16 Tips to Make Your Year Productive II

Fed up of making resolutions and dropping midway? Then chuck resolutions and prepare a set of achievable and interesting goals. By goals I mean, all those one time things you have always wanted to do.

The list is not exhaustive. You can read the first part of the post here and after reading the rest, decide on how you wish to make a difference in your life this year.

8. Own a Pet – I know lots of pet lovers who have always wanted pets, but never really got to owning them. I love dogs. But due to certain personal reasons, I can’t have one right now. So I have decided on owning a fish once I get a job. It took me a while to realise that this was an option. And here I am telling you, if you can’t own a cat or dog, you have other options – birds, fishes, a beautiful flower bearing plant. I know that the last one isn’t a pet. But keeping one in your room, watering it and watching it bloom isn’t a bad idea after all. A friend of mine did it last year with a marigold. 🙂 You know what? You should so name the plant!
Guys name her Cameron Diaz and say, guess who is waiting for me 😉
Girls name him Dwayne Johnson and say, Oh! The Rock needs me. Gotta go.
I bet you, the Harry Potter fans will name the plant Mathhew Lewis (Neville) or Tom Felton (Draco) 😉
Or they could name him Dobby and whisper threateningly, “Dobby! Get out of my room, now!”

Er… I got carried away. Moving on…

9. Take up a Charitable Activity – There are many kind-hearted people who wish to do something charitable and make a difference. Some do not have the time, some forget, some fear that their hard earned money may be misused. I’d say that we cannot understand the joy of doing something that makes someone happy until we do it personally.Go to an orphanage and mingle with the children. Go to an old-age home and give those aged people your time. Instead of giving in cash, give gifts and most importantly love to the aged and they will see their son/daughter in you. If you feel up to it, add this to your goals list so that you feel a bit more happy at the end of the year.

10. Go Somewhere Alone – I barely do this and I want to do it. And so, I have reason to believe that there are others like me. If you really wish to try this out, start with a place nearby. Go and spend some alone time there and then try a new place the next time. If you still feel like experimenting, do it as many times as you want until you are convinced about yourself. You will learn that you either despise the alone time or that the alone time is growing on you. 🙂 This is how you know yourself.

Walk with Yourself
Walk with Yourself

11. Write Letters –  Have you experienced that surge of happiness when you find a hand written letter delivered to you? There are no intimations that say ‘typing…’, there are no blue ticks involved, no pressures to reply asap. You never know what or when or from whom you’d receive a letter. It is a piece of paper touched, held, and sealed by the writer personally. It carries his smell, the fingerprints, the imprint of pen & ink due to the pressure applied by him, and it is written earnestly since there is no hurry to reply asap. No blue ticks that urges him to write because the recipient knows that he has read the latter’s letter already. Write letters without forcing the recipient to reply fast. :)Sometimes, it will become a habit and this will be the year you began writing letters


12. For Creators – Whether you are a painter, writer, musician or a creator in general, you will have plans to create more this year. But it is possible that after a while the urge wares off and then you leave it. Make it a point to create something every month. At the end of the year, you have twelve of your masterpieces.

Hang a planner in your room and decide on what you will create. Carry a notepad around and jot down the ideas as and when they appear in your head. When you have free time and lack ideas, refer the planner & the notepad and create something beautiful. Don’t let the moss drown your talents.

13. Invest in Something You have Always Dreamt of Owning – If you aren’t interested in traveling, reading or shopping, point 1 could be used here. Is there something really expensive you have always wanted? Expensive things take time to reach you. You might be waiting for ‘some day’ when you will have all the money to own it. Instead, start now. Be it your dream house, car, instrument or an expensive course, start saving for it now! Let the dream turn into reality starting 2016.

14. Experiment! Body Art, Piercing, Hair Highlighting, weird hair styles – We have our body to experiment on. As long as it isn’t anything harmful, experimenting is fun. I’d like some ink, purple hair highlights & a couple more of ear piercings. What about you?

I know many friends who want to get tattoos & hair colors but refrain from them due to pressure from home. The most common reason I get is, ‘What if the guy I’m to get married to doesn’t like it?’

