A One Night Stand

I walked up to him, stealthily
drew a line on his spine,
with the tip of my
slender, cold index finger.
A shiver ran through him.
I turned him around,
took a cursory look at him & sighed.

I would neither be his first nor his last.
I had known that, forever.
But I was glad, I was one among them.
I placed a palm on his chest,
leaned close & took in
the familiar smell;
Of rains, love, excitement,
laughter & tears.
He closed his eyes & smiled,
and continued narrating
from where he had paused.

After a couple of hours,
he stopped & looked
at my tear stained face.
I looked around
and to my astonishment,
nothing had changed.
But I knew that
I’d never be the same again.

My voice choked, I whispered,
‘Do all of them feel this way?’
He smiled, his crooked smile,
scratched his chin, tilted his head,
‘Most of them. Do you like it?’
‘I do. And when you leave,
I’ll pick another.’
I returned the crooked smile.
He looked up smiling,
genuinely this time.

‘That’s how irresistible we are.
We books, have a way of wooing you
and you can never say ‘No’ to us’


Image Courtesy: My dearest friend Balachandran. The bookmark was my gift to him 🙂

Leaving the Battlefield

I walked stealthily, my eyes foraging the mess.

I walked away from the field, towards the Horizon.

The battle was over, silence took over.

I couldn’t be sure, were the enemies all dead?

They could lurk behind the shadows and strike me unawares. 

I had gained some distance, when I broke into a run.

The sound of my footsteps mattered no more.

I had to get away. Far far away.

I stopped to catch my breath and resumed the run again.

A smile spread across my face, slowly as the breeze.

It grew wider and into a laughter.

It was over. I knew it.

It was all over.

The enemy had fallen.

Image courtesy: bodyhealthsoul.com

I had escaped with a few scratches here & there,

a broken lip I got from the fall,

a few more scratches on my hands,

and a deep gash on my right foot.

That would heal with time!

There was just one thing, ruling my mind.

The enemy had fallen.

You could say ‘fallen back’, ‘retreated’ or even ‘dead’.

For 2015 would never return.

I had seen to that!

I went ahead, my heart beating fast,

my spirits soaring,

I embraced what was ahead of me,

and before I knew,

the time had begun the healing.

Come See Me

Come see me,

Not because you have something to give me

Not because you need something from me.


Come see me

Not because you passed by

Not because it is my birthday

Not because it is our anniversary


Courtesy: desktopwallpapers4.me
Courtesy: desktopwallpapers4.me

Come see me,

Only if you have that overpowering urge to see me

That makes you restless.

That makes living impossible.


Come see me,

Because I am the air you breathe.

Tips and Ideas For Inexpensive Gifting.

Here is another year and there are many events coming up. How about getting prepared for them from now on?

Note – Here I am talking about inexpensive gifts which are available for INR 300 or LESS. So if you are looking for higher budgets, I am sure you will have many more options.

I love Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day and any event that I could use to show someone how special they are to me. There is nothing like springing a “Surprise!!!” on their face and see it go pale to white to pink to a deep shade of red with happiness! 😀 Please don’t be misled by the post title. I am not going to point out items to gift. I’m giving you ideas about how to find the gifts you want and how to present it to your loved ones. Some times, the gifts do not matter, but the way you gift makes all the difference. The sad part is, surprises are costly. Specially if you’re a student or are doing internship with low salary. Well, not anymore! I am always in short of cash (I’m still a student, you know!) and try to find new methods to throw surprises. So, here is how I gave some lovely surprises last year.

  1. Flowers – I don’t know about all men. But some men and almost all women like flowers. When it happens to be your mother, she would definitely be overwhelmed. The amazing thing about mothers is that, they do so much for us. Yet, they need so less to be happy. This is how you make her day special with flowers.Buy a few flowers or pluck some from your garden. Gather little children from your neighborhood and ask them to give her those flowers one at a time. If she is about to go out, the kids could line up outside your house and give her those flowers as she passes by, or let them ring the bell one at a time and give her the flowers. We tried it and my mom loved them. She preserved the flowers for as long as they stayed. 🙂
    Jarbara we bought Mom on her Birthday :)
    Jarbara we bought Mom on her Birthday 🙂

    Note – Flowers can be gifted to anyone if you’re sure they will appreciate it. I mentioned Mom because, we gave it to her.

