My Sin? I Watched Them Being Butchered

I have been listening to the vicious revving of the chainsaw since yesterday. Last time this happened I remember looking out my window helplessly, willing it to stop. The sound was haunting. But soon, I realized that it was worse when it stopped, for when it did, I cringed; dreading the thud of death as a tree dropped to the ground.

Today, two have fallen going by the number of thuds. I heard the silent screams as the leaves rustled  on their way down. Wait! Was that a scream or a sigh I heard? A last breath!

As I look out my window, I see gaping holes in my Emerald woods, pale-white, wounded stumps of trees that once were and logs well arranged. If trees bled, would they stop? I wonder.

Felling my Emerald Woods
The Dying Woods

The chirping of the birds have died. The greens have faded. A parrot is perched upon the coconut tree watching, as they slice a fallen tree one limb at a time. Was that her home?

The parrots would leave & never return. The peahen would have fled long ago or worse been killed and cooked. The blue kingfisher would be in for a surprise. It will be the second time she’ll be going around in loops searching for her home.

Have you come back from work and found that your home was missing all of a sudden? You just can’t find it! It was next to the blue house with Aluminium roofing. But now, there is this blank space. Nothing else!

The Emerald woods I called it. It was akin to the Enchanted woods & Forbidden Forest in my imagination. The canal winding before it gave the place a mystic aura.

Not anymore. The canal is filled with filth, mush, plastics & waste.

They will return to claim more trees. They’ll butcher them loudly and mercilessly. They will watch them bleed, joyfully hacking them to pieces and proudly present them to people in return for money. They will come again, to pave the edges of the woods, to own the canal waters, to deprive the Earth of everything natural and replace it with everything manmade.

And one day, they will come for me. I’ll be replaced too with something manmade, a robot perhaps? I’ll deserve every bit of it. For my sins. The Sin of watching. The Sin of doing nothing. The Sin of believing that I am helpless.

Moments before chopping down trees
Before – The coconut trees standing tall
After they cut the trees and sliced them and left
After – Mourning the Death of a loved one

The third tree fell now. The coconut tree the Parrot had perched upon.

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