Converting My Weaknesses Into Strength

100 Happy Days – Day 48

Happiness is when you use your weaknesses fruitfully

This knowledge came as a surprise to me. The day before we left for Kollam, an unfortunate incident happened at home. It was a sort of argument and I was all upset and angry. I had to study but studying was impossible in such a grumpy mood. Instead of brooding over what happened (which is what I normally do), I just grabbed some of my crafting items and began working on them.

Slowly and steadily, the pace of my breathing reduced. Before I knew I was much calm. Normally, I take a couple of days to get over a fight. I keep brooding over it and make myself all the more miserable. But doing something creative, took my mind off the things around me and the sight of something I made was enough to make me feel better.

Paper Quilling
The dark clouds and the colorful rain

It is nothing much. Just a cloud and a colorful rain. When my sister saw this, she said, “You know? This sends a message. Colorful rain falls from within the dark cloud. Appearances do not matter. It is about what is on the inside that matters.”

Paper Quilling
A better look at the clouds

I liked her interpretation of my work and yes, I would like to end the day on that beautiful note. Hope you liked my simple quilling. πŸ™‚

Also, I would like to work on this new revelation. I’ll try creating something whenever I feel low. If we could control our emotions, specially the bad ones, what more do we need in life?

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