  2. A Note For Every Hour – This works with anyone. Prepare notes with quotes or memories or anything you want to tell him/her. Ensure that the notes reach them every hour. It would be a reminder of how special they are and that they deserve a full day celebration.
    Image courtesy: pinterest
    Image courtesy: pinterest

    I did this for a friend’s birthday. I asked one of her colleagues to give her the notes every hour. I kept alarms on my phone for every hour, to remind her. Once the Birthday girl received each note, I got her message. 🙂

  3. Common Inexpensive Gifts – Photo frames, Books, Deos, Diaries and Coffee mugs! I know. They are the most typical inexpensive gifts you can give anyone. If he/she happens to be a book lover, you can buy them a book that they would enjoy. If he/she has the habit of updating diaries, there are plenty of undated diaries available at reasonable prices. If he/she has a favorite brand of deo, they will be happy that you cared to remember. As for photo frames, find a lovely picture of the two of you and gift it.
  4. Undated Diaries – Earlier this year, I had reviewed Matrikas Paper Products’ diaries. They have some elegant and creative undated diaries. The cover designs were so tempting that anyone would fall in love with them. They have diaries designed for all age group. If your giftee loves writing and maintains diaries, you can find good ones starting at INR 110. MATRIKAS PAPER PRODUCTS is their website and their products are available in Flipkart, Snapdeal, Zoffio etc.
  5. Gifts Need Not be Branded – If you’re so desperate to gift someone something, that someone must be very special for you. Regardless of the fact that he/she uses only branded items, you can gift them something inexpensive for a change. After all, if they love you as much as you love them, they would get the emotions behind your gifts. Just ensure that you pick something beautiful even if it is unbranded. Be it wallets, belts, shoes, clothes or anything. You have a wide range of inexpensive things out there if you just let go of brands for once. Which brings us to the next point.
  6. Lookout For Fancies – 2015 has just begun. You can keep your eyes open for all the beautiful and fancy stuff available. Last year, I did a lot of window shopping (Microsoft Windows :P) and found really pretty watches for just Rs. 300. There is no quality assurance or warranty. But once in a while, owning some random pretty stuff doesn’t harm. This friend of mine always buys quality and classy things. I thought she could do with some girlish, dangling, funky stuff. I gifted it to her and she loved it. Want to see it?
    This is the watch I gifted her.

    So lookout for the low priced pretty things. Even if the Birthday is a couple of months away, there is no harm keeping your eyes open.

  7. A tiny party – You heard me right. If it is your friend’s, love’s or family member’s birthday, and you love them so much, you can actually give a party at a very low cost! Cake – If you need really good cakes, they cost a lot. And that was why, in my previous post, I had given a very easy recipe to make a cake. It’s out of biscuit and chocolate alone. Click HERE to read it.Lightings – You can prepare beautiful lamps out of orange peels. 4-5 orange lamps would suffice for the right glow. Here is what we made.
    One half of the orange peel
    One half of the orange peel
    Entire peel with designed cuttings
    Entire peel with designed cuttings

    You can use the oranges for preparing any delicacy of your choice. 🙂 Decorations – Colorful streamers are always in fashion and cost very less. Just find innovative ways of decorating with streamers.

