One lie is all that I ask for!

For one second I sit dwelling on those pretty moments,
and the next second, they all come crashing over me.
I ponder over all the lies that you said,
wishing that everything that caused me pain were lies too…

When you asked me to forget you, tell me you never meant it…
The circumstances made you say so &
it would be the last thing you will ever want me to do
Tell me… it was just a lie.

Tell me that your reaction- when you saw me –
was just a display of disinterest.
That you still felt the thrill going through you at the sight of me,
and you had it well- hidden, deep within yourself.

Tell me you lied when you turned away…
That it never meant you didn’t want to see me,
but that you couldn’t bear to see the pain in my eyes,
when you pretended not to see me.

You lied through your eyes when they no longer held the love for me,
that once emanated from them whenever they caught sight of me.
That the emptiness in them was a lie.
The lack of lustre & passionย  in them was a lie.

Tell me you still yearned to get close to me,
that you were pretending to move away,
that you will compensate for the distance you have created,
later some day.

It was a lie when you said that you felt for someone else
the same way you had once, long ago felt for me.
Tell me the ‘someone’ was a lie…
the ‘feeling’ for the ‘someone’ was a lie…
the ‘long ago’ was a lie…
Tell me that the only truth is…
…’forever’ & ‘for me’.

Tell me it is a lie, when I say that –
I know all that I have said above aren’t lies.
I know I’m wishing in vain that they were lies.
And I know that they will never ever be lies.
Tell me that all my knowledge are lies.

And if you couldn’t say anything that I have asked you to say,

Tell me just one lie before I die…

Say it convincingly so that I wouldn’t feel the pain anymore,

say it with all the emotions you could muster

to make it sound true,

so that Iย  will live with that wonderful memory of yours

and erase all else…

One simple lie…

With all your heart that…


17 thoughts on “One lie is all that I ask for!

  1. Hey, excellent poem…really enjoyed
    โ€œLittle lies…Little lies,
    These little lies matter at times
    They could hurt..but also heal
    the wounds made by bitter truth
    And Oh…only those who love
    can lie with ease….โ€

    Liked by 1 person

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