One lie is all that I ask for!

This poem was published HERE in the 1st Anniversary issue of Writer’s Ezine (April 2015). Writer’s Ezine is an online literary magazine that was launched during April 2014. A poem of mine was earlier published in the October issue.
This is the second poem of mine getting published. I got to know about this when I checked their page and saw this. I found my name and sat still for a while. For someone who loves writing, being published is indeed a wonderful surprise.



You can read the poem here:

A Few Handpicked Things in Life

For one second I sit dwelling on those pretty moments,

and the next second, they all come crashing over me.

I ponder over all the lies that you said,

wishing that everything that caused me pain were lies too…

When you asked me to forget you, tell me you never meant it…

The circumstances made you say so &

it would be the last thing you will ever want me to do.

Tell me… it was just a lie.

Tell me that your reaction- when you saw me –

was just a display of disinterest.

That you still felt the thrill going through you at the sight of me,

and you had it well- hidden, deep within yourself.

Tell me you lied when you turned away…

That it never meant you didn’t want to see me,

but that you couldn’t bear to see the pain in my eyes,

when you…

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