A Conquest is Brewing

Food for thought – Suppose you are creating something. But in the process, you destroy ten other things. Is the creation worthwhile?

The idea has been implanted well. Increase the content of greed in there, won’t you?
Due to their greed for wealth, fame, and power, they’ll double their production and pollute the environment. They’ll use up all the resources. They’ll make more space for themselves by felling all the trees and forests. They will be in so much of a hurry that they will not bother about replenishing these resources.
They are busy expanding their empire that they aren’t seeing the pattern. Everything is perishing all at once! One of the most intelligent creatures fails to see this because they are blinded by greed.
The polluted water is already infested with microbes & chemicals and the diseases are spreading easily. The air they breathe is poisonous.The food they eat is made of chemicals. Their minds are filled with hatred for religions that are mere illusions. The heat is melting the snowcaps and their lands are beginning to submerge. Soon, many more lives will be lost. The wealthy would live longer since they can afford to build skyscrapers and hide within. But eventually, the destruction will be inevitable.
When they are at their most vulnerable, desperate moment, WE will intervene. Their saviors!
WE will offer them the gift of life and the amenities to restore Earth to its former glory. In return, WE will ask for peaceful co-existence. A deal wouldn’t be necessary, I know. Earthlings will be clinging for their dear life. They will have to agree with our terms.
That, my friends, will be the easiest conquest in the history. Simply by Implanting an idea. Influencing their minds with greed for wealth, fame & power. We are halfway there.
Now we wait.

Let us wait patiently while they bask in wealth, power and glory. Wait for the day they become vulnerable. WE will chain them and make them our slaves. WE will own a beautiful planet, restore it to its former glory and breed our slaves.

~Plan Earth II.84

When we are struck with weapons such as guns, missiles, atom bombs etc, the consequences are immediate. But what happens when the weapon is disguised to seem useful? What happens when it is in action and we are under the misconception that it is helping us grow?
By now, you know what it is. It is an idea impregnated into our minds. The idea of development at an exponential rate. We humans want to get further in life. We invented the wheel. Then we wanted something more. We invented vehicles. We kept expanding our horizons and we still do. We know that we are using our resources rapidly. We know that cutting trees will only cause more harm and yet we do not plant more. Why is that?
When we know that cigarettes are harmful, why do we still smoke? What causes this addiction? This carelessness?
Why is this hatred for other religions increasing? Why are terrorism and bombings aggravating? When so many of us want peace, why is violence dominating? Doesn’t everything about us humans seem abnormal? But the animals and plants haven’t changed. Their behavior has been the same since time immemorial. Does it mean there is an external involvement?
What if there are ‘people outside’… watching us? What if the idea of development has been implanted in our minds without focusingĀ on the replenishing part of it? What if they are turning us against each other so that when the time is right for conquest, we don’t have the power of unity. If the members of a group go daggers at each other, how could they come together and fight someone else? Most importantly, how could they know that they have an enemy as long as they haven’t seen the enemy?
The enemy is invisible. The enemy is watching us. And he is getting stronger with time. A conquest is brewing.
Aliens Plotting our Conquest
Image courtesy: astrobioblog.wordpress.com
PS – This post isn’t against development. This focusses on the Food for thought point. One creation at the cost of ten destruction. Development at the cost of environment.
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