beach yesterday. I sat atop a bench, cross-legged, closed my eyes and tried to meditate. It took me barely few minutes to abandon my efforts. Not because I couldn’t sit still, but because of what was before me. I looked around at all the people meditating. How could one close his eyes while facing these magnificent waters, I wondered.

Now, I was mocking myself. I walked to this very same beach with a book in hand. How could I delve in one’s ecstasy and ignore the other? I couldn’t read. Not as long as I wanted to watch the Ocean. And I couldn’t watch the waves if I read. I wanted them both – my spouse and my love.


But Alas! I couldn’t handle them both

The Sea threatened, in her deep throaty voice, to swallow me up. Oh! Well, that explains the angry high tides. I must have hurt her pride by bringing along my Love. Sure enough, the book remained untouched while I conversed with the waves.


Torn by You

I am addicted to you.
Addicted to the searing pain
Coursing through my existence
When you caress
My gaping wounds.

In your absence
I notice,
My addictions are
Tearing me apart.

When you are
Beside me,
I realize,
I enjoy being torn by you.


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To He-Man, With Love, Teela

He-man dearest,

This will be one among the hundreds of letters written by me to you and this will find you at the right time. This time, I wouldn’t write poems stolen from great writers. This time, it isn’t cheesy lines or mundane anecdotes. On the contrary, it is about some promises I’d like to extract from you. Knowing me, you should be scared of what I might ask. But once you begin, you will know. These could come in handy some day, for both of us.

One Date a Month – Love is like coal. It needs constant flame to keep it burning and convert it into something precious. As our relationship gets deeper, we might think that there wouldn’t be any necessity to fuel it. On the contrary, when the novelty of the relationship fades, that is when we need to go out of our way to do those charming things. I wouldn’t ask you for your undivided attention.

But promise me that one Saturday every month will be ours and ours alone. Whether it is a long drive or a romantic dinner or a conversation, in those few hours, our world will consist of just you and me. No gadgets or other living beings.

One Vacation A Year – Or more if that is possible. When we become busy with work, family and social commitments, sometimes, we will forget about us. We keep aside what we want and we begin to listen to what others want. Complains, deadlines and laments aside, promise me that we will go on a long vacation once a year to some mysterious place. A place comprising of different people, culture, language and lots of beautiful landscapes.

Following Passion – Many of us do not follow our passion and eventually regret about not doing those things we dreamt of. I don’t want to be in the way of your passion. If anything, I want to be the one to fuel your passion.

Promise me that all those dreams and passions that you nurtured; you will tell them all to me. Let me tell mine to you and together let us work towards following our passion and keeping the love alive. After all those years, I want you to say proudly that you followed your passion no matter what.

Sport that Stubble – Bah! Well, promise me to sport that sexy stubble. Alright? 😉

Phew! Had to bring Ian Somerhalder all the way from FB to prove my point on stubbles. Sheesh! Why is it so hot in here? Summer is early 😛

Keep the Chocolates Coming – Not everyday. I’ll get bored of it. Not every week either. It shouldn’t be in a certain pattern. You get it right? Promise me that you will send me chocolates when I am least expecting it. That is most of the times. When I am at office, or when I am attending my dancing classes, when I am cooking or sleeping or reading (that will be super-sexy!) or writing.
Promise me, however cliched this sounds, there will be a chocolate for me from you. 🙂

Write me Letters – Oh Come on! You don’t have to write me lengthy poetic letters withlovey-dovey lines and ornamental vocabulary. Just plain simple four lined chits would do. I’ll save them and treasure them forever. 🙂

Tell me Your Blues – During all those years we are together or away, if anything goes wrong, if you don’t like something the way it is, if something upsets you or you simply feel blue with for no apparent reason, promise me that you’d tell me. If it is a word of solace that you want, or a mere company and a shoulder, I’ll be there.
Promise me that you’d sought me first and formost and talk your heart out.

When I am old and withered and the claws of forgetfulness prod me, promise me that you wouldn’t be mad at me. Promise me that you’d take my hand, hold it in your palm and narrate to me our days together. The day we first met, the day you took me on a trip, the day you confessed your love and the day I confessed mine. Promise me that you will never let us fade in my memories. Promise me that you will never forget any of these promises made, ever.




I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.

On that note, here is Ranveer Singh’s kasam this women’s day

Come See Me

Come see me,

Not because you have something to give me

Not because you need something from me.


Come see me

Not because you passed by

Not because it is my birthday

Not because it is our anniversary



Come see me,

Only if you have that overpowering urge to see me

That makes you restless.

That makes living impossible.


Come see me,

Because I am the air you breathe.

Whole, Ruptured, Punctured & Remade Hearts

If someone slashed and hacked your heart to pieces,
worry not!
It is time for someone else
to come along and restore it for you. 🙂
After all, isn’t it a joy to see them hold your heart so fondly,
heal the wounds carefully
and make you whole again?

Have a hearty day 😀

Courtesy: zenpencils

With Lots of Love