  8. Maintain a Wishlist & Lookout For Discounts – I get newsletters from many shopping sites and I visit them whenever there is a discount. I buy things only when I am convinced that the discounts are acceptable. That is how I found some lovely sarees worth Rs. 300 in May 2014. I bought them immediately when I had the money and gifted it to Mom for her Birthday in Dec. Needless to say, I was in short of money in Dec. All who saw the saree, loved it & thought that it was some expensive material (giggles :P). Another time, I bought a couple of handbags for just Rs. 150 and they came in handy when I had to gift a friend. 🙂 So, add something to your wishlist and you never know, during the next clearance sale, it might just shoot down to a very low price.
  9. The Age Old Custom of Group Gifting – You all must be aware of this. But now that we are talking of gifts, I’d mention this. If you want to gift Mr. A something, contact his close friends, and if they are willing, pool some cash and buy something really good. When you all gift it together, you not only give him the gift, but also an overwhelming experience with his close friends around.
  10. Gift Some Time – Imagine, on an anniversary, the couples decide to take some time off and spend the day together. As a child, your parents decide to stay home, cooks you some lovely dishes and takes you out. When your parents are old, you decide to take them somewhere and spend some time with them on their special day. Time is very very expensive. But we can easily lend some to our loved ones. It is simple and means a lot. Do try gifting some time.
  11. Time With Creativity – You have many DIYs available on the internet. If you have a flair for creativity (which I believe most of us do have), take some time off and prepare something beautiful for your loved ones. Your loved ones would value your creativity more than the masterpiece they bought at an exhibition.This is one such gift I made for my Best Friend. My first attempt in Paper Quilling. 🙂
    Paper Quilled girl. It is full of adjustments 😛

    There are many creative things you can make and you wouldn’t believe how easy they are. Bookmarks, photo collage, simple paper quillings ets are few among them.

  12. A Letter – With the advent of emails, internet and social networking sites, the art of letter writing has almost vanished. Buying cards and sending ecards are cool. But writing what you feel about them with a pen on a paper in your handwriting, THAT is priceless! Take a letter pad or an inland letter and write about how special they are and what you feel about them. Get hold of their address and post it. I wish you could see the smile on their face when they get hold of your letter. It would be a perfect gift & a perfect wish. 🙂
  13. A Book of Wishes – You can gift a book of wishes to someone close. It would be the compilation of wishes from all their loved ones. Let me assure you, it is not an easy task. Many people would hesitate to write. But five wishes could make a book too. Trust me! If a letter in point 11 could give them so much of joy, imagine the joy on receiving a book of letters! 🙂

If I were you, I’d plan in advance for upcoming birthdays. But since I am myself, that is what I do. 😛 I get super-excited a month before birthdays and make all the arrangements. Things don’t go exactly as planned. For instance, we bought sky lanterns for Mom’s birthday and it became the King of flops. 😛 All the same, mom looked flabbergasted after every surprise. The purpose was served and so, I really don’t mind. Hope this list helps you. Please let me know if there are more inexpensive gifting ideas. I exhausted this list last year. I desperately need something new. 😉 And while you’re at it, ensure that only I know the plans & not my family ok? Shhhh… 😀

Tresses – Thick, Long, Beautiful and Lost

They laughed, waved,
smiled and toiled.
They danced in the breeze
and reflected her turmoils.

They were stared at, they were touched,
some gazed at them, awed.
For the beauty was rare,
of such tresses long, strong and thawed.

Anger pulled at her hair,
With his arms brawny, he hauled.
He curled them around his fist,
and hit her against the wall.

Envy leered and sneered,
and held gently her tresses.
With a smile of deceit, bit by bit,
he snipped them as he caressed.

With the passing years,
her head ached with the burden.
Of illness, pains and aches,
and her tresses adding to them.

Envy, Anger and sickness,
Never sullied those beautiful thick hair.
They grew every time,
quick and with a newly found vigor.

Until he came along,
Uninvited and never to leave.
Not a strand did they find later,
Envy, Anger and the pain peeve.

For the tresses fell & never grew,
as long as the guest remained.
And to shun him, they had begun
radiations that had her hair drained.

Inspired by the life of someone I know. She had long, straight, beautiful hair that grew so quickly every time it was trimmed. She was subjected to a lot of domestic violence and her hair was what her husband used to torture her. People used to be very envious of her hair and force her to cut them off when they got a chance. As if this wasn’t enough, she was diagnosed with cancer. By the grace of god, she is well now.

Image courtesy: legacyeducators.wordpress.com

11 Songs That Stir My Soul.

A R Rahman is my God of music.

I used to listen to melodies often but never bothered to look who the music director was. Many years after my playlist grew, I happened to notice that most of the songs I had were A R Rahman‘s. Slowly, as I fell in love with the creation, I fell for the creator too. 🙂 But, in the list below, you wouldn’t find many ARR songs. Because, most of us know his hits very well.

