Me, On Behalf of Those Animals

We have heard many stories about how Tigers and Leopards wandered into the cities and then they were killed.

When we spot a snake, we ensure that we don’t lose sight of it, grab a weapon and then kill it.

In Trivandrum, Kerala, there were many street dogs that bit children and adults alike and the Television was buzzing with controversial talks. There was a group against Street Dog killing and another that wanted them dead.

In many parts of the world, there are festivals where animals are stoned and lashed to death. They say that Gods will be pleased through this sacrifice.

Let me ask you all one question; we kill these stray Dogs because they bite our children and because they are a nuisance in the society. So, shouldn’t animals have the right to kill the humans who attack them? We destroy their habitats and construct homes and offices in their places. We make them homeless and when they wander into the city which belongs to them too, we kill them.

I understand the sentiments behind killing those stray dogs or the wild animals. People are worried for their children & there were too many Dogs during one point of time. Similarly, wild animals cannot be tamed and they are extremely dangerous. If I had a child, I would be worried about him/her. This note isn’t a plea to stop killing them. This is just to ignite a thought on a deeper level.

It is this; what makes humans different from animals is that we have the ability to self reflect. We have scored the skies and the waters. And something has made us believe that we are superior to animals. ‘Their right to live comes only after our right to live’ is an attitude that has dissolved into our system. But, is that so? If we have the right to kill stray & dangerous animals, don’t they have the right to kill dangerous people? If they had the sense to do so, will we still be quite and let them kill the criminals?

Based on the current scenario, I’ll answer that. No! Because, we believe any animal that attacks have to be killed. And why not? After all, they are inferior to us.

I’ll leave this video, that inspired me to write this, here. After watching this, circus and zoos wouldn’t be the same for me ever again.