For Sundays

Sundays are for the things you love. For a dip within yourself. For the memories that made you And specially the ones that moulded you. *** Sundays are for you To love yourself, unwind yourself To scatter the pieces of you Carelessly, mindlessly. *** Sundays are for the pajamas, Messy hair, bad breath, For strewing … Continue reading For Sundays

7 Giant Steps to Self Development

  This is the 7th and the last post of the series of posts I wrote on Self Development. I have started with simple and easy steps for Self Development in my first post and proceeded with various facets of it in the next few posts. If you intend to start working on it, I … Continue reading 7 Giant Steps to Self Development

The Turning Point

It was my Mom’s decision to send me to a School in Puttaparthi. She, being an ardent devotee of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba, always dreamt of sending me there. Whenever we visited Puttaparthi, she used to look at those children longingly. She was awed by the discipline and the atmosphere in which the children … Continue reading The Turning Point