Following are the songs close to my soul, my precious gems. There are Malayalam, Tamil & mostly Hindi songs here. Also, for your convenience, I have attached bits of each song sung by me. You can read the reasons for my song-love, listen to the bits & decide whether you like them. 🙂

1. Teri Bandagi (Hindi):

Movie: Drona

This song has been rendered beautifully by Sunidhi Chauhan. If you have spent an entire night thinking aimlessly about a loved one, if you were torn between the joy of being loved & the desperation of knowing that your love is miles apart, you’d love the lyrics. And the music is mind-blowing. Just put off the lights, plug in the earphones, close your eyes and melt into this. 🙂

2. Mujhe Aaj Tune Jo Choo Liya (Hindi):

Album: “Tum Aaye”

This is another one of those soul stirring songs I mentioned. Like the icing on the top, like the rainbow in the sky, Hariharan’s voice just materializes here & there and as always, he has weaved his magic in here. The lyrics, it begins with;

Mein Kahoonga toh kaun manega
Aaj kya dekha, kya kiya meine
Phool ko aaj gaathe dekha hai
Chaand ko aaj choo liya meine.

(Meaning – Who would believe me if I say,
about what I saw today & about what I did.
Today, I saw the flower sing…
I touched the moon today…)

I must admit that there is a peculiar beauty about Hindi lyrics. And the Urdu words in some songs, simply enhance the feel. Do listen to this song for the enchanting voices of Hariharan & Alka Yagnik.

3. Piya Milenge (Hindi):

Movie: Raanjhana

Here comes A R Rahman. I consider this to be one of the classics he composed in a very long time. Firstly, he knows to choose the right singers. ARR’s ‘Chayya Chayya‘, ‘Ishq Bina’, ‘Des mere‘ etc are well known, powerful songs sung by Sukhwinder singh. And so, it was only natural for Sukhwinder to pull of Piya milenge with so much ease. The song is intricate with a  Sufi, devotional touch and the inspirational music & lyrics. One cannot miss the vibe that the tune creates.

The enchanting part, is its lyrics. It says,‘The one you’re searching for outside, is seated silently within you. When there is a sea inside you, why do you search outside? Draw back the curtains of your mind, open the veil and you’ll find your beloved.’

If you think, it talks about love, someone else thinks it talks about God. The word ‘Piya’ is used to refer to one’s Love and also to Lord Krishna. Whether it says about the Lord or Love, is left to our interpretation. And that is what allures me about this song. A unique piece of work indeed!

4. Pookkal Pookkum (Tamil):

Movie: Madrasapattinam


From the start, from the moment I heard this song, I was restless until I downloaded it. I have listened to this a hundred times and never got tired. Later, when I saw this movie, specially the scene just before the song, I fell for the music all the more. I have no idea what half the song means. But the tune & the feel is excellent. Here is the video of the scene & the song.

5. Manmarziyaan (Hindi):

Movie: Lootera

Again, the music is what lured me. I have no idea what the lyrics mean. The voice of the singers, the music and the entire effect it creates is all I wanted to instantly fall in Love with this piece of music.

6. Kaash Aisa Koi Manzar Hota (Hindi):

Album: Gazal.

Singer,Hariharan! What more should I say? Love the music, love the voice. There is no way one cannot fall into the abyss of this music. As I mentioned earlier, Urdu language has left its mark here. And Hariharan has weaved his magic here. You wouldn’t hear an extra bit of instrument. It is peace. It is all silent, except for occasional tinkers and how do I put it? My wonderland would sound like this.

7. Maula mere Maula mere (Hindi):

Movie- Anwar

No introductions here. If you listen to Hindi songs, you’d definitely know this. This song is the Tom & Jerry of all the cartoons, Harry Potter of all the books. I have rarely come across people who don’t know this song. Wondering why it is here? I don’t want a single person to miss this.To begin with, the lyrics brim with passion. The repeated chanting of ‘Maula mere’ gets me imagining a guy, so awestruck seeing his Love, that all he could say is ‘Oh God’ repeatedly. It depicts that deep, gripping kind of Love that you could only imagine, read in books or see in movies. These are my favorite lines.Rakh lu chupaki mein kahi tujhko Saaya bhi tera na mein duu (I’ll keep you hidden somewhere I wouldn’t give you away, not even your shadow. ) Love the emotion behind these lines.

