Matrikas Journals for The Creative Minds

The little child whispered, ‘God, speak to me’. The Meadow Lark sang, but the child didn’t hear. So the child yelled, ‘God! Speak to me!!!’
And the thunder rolled across the sky. But the child didn’t hear.

The child looked around and said, ‘God, I want to see you.’ A star shone brightly but the child did not see. The child shouted, ‘God show me a miracle!’
A life was born.
But the child did not know.

So the child cried out in despair, ‘Touch me, God! And let me know you are there.’
Whereupon, God reached down and touched the child but the child brushed the butterfly away and walked away unknowingly.

An excerpt, from my Journal, that dates back to 2006. I love diaries/journals and I have close to a dozen of them maintained for various purposes. Back during my college days, I had one in which I used to write down quotes and stories that touched me. This is one such. The moment I found something meaningful, I’d find its owner and copy it down. Our college was such that, we did not have access to computers or phones. So I wrote a lot on papers with a pen.

The benefit being, I still have those quotes and stories. They never got deleted or lost in the mess of an internet.  You see, that is the thing about journals. They will wait for you to pick them up. Even after years, you could go back and find that piece of memory still there tucked safely between the breathing pages of a yellowing old diary, the memories you thought had vanished when your brain cells died.


Most of the times, these journals have found me. Dated diaries from Mom’s workplace, some came as gifts, a few I stole from Mom because they looked too tempting and another set was from Matrikas. Now, I have 3 journals from Matrikas as a part of their blogger outreach programme.  Most of the journals remain half used since I either stop doing what I did with them or use them as and when I like. I did not do anything systematic with them and that kept disappointing me.

As I began to focus on my Self Development recently, I decided that it was high time I started working on a journal; more of a Life Handbook. At this opportune moment, Matrikas Paper Products send me a fascinating piece of stationary, an answer to all my questions – A Creative Journal for women.


About the Journal


This isn’t your typical, simple ruled or plain, dated journal. This is a creative journal with which you could experiment yourself and your limits. It is well bound with cloth and available in four designs – Butterfly, Dragonfly, Feather, and Fish each for the dreamer, thinker, writer & the one who wishes to soar not in that order.


It has an elastic band to keep the book closed & bound, also a loop to keep the pen in place. The paper, as I had given in an earlier review, is of high quality, thick and smooth. It has a classy-cum-ethnic look and feel about it. This particular journal has been designed keeping in mind women who wish to experiment their artistic side.

What Makes this Journal a Class Apart?

1. They have ruled pages, undated, and interspersed with blank pages.  It doesn’t stop there. The blank pages are thicker than the ruled pages so that you can reveal your artistic side with colors or glues or a little something they have provided themselves for you.


2. If you aren’t an artsy person on blank pages, they have provided 8 adult coloring pages in which you could try out your luck. If you really miss those childhood coloring books like me, this is truly a blessing! 🙂 Have a look.

Teapot, Leaves and Flowers


Butterfly garden

3. Did that awe-inspire you to own one? Well I am not done yet. They have provided sheets of stickers (A Little Something ) so you could play with your imagination and make a Life Handbook from this journal. These could be used on those blank pages to make them more artistic.

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Remember the Life Handbook I mentioned about in an earlier post? This journal has everything to make that work. To make bucket-lists, plan your days, vacations, wishlists, quirky thoughts to be written down and what not! If anyone wants to maintain a journal and have no clue how to go about it, this one is a self-help. If there was anything I could change about this journal, it would be the size. I would prefer something bigger and heavier. Well, that must be just me because I always say; books? Bigger the better! 😀

Do not let your memories fade away as your brain cells vanish. Preserve them! Not in hard disks or emails. But in pen and paper. Let your fragrance linger, your fingers brush through those pages and the fingerprints remain. Let the pages yellow and give that exuberant scent of memories as you open them. Let the fragrance and the writings conjure mental images of those golden days. 🙂


Daintily sitting on my table with everything nice!



PS – This is not a paid review. The journal was sent to me by Matrikas for an honest review and promotion. I haven’t honey-coated anything here. The journal is as good as one could get. I’d recommend this anytime! 🙂