Ever Wondered What Your Dogs Were Trying to Say?


Note:  Ginger the dog’s thoughts are given in the bracket.

Liya is on her bed, reading a book when her Dog strolls into the room, “Hey Ginger! Come here come here.”

Ginger is about to settle on his spot, “Woof! Woof!” (I am sleepy! Gonna a take a nap)

Liya picks her up, keeps her on her lap and caresses her, “Awww… you furry, cute little thing! My little baby! After some time I’ll give you some yummy meat balls.”

“Woof! Woof!” (Can I sleep? Meat balls sound yummy but, I really want to sleep, you know?)

“Awww you like the sound of meat balls do you? You want them right now? Already going woof. Mwah” She took Ginger in her hands, held her at her eye level and kept talking, kissing and cuddling her.

(Um… no! I want to sleep. Sleeeep.)

“Here! Let’s play. Fetch the ball, Ginger.”

“Woof! Woof!” (Yayyy! I love this game! She sure knows how to persuade me. Screw sleep! Aaand here I go!)

Ginger brings the ball back. She throws it again and after a dozen throws,

“Ok Ging! Got some work to do. You go and play by yourself or sleep.”

*Whining* (Oh no no! Let’s not stop. We just started the game. Let’s play for some more time!) 

She climbs onto the bed and walks around Liya, swishing her tail on her face.

“Woof woof!” (Let’s play some more. Let’s play some more)

In a mimicking voice “Do you want to stay with me? Aww my baby wants to stay with me? Come here.”




She lifts her and brings her close. Ginger licks her face. (Yes. Stay and play Fetch. Please please pretty please. Or at least let us go for a walk.) She lovingly nips her finger.

“Ouch! Okay! Okay! You can stay with me. But don’t disturb alright? I have a deadline. Just stay near me. Maybe you can sleep until dinner.”

*More whining* (Oh Man! I’m not feeling sleepy anymore! Thanks for ruining that for me. Humans!)

****After a couple of hours****

“Woof!” (Woman! I am hungry. Do you have plans of at least giving me some food?)

“Stop pulling my dress Ginger. Give me another 10 minutes”

Ginger pulls further. (No way! Only if I start troubling you now, will you give up in an hour!)

She climbs the bed and licks her face and tries distracting her by sitting on her lap.

“Ging! Stop it! If you behave this way, I won’t take you out.”

More licking. (Don’t. Give me food! I am hungry.)

After half a dozen attempts.

“You are a devil Ging! Muah! Come I’ll take you out! My baby!”

“Woof! Woof! Woof!” (What No! No! Woman! No! You should give me food. In! Not out! Oh man! Here comes the leash. Sometimes I really wonder which of us is more sensible.)


“After all those struggles, when things were going great between us, he went behind Neha. Isn’t that really awful?”

*Whine* (You are telling this story the sixth time! Get over him! Can we go inside and have food now?)

“See? You alone understand me. Nobody else does.”

(Ooh a fly) Ginger tries to run behind one and gets pulled back.

“You are the only one who listens to me so patiently. Which is why I love you the most!”

*Pulling and biting at the leash* (But you just said you loved Kiran the most and that he ditched you. Are you even listening to yourself? No? Then listen to me. I’m hungry!)

Suddenly, Ginger stops pulling and stares at the opposite road. (Ooo lala! Pepper is here!)

For those who don’t know, Pepper is her heartthrob from the next door. She loves his base, gruff voice and the way he carries himself with a lot of poise and um… the way he seduces her. 😉

“Woof! Whine!”, she does a little dance of trying to free herself. (Peps! Honey, Look at me! Liya stop! Let us go to Pepper’s house and meet your friend.)

Liya continues oblivious to all Ginger’s struggles, “What would you do if you were me? Would you let a guy trample you like that and do nothing?”

Ginger Nibbles at her hands (I’d try to listen to my dog instead of assuming things. Focus! focus!)



“Guess you are hungry listening to all my problems. Let’s go home & get you some food.”

*Bored whining* (If you’d listen to me, I’d like to go and cuddle with sexy Pepper next door. But yeah, whatever you want. Food! I like that too! Meat balls!)

*** 5 Minutes later***

She looks

“Oops! We are out of meat balls. But I have another one of your favorites! Bread and milk! Yaay!!!”

*Smells the food, whines and looks at her* (Tell me again why he went for Neha!?)

Suddenly alert, (Ooh! Another fly!)

(No food first!)

And she eats. By the time she’s done, she will be all over in love with Liya. 🙂




Ever wondered what your Dog was trying to tell you? 😛 Try listening 😀

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To my old friend…!

Lonely and friendless I sat then
less than six years was I when,
my mom had gone to get me a friend,
someone for me forever, till the end
She returned after a while,
held her arms out with a smile,
there lay a little canine curled
-a snowy, cute little pearl

She had come into our home and straight into my heart
I beckoned her to me – our friendship’s start.

She jumped on me, I sat on her
She chased me , & I chased her
She licked my cheeks & I caressed her
Fun was all we had together



Time had distanced us and pulled us apart
I returned & called out for her with all my heart
Four strong paws came running with glee
And the next moment, she was on me.
She clung to me and woofed aloud
she ran around my legs to show her love
She licked my face wet and neat
She was happy to see me  indeed.

Year after year, after my holidays I returned
Each time she aged, and older she turned.
After one such stay with her
I went to say goodbye to her

She silently approached me and sat before me
She looked into my eyes with hers, black and beady
She looked weaker than ever before
I was pained to see the sorrow her eyes bore.

She could no longer leap on me
& so, gently placed her paws on my knee
She licked my cheeks once or twice
and stared unblinkingly into my eyes.

It was her language of farewell to me
I caressed and kissed her and left in a hurry
Not knowing when we`ll meet again
But knowing that our hearts couldn`t bear the pain

Many more months passed before I returned
I opened the gates and called for my friend
listening for the sound of her paws I waited ,
Silence answered. It was all that reverberated

I called for her with all the strength in me
None placed her paws on my knee
None came to lick my cheeks
None came and ran about my legs

None came and stared into my eyes
None answered my silent cries
An empty kennel, a longing heart
None said to me about the missing part

Silently she entered my life
Twelve long years she stayed there
One fine morning, she left the place
and now a garden of memory remains

Lonely and friendless I sit now and then,
And, remember that summer evening when
My mom went out to get me a friend
Someone for me, forever till the end.

…In my heart…

Dedicated to my most faithful friend ever!