Help Me Dear Readers And Fellow Bloggers :)

This is regarding the earlier post I wrote about the Flower selling PaatiFor those who did not have time to read the entire post, here is the gist.

At Palarivattom, Cochin, I saw a paati selling flowers. She looked very old and tired. I bought some flowers from her and started a conversation. Over two visits, I got to know that both her sons passed away. Her husband was sick when I spoke to her the first time. However, in my next visit, she told me that he too had passed.

My Flower Seller Paati
My Flower Seller Paati

She has some debts that sum up to Rs. 10000 to be repaid. And hence, she traveled all the way from Coimbatore to Cochin on Sundays and Thursdays and sold flowers. At an age when she needs to be cared for, she was getting baked under the sun.

When I asked her contact details, she said she did not have a phone and asked me to lend her a old handset if I had any. I told her that I would inform her about the same. She also told me about how she got her eyes checked and didn’t have the money to buy spectacles.

To read the full story, click HERE.

My questions:

  1. I decided to get her a phone. But I was wondering about the SIM card. Since she is travelling a lot, there is a chance of her losing the SIM. If I am to get it in my name, I believe that would be a huge risk. Do I have any other alternative (In case she has no IDs)?
    For those concerned, I just want to help her out. She travels alone and apparently has no close relatives, I am worried. For those who think I’m crazy, you may ignore this post.
  2. I would like to collect some fund and help her repay her debt (At least a portion of it). Do you think it is possible through my blog?

For the skeptical ones:

When I was on the hunt for a good handset, a friend asked me,
“You just spoke to her once and believed whatever she said?”

I believe many of you might have that question too.

Firstly, I don’t believe that any mother would make up a story about her children’s death.

Secondly, she is a very old lady who is working hard. Assuming that she wasn’t truthful about any of the above, I don’t lose anything by giving her a phone. But on the other hand, if she was genuine, I would be helping her somehow. I am only helping someone trying to help herself.

Regarding the fund, again, let us assume she is making up a story. I buy stuff online frequently. Things that aren’t a necessity for me. For an old lady who works to make ends meet, I could sacrifice a top and lend her that money. That is not a great loss for me. But, it would be a great help for her. Whether her story is true or not, she needs the money more than me. If there are people who think like me, they may contribute. There would be no pressure. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Help Me Dear Readers And Fellow Bloggers :)

    1. Ok Parul. I will talk to that Paati tomo and let you know about the amount. I was also hoping on the sim from a local shop. I wanted someone to voice that out. Thanks 😉 I’ll try my luck 🙂

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  1. I can send some finance by 10th march … Don’t expect to be a lot (coz m funding all expense of a child ) but yea every drop makes an ocean. Let me know how to do the needful . Plz drop me an email at

    proud of u mate … Cheers

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    1. That is great Roshan! You are already doing your fair share 🙂
      And don’t worry, the amount doesn’t matter. I will mail you once I talk to her tomorrow. 🙂

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      1. I look forward to your email Ranju.

        Also as somebody told in last message, You should pay off her debt by your own (don’t give cash to her) and also get some NGO to help her ease her life. Its not her age to work and there are many NGO they support old age people.

        If you need any such help, do let me know .. I know few folks around.


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      2. Yes. I will talk to her about that. And I do need some help regarding the NGO. I mean how do I go about it? I googled for some NGOs and there are way too many I’m confused.


      3. let me know how can i help u.. however i have no contacts with any NGO in south India 🙂


  2. Nice effort. I can also chip in a bit 🙂 Not much though due to other financial shituations I am in. you know my mail id anyways.

    I would recommend that you pay off the debt directly than giving it to her. Get the other persons bank details and enquire about it, and