Here is what I have to say. If you want a tattoo, get one. If you don’t want, don’t get one. If someone else wants, it’s their right, let them have it their way.

15. Waiting for Someone Else’s Happiness – All the while, I was talking about our own happiness. There are those wonderful moments when something lovely happens to someone else and we are as happy as they are; A friend finally getting married or committed, a sibling or friend becoming a parent, someone getting a new job or their first salary, sibling graduating and much more. If this is the year that brings happiness to someone special, make note of it. Look forward to it. By the end of the year, you will definitely have some wonderful things to look back to.

16. Finally, For Those Who Cannot Find Enough Time – This is for really busy folks. I suppose you can find some time twelve times a year. Make a minimal & practicable list of things you’d like to achieve. Preferably twelve of them. If you have reading a book, traveling, meeting a friend in your list, according to your schedule, allocate a month for each activity and make it a point to stick to them. Even if you change the order of the plan, ensure that you keep doing something different every month. You will have a memorable year in the end. 🙂 For those who cannot afford twelve things, you can settle for six goals to be achieved over two months each.

You can have goals for anything below the sun, above the Earth and beyond. There is no end. I have prepared a very tiny list that pretty much accommodates the most common goals. It is just to give you an idea. Hope 2016 brings with it a lot of experiences and memories. Hope you keep yourselves busy, peppy & productive throughout the year; And when you look back in the end, I hope you have most of the items ticked from your ‘To-do’ list.

So what are you waiting for? It is already 15th of Jan. Convert your resolutions to goals. If you have more vibrant items to be added to this list, please let me know in the comments. We have many more years to come and I could do with more ideas and goals. 🙂

I Found MY Design

There is something I want.

Badly. Very badly!

I have been dreaming about it for years.

It isn’t very expensive. It isn’t something out of my reach. But, I haven’t got it yet.

Wondering what that is?

A tattoo.

I had written a post about how creating lists made me happy. You can read it here. Getting a tattoo done has been in my big list for more than 4 years now. You might laugh, you might scoff. For those wondering why I have been craving for a tattoo but never got one, here are my reasons:

  • Initially, it was that. My stipend was Rs. 3000 a month and I didn’t think it was worth spending one-third of it on a tattoo.
  • MY Design. My craving increased and I decided I would get one soon, irrespective of my earnings. But, I hadn’t found MY design.
This is NOT my design (Image source: http://www.imagekb.com)

Tattooing is very common these days. I see school children running about with tattoos on them. I see people who get tattoos for the heck of it & then regretting about them.

Tattoos mean different things to different people. For me, it is something divine. A mark that defines me. That is what I want my tattoo to be. For that, I need the right design. I have been searching – the net, different tattoo design books, people with tattoos – anywhere and everywhere for that design which will be mine. At one point of time, I thought that I will never find one. Until yesterday.

100 Happy Days – Day 49

Happiness is finding the perfect tattoo that defines me.

Inspiration strikes at the oddest of times. So do ideas. I was having a tough time with an app on my phone. I was clearing cache and trying to fix the problem when it happened. I found it. I haven’t found the design. I might have to draw it or put some images together. But, I found my idea. 🙂

That moment of revelation. I cannot put it into words. It was as though my head had opened up and the room was filled with light. It was an out of the world experience.

Um… are you waiting to know what the design is? I am afraid I cannot reveal that. It is a common concept. A very common one. Divulging it would make it all the more common. So, you might have to wait until I get it done. Which will take some time. 😛

Because, now that I have found the right design, I am waiting for the right time. I want that tattoo as a reminder of a milestone. The milestone I am looking for is, getting well settled. You could also call it a job.

As I read somewhere,

Tattooing is a form of art; very interesting and more expressive of sentiment. It cannot be lost, borrowed or stolen. It is a memento we can keep for life and after death.

I want this art to remind me of the trouble I went through to acquire it. Years later, if I don’t find the spark in life, I want to look down at that tiny piece of art and remember what kept me going all those years. For all these reminders, it is worth the wait.  🙂

A special acknowledgement: Thanks to the ONE who always supports my decisions. If it wasn’t for you, it wouldn’t have felt so special. Yesterday, I moved a step closer to you.

Yay! I found MY design!!! *Pirouettes*