I Found MY Design

There is something I want.

Badly. Very badly!

I have been dreaming about it for years.

It isn’t very expensive. It isn’t something out of my reach. But, I haven’t got it yet.

Wondering what that is?

A tattoo.

I had written a post about how creating lists made me happy. You can read it here. Getting a tattoo done has been in my big list for more than 4 years now. You might laugh, you might scoff. For those wondering why I have been craving for a tattoo but never got one, here are my reasons:

  • Initially, it was that. My stipend was Rs. 3000 a month and I didn’t think it was worth spending one-third of it on a tattoo.
  • MY Design. My craving increased and I decided I would get one soon, irrespective of my earnings. But, I hadn’t found MY design.
This is NOT my design (Image source: http://www.imagekb.com)

Tattooing is very common these days. I see school children running about with tattoos on them. I see people who get tattoos for the heck of it & then regretting about them.

Tattoos mean different things to different people. For me, it is something divine. A mark that defines me. That is what I want my tattoo to be. For that, I need the right design. I have been searching – the net, different tattoo design books, people with tattoos – anywhere and everywhere for that design which will be mine. At one point of time, I thought that I will never find one. Until yesterday.

100 Happy Days – Day 49

Happiness is finding the perfect tattoo that defines me.

Inspiration strikes at the oddest of times. So do ideas. I was having a tough time with an app on my phone. I was clearing cache and trying to fix the problem when it happened. I found it. I haven’t found the design. I might have to draw it or put some images together. But, I found my idea. 🙂

That moment of revelation. I cannot put it into words. It was as though my head had opened up and the room was filled with light. It was an out of the world experience.

Um… are you waiting to know what the design is? I am afraid I cannot reveal that. It is a common concept. A very common one. Divulging it would make it all the more common. So, you might have to wait until I get it done. Which will take some time. 😛

Because, now that I have found the right design, I am waiting for the right time. I want that tattoo as a reminder of a milestone. The milestone I am looking for is, getting well settled. You could also call it a job.

As I read somewhere,

Tattooing is a form of art; very interesting and more expressive of sentiment. It cannot be lost, borrowed or stolen. It is a memento we can keep for life and after death.

I want this art to remind me of the trouble I went through to acquire it. Years later, if I don’t find the spark in life, I want to look down at that tiny piece of art and remember what kept me going all those years. For all these reminders, it is worth the wait.  🙂

A special acknowledgement: Thanks to the ONE who always supports my decisions. If it wasn’t for you, it wouldn’t have felt so special. Yesterday, I moved a step closer to you.

Yay! I found MY design!!! *Pirouettes*

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