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Sharing Some Books/Movie Recommendations I Received

If you are a frequent instagrammer, you might be aware of some interesting Insta Story games that have been making their rounds. There was one particular story that I liked a lot as it involved asking lots of questions and so I decided to take it up. I put this up on my story: Some… Continue reading Sharing Some Books/Movie Recommendations I Received

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I am Tired of Struggling to Survive. Yes, I Give Up!

A Book review of The Story of a Suicide.

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Letters, Rains, Books, Conversations – A Friendship

100 Happy Days – Day 88 Happiness is friendship in rain, with book, through letters and conversation. It was 6.50 am. The queue began from the first floor, stretched through the staircase to the ground floor and out. I was on the staircase closer to the first floor. I heard Carnatic music emanating from the room… Continue reading Letters, Rains, Books, Conversations – A Friendship

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Four Fictional Characters

Day 2 – Four Fictional Characters More often than not, fictional characters have a lot of impact in our lives. We look up to some, we cast aside some and some of them leave us in tough positions as to whether they are lovable or not. There have been debates about certain fictional characters and the… Continue reading Four Fictional Characters

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The Seed Bookmark

100 Happy Days – Day 87 My uncle was showing us around Lawrence School, Lovedale where he gives guitar lessons to the students. After almost an hour of wandering around the huge, beautiful place, we decided to visit one last area and call it a day. As we were descending the stairs, I came across… Continue reading The Seed Bookmark

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Book Review: Ramayana – The Game of Life

Introduction Book: Ramayana – The Game of Life: Stolen Hope Author: Shubha Vilas Publisher: Jaico Books Note: This book is third in the series of six books We have all heard the story of Rama and also its various versions. Most of us know of the peripheral whats, whens, hows & whys, and the story as… Continue reading Book Review: Ramayana – The Game of Life