Conversing With the Waves

100 Happy Days – Day 86

Happiness is a chair, a book and the threshold of an Ocean and not knowing which one makes you happier.

Every Bibliophile’s dream – A serene spot with a view, some peace and a book. Behold! An evening at the beach, watching the waves breaking against the rocks, holding a book and finding a nice spot to read.

The Book facing the Sea

I flipped a few pages as the Ocean’s music filled my ears. There was a feeble breeze and the rocks were drenched with water from both the Sea and from the drizzle that had just stopped. The tides were high, way before twilight and it looked as though the Sea would rise any time and gobble me up. I thought it was the rains, but it was something else.

I had come to this very same beach yesterday. I sat atop a bench, cross-legged, closed my eyes and tried to meditate. It took me barely few minutes to abandon my efforts. Not because I couldn’t sit still, but because of what was before me. I looked around at all the people meditating. How could one close his eyes while facing these magnificent waters, I wondered.

Now, I was mocking myself. I walked to this very same beach with a book in hand. How could I delve in one’s ecstasy and ignore the other? I couldn’t read. Not as long as I wanted to watch the Ocean. And I couldn’t watch the waves if I read. I wanted them both – my spouse and my love.


But Alas! I couldn’t handle them both

The Sea threatened, in her deep throaty voice, to swallow me up. Oh! Well, that explains the angry high tides. I must have hurt her pride by bringing along my Love. Sure enough, the book remained untouched while I conversed with the waves.


A TV Series & its Books

I started watching Game of Thrones in the beginning of 2015. At first, I was aghast seeing some parts of it but gradually, it got intriguing. With time, I began to judge the characters – love some, hate some, placed some in the clueless category. And George R R Martin never let me rest in peace.

Before I knew, I had finished four seasons and the fifth season fever had gripped the world. I decided I wouldn’t watch it until I read all the books but Facebook was filled with spoilers. I chanced upon the biggest spoiler of season 5 on a friend’s wall and then decided it was better to watch it than to hear it out of the blue.

100 Happy Days – Day 78

Happiness is reading a book after a lot of deliberation and finding it to be awesome!

After a long wait, finally, I got hold of a copy of the legendary series – A Song of Ice and Fire. I am reading it now! 😀


I always prefer reading the book before watching the movie. It is mainly due to Harry Potter. Had I watched the movie first, I wouldn’t have fallen for the series. The book has the essence of it and ever since I realised that, I am careful about what I watch.

In this case, I had to read it. The series had so much impact on me that I was sure the books would have more. I was right. I am not bored even though I know what happens. There is more to the story than what is given in the series.


My Little Munchkins

100 Happy Days – Day 63

Do you know what happens when nieces come home?

They have fun with their cool aunt! That’s me. No publicity please! 😛 Except, they call my mother aunt and hence I become their sister (chechi).

It so happened that my lovely cousin decided to bring her little devils (She’ll kill me if she reads this) home and they were restlessly waiting for their cool chechi. 8) Finally when chechi reached home, they had a number of games to play. But Super-chechi (Prefixed by chechi herself) lures them saying she will paint their nails.

They were too excited. They trotted behind me and I placed them on the bed. I fetched my nail colors box and asked them which one they wanted. The tiniest Fashionista said she wanted a different color in each nail and the elder one followed suit. I do not believe in clipping children’s wings and so, we decided to paint different colors that she chose. I don’t remember who that was, but one of them asked me for flower design on their nails. I was impressed. Kids these days are well updated on fashion.

I drew flowers for the little one. I asked the elder one if she wanted the same colors as her sister’s. She said yes first, then no. We decided to apply the same color. She chose the color she wanted. I applied it and put tiny hearts on them.



Next they wanted their toenails painted. That done, they wanted to paint my nails. I gave them the black color, they painted almost half my foot black, spilled polish on my bedsheet (old one :P) and then when I asked them to stop, they hesitated. I pretended to be angry and they looked at me with Puppy eyes and said, “So are you going to remove the paint from your legs?”

How could I say I was about to? I said no I wouldn’t and walked around the city and posh malls with black nail paint splattered on my 4 toes of my left foot and with absolutely no paint on my left leg toenails.

Strange world it is. Nobody ever noticed. Even if they did, I don’t think it makes a difference. 🙂

There are two things I want to stress here;

  1. Whenever children ask for something, do something creative or voice an idea, if it is not harmful to anyone, if it doesn’t bring a black mark in their character, let them say, let them create, let them be themselves. Do not clip their wings. If they do what you say, you are simply creating another version of yourself. Let them be real and unique.
  2. Sometimes, we worry too much about unnecessary things. Chipped nails, a hair out of place, clothes not matching, not the right shade, yearning to be someone else, yearning for acceptance etc. Half the time, nobody cares. Rest of the time, they will keep commenting on whatever you do. In either case, their opinions do not matter. This advice is more towards myself than towards anyone else.