8. Madno (Hindi):

Movie: Lamhaa

Most of my friends in Kerala hadn’t listened to this song. I still wonder why. I was the local distributor of this song here. 😛 I shouted, flogged and fought with anyone who didn’t listen to this. My reasons are the same. Lovely music, lyrics and feel.In between, the male voice is replaced by Chinmayi Sripada‘s enchanting, husky, base voice. If your eyes are closed, you’d just open & say ‘wow’ right there.Mein hu shab tu subah dono judke judaa Mein hu lab tu dhua dono judke juda Madno… Mashuko… Dilbara… Madno re… I’m night & you’re morning, both join & then separate I’m lips & you’re prayer, both join & then separate The last words all mean beloved and I think Madno is Urdu, Mashuko is Kashmiri and Dilbara is Hindi. See that? How could one not fall for such details?

9. Mazhaye Thoomazhaye (Malayalam): Movie: Pattam Pole


So far I haven’t written a single Malayalam song in the list and many would ask ‘Why this?’. It has got a rainy touch to it. And no other song in Malayalam gave me this feel. The lyrics are pretty good. Again, romance is the theme. But as I said, when I listen to this, I could imagine the green interior parts of Kerala, the rain, its smell, and the love you find when it rains. It’s the music, the singer’s voice and the reference to rains that pulled me towards it.

10. Azhage Sugama (Tamil):

Movie: Parthale un paravasam

Must say, it is a sad song. But the wordplay is fantastic. After a break up, one is asking the other if he/she is fine. Whether their anger and sorrows are doing well, whether the loneliness seems fine, whether the house, the gardens, the bed & the single pillow atop is fine.Trust me! It sounds really beautiful in Tamil. 😥

Azhutha Neeril Karaigal Poividum Theriyaathaa?
Kuraigal Ullathu Manitha Uravugal Puriyaathaa?
Ithu Kaneer Nadathum Paechu Vaarthai,
Udaintha Manangal Ottathaaa?

(Meaning: Don’t you know that in the tears (I) shed, the shores would vanish? Don’t you know that it is human nature not to be perfect? This conversation is between tears. Will the broken hearts ever join back?)

The entire song has a lovely amount of wordplay. But I wouldn’t attempt to explain & spoil more of it here. You can find the lyrics HERE. And no doubt, A R Rahman swished his wand for the music. It is lovely.

11. Abhi Mujhme Kahin:

Movie: Agneepath

Sonu Nigam! Sonu Nigam! He has just pulled out his heart & that is what sang this song. When I listen to the lyrics, I imagine a phoenix sing it. The theme revolves around how someone was reborn from the ashes. It talks about the relief when a person burning in the scorching sun suddenly finds the tree’s shade. The feeling of an angry kid scolded & being cajoled. You can read the lyrics and meaning HERE. This one is more about life. Words that leaves us thinking. The words come alive with the apt kind of tune given. And when Sonu Nigam sings it, _/\_ speechless!

Image courtesy: http://storage9.gear3rd.com/

These are my all time favorites. There are many more lovely songs in my playlist. If I were to go on, the number would reach around 30 or 40. These aren’t my top eleven or anything. But, these were the ones that had to be mentioned. And so, I did. Please do listen to them and let me know if they make it to your playlist. I’d be too happy about it. 😀

PS – I’m really sorry for screwing up the translations.

The Container that is me.

Weekly prompt: Boxes, tanks, wrappers: for this week’s Photo Challenge, show us something that contains something else.


The facade

What better container can I show you apart from myself?
Would you believe that there is a sea raging within me?
That the molten lava deep within me boils,
sending waves of fumes that cool, before they reach the surface.

That when I said ‘No’, I really wanted to say ‘Yes’
but sacrificed it for a greater good.
And when I said, ‘yes’, I really didn’t want it,
but said so for your happiness.
And sometimes I said it so that you would force me a bit more.

That when I was raging and fuming,
I was weeping from within.
When I was smiling, it was because,
my pain was beyond tears and manifested as a smile.

That when I was expressionless,
it was because I was too happy to talk.
And when I said everything was OK,
I was falling apart.

This post is a part of Daily post prompts.

Don’t want to know what you think.

I pass by the street and talk to a vendor.
He might have peeked at my bosom.
But, it would enrage me to know his perverted thoughts.

I advise my little sister.
She nods away and soon ignores me.
But, I’d be upset if I knew she thought I was annoying.

I tell my boyfriend how much I love him.
He might be losing interest in me.
But, it would shatter me if I could read every thought in his mind then.

I tell my parents that I failed again.
They smile and say it is okay.
But, I’d never be happy if I could see their pain.

I am given a magic chip.
I can read anybody’s mind, and there is no off button.
You now know why I don’t want it.

A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you are talking to are thinking. The catch: You can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?


Prompt by Daily post.

When Love rains & Friends shine

I am a person who loves rains. To all rain lovers, no offense meant. ^-^

First rain… It began with the breeze.
The cool breeze with a tinge of wetness.
Kissing the Earth’s forehead,
and picking up her fragrance.

Odour of the mud, the dried leaves,
mixed with the freshness
of the new sprouted leaves.
The first few drops fell like life essence on her.

Kissing her cheeks, eyes, forehead,
slowly & softly pecking at her.
He brought a smile to her face
each time he caressed her.

He touched her shoulders,
moving his fingers down softly, trickling to her finger tips.
She stood there delving in his beauty,
awed by his penetrating effect on her.

She stood there oblivious to the moments fleeting,
savoring every touch of his.
Her insides were like embers,
hissing each time he looked at her.

Soon she was drenched from top to toe.
She had forgotten herself,
her surroundings,
She had even forgotten it was pouring.

All she knew was Rain & herself,
place was only here,
the time- past, present & future was only now.

What she didn’t know was,
He would leave sooner than he came.
She didn’t know that she would fool herself
into believing that he would come again.

She didn’t know that he would only drench her
& leave;  not dry her.
That she had to save herself.
She stood there oblivious to everything.

One moment she was in ecstasy & the next,
She was in the middle of nowhere
teeming with people, friends & family.
there was no trace of the Rain, nor the clouds.

She opened her eyes to find
that Sun was holding her.
Looking worriedly into her eyes
drying her & trying to ease her out.

But the fever had already begun.
She tried to disguise the fact that
the fever was killing her from within.
The puddles ached & the fallen trees moaned.

Next were the days surviving the fever.
Her cheeks & forehead where the rain had touched, now burnt!
She remembered his fingers,
cool & soft against her skin.

She soon came to know
that the clouds had shifted
and he was raining elsewhere,
touching & caressing someone else.

The pitter patter laughter rang in her ears &
it didn’t sound appealing anymore.
His soft words echoed in her ears
as though it had been amplified a hundred times.

What she thought was the tone of love,
felt like malice to her now.
Some days it would be unbearable,
somedays it ached badly.

She curled up & held herself tight
trying to close the puddles in her heart
shedding tears of angst & remorse
willing for the pain to go away

After long intervals of numbness,
bouts of pain and more numbness, She began to heal.
The pain remained, the temperature reduced.
But the intensity was coming down.

Everyday the Sun came up to check in on her.
She realised how all along he had lighted up her life &
She had forgotten him when Rain drenched her.
Yet when she was alone again, Sun saved her.

She improved with each passing day and soon she got up,
began walking & moving around.
After lots of struggles & distractions,
She began loving life once more.

She realised what she had been missing.
She realised that rain had left her cold,
gave her puddles, she had been treated unfairly
& she had been feeling uncomfortable.

She had taken a liking to this come back.
she had emerged a more happy person.
One thing had changed though.
She had developed a hatred towards Rains.

A deep & penetrating spite mixed with fear.
She began shunning rains.
The love for her life was directly proportional
to the hatred for rains. Both increased.

And since then each time it rained, she fled.
She pitied those who got drenched.
She loved her life full of Sunny days
She loved how he lighted her in many ways.

At the dawn of love, did they part.

She- a wanderer, from moor to meadows,
ocean to land, and woods to willows,
-sat by the woods, thinking of those faces,
that have walked past her & left no traces.

A handful of faces, stayed forever in her heart.
Some came, left & came again for their part.
Some left to never look back,
others stayed & played the sly jack.

A fellow wanderer walked in & sat beside her.
Not a glimpse she took, at that stranger.
They sat there watching the day turn black.
He got up & walked into the dark.

He walked in again at the break of dawn.
She peeked at his mask that resembled a fawn.
She wondered what lay behind his mask,
the truth or a lie!? – It’s a tough task!

They sat silent all day, fearing each other’s masks.
At the brink of dusk he left for his tasks.
As it dawned he would walk in,
he’d half smile and she’d yield in.

A week of Smile & silence ensued
& soon, an unspoken friendship bloomed.
She wondered why daily he reappeared
was it for her company or was his path so weird?

She got up to leave, & their eyes met,
‘Leaving?’, ‘I’m a wanderer & my time is set’.
She willed him to stop her, and he willed her not to leave.
Not a word they said, parting was meant to be.

Many a faces had she seen,
faces with masks, smiles & deceitful means.
As she walked away, she thought of his face.
His respect for her, had won him the highest place.

Another smile or word, may form a bond,
of friendship which’d either end or go beyond.
She preferred parting, knowing him hence,
to admire his face forever at this distance.

For flowers are beautiful when seen far-off.
A closer look at them, & your eyes may scoff.
A tender touch, the petals may wither,
And soon you’ll wish to see them from afar.

After a long search – Lucy Gray

I used to enjoy & wait for the LA/Dr (Literary Activities/Dramatics) session in school unlike many of my friends who despised it. So did they despise the VE (Value education) hour unlike me who again loved it. It was never easy being the different one in a class. In one such LA/Dr hour, our teacher said she’d read us a poem & that we ought to act it out at the end of the class. I had loved the poem at once! The poem was enacted, the hour was over and forgotten.

Somewhere during the past twelve years, tiny incidents, stories & anecdotes reminded me of the poem little by little. I remembered the hour, my heart feeling heavy when I heard the poem, I remembered enacting it. I played the role of the mother and I had to put in a lot of energy for the emotions. The poem from the character’s point of view had made a great impact in me. Bit by bit it all came back to me. Though it is a famous poem, nobody around me had heard about it. All I knew was that the poem was by William Wordsworth and the story-line went thus:

Lucy – a little child – is sent out one evening to get her mother from the town after work. She takes a lantern and goes and never returns. Her mother gets back home & they all set out to search for the kid. After a long while they see her footprints which leads to a bridge and ends in the middle of it. Lucy was no more.

I began searching for the poem in the internet. Whenever I typed the word ‘Lucy’, the first option that appeared was ‘Lucy Gray’. I assumed she was a famous personality & ignored it. I learnt that Wordsworth had written five Lucy poems. I read the gist of them all but nothing was even close to this one. I was beginning to lose hope after searching, reading and re-reading them over the years. Finally, a week ago, I got curious and clicked onto Lucy Gray.

Lo! And Behold! She had always been right there and I hadn’t noticed. My joy knew no bounds. I was squeaking & exclaiming like a little kid who had got a surprise gift. I know, I must have looked like a fool. To this day, I do not know why I am so obsessed with that poem. I do not know why I let Lucy’s soul stay in my heart or why I searched so desperately for her, nor do I understand why I feel so at peace after finding her.

I am glad that I was different from others and that I accepted the fact. In my childishness, I wished I could change myself to suit my classmates. But I’m thankful that I never did. If I had, I’d have never been me. For instance, I’d have lost Lucy Gray & never searched for her.

While searching for the poem, I found this video (shared with permission) by Yathish Dhavala.

The poem has been depicted beautifully with graphics & apt music. I enjoyed it and hope you will too. For those who haven’t read the poem, here it is Lucy Gray 🙂 It is worth a read and a treat for poem lovers.

PS: Thanks to our LA/Dr ma’am for introducing the poem to us.

A Promise – like a season.

Of all the myriad seasons that adorn The Earth,
He chose the lovely rains, to walk in with an umbrella
Smiles were exchanged, hands were shaken
and soon, too soon a friendship unspoken.
As autumn shed her leaves and relations broke apart,
as the winter beat down and problems froze everything around,
He stood beside me with his warm smile saying,’I’d walk with you for miles’
The shed leaves mattered no more, the warmth melted all the frozen ice.


The winter  fled & spring took his place,
she woke up all the sleeping saplings.
She adorned the trees with new leaves,
the plants budded and the buds bloomed.

I sang my friend’s smile’s glory,
of the sulky autumn and fleeing winter.
The butterflies & bees ,the flowers & trees,
listened with awe & spread the story.

I praised him for his smile,
I thanked him for his help
All the while he would smile saying,
‘I’d walk with you for miles & miles’.


People walked in from far and wide
The story spread, of the smile he couldn’t hide
He was held up midst people…
making new ones, keeping old ones.

Spring had to leave and so came the summer
I went & sat next to my dear dear friend,
to spend some time, to talk & laugh
But he hadn’t finished with his friends of spring.

The summers passed, another rain came,
I kept no umbrella because he did have one.
And I knew before the first rains,
he would be beside holding it.

As the rains gathered speed
he ran in with the umbrella
I smiled with relief as he said,
‘A toast to the year old friendship’ 🙂

Every now and then he would vanish.
He would say ‘Oh held up due to this and that’
‘You know I get worried that the seasons will change’
‘Let the seasons change, I’ll walk with you’ says he.

I pondered over his words. Did he forget the ‘miles’ part?
While I could feel the distance building,
I tried reducing it by being next to him
But he was surrounded by the newest loyal lot.

Winters & autumns, Springs & summers
I began to wait for the lovely rains
The only time he would be beside me
with the same old umbrella.


But even the rains he spent
being with his new pals
‘they asked for my company so I was there’ he said
So, I should have asked.

He had made me get used to him
He had come during the rains unasked
and now when I asked for it
He was used to his new friends.

During the next rain when he didn’t come,
I had my own umbrella
with no one to hold it but me
I was trying to get used to his absence

The rains before and the rains now do not seem the same
don’t let the seasons take the blame
for it’s their duty to come, go and come again
It is people who come & go
Or rather come, and just leave…


To my old friend…!

Lonely and friendless I sat then
less than six years was I when,
my mom had gone to get me a friend,
someone for me forever, till the end
She returned after a while,
held her arms out with a smile,
there lay a little canine curled
-a snowy, cute little pearl

She had come into our home and straight into my heart
I beckoned her to me – our friendship’s start.

She jumped on me, I sat on her
She chased me , & I chased her
She licked my cheeks & I caressed her
Fun was all we had together



Time had distanced us and pulled us apart
I returned & called out for her with all my heart
Four strong paws came running with glee
And the next moment, she was on me.
She clung to me and woofed aloud
she ran around my legs to show her love
She licked my face wet and neat
She was happy to see me  indeed.

Year after year, after my holidays I returned
Each time she aged, and older she turned.
After one such stay with her
I went to say goodbye to her

She silently approached me and sat before me
She looked into my eyes with hers, black and beady
She looked weaker than ever before
I was pained to see the sorrow her eyes bore.

She could no longer leap on me
& so, gently placed her paws on my knee
She licked my cheeks once or twice
and stared unblinkingly into my eyes.

It was her language of farewell to me
I caressed and kissed her and left in a hurry
Not knowing when we`ll meet again
But knowing that our hearts couldn`t bear the pain

Many more months passed before I returned
I opened the gates and called for my friend
listening for the sound of her paws I waited ,
Silence answered. It was all that reverberated

I called for her with all the strength in me
None placed her paws on my knee
None came to lick my cheeks
None came and ran about my legs

None came and stared into my eyes
None answered my silent cries
An empty kennel, a longing heart
None said to me about the missing part

Silently she entered my life
Twelve long years she stayed there
One fine morning, she left the place
and now a garden of memory remains

Lonely and friendless I sit now and then,
And, remember that summer evening when
My mom went out to get me a friend
Someone for me, forever till the end.

…In my heart…

Dedicated to my most faithful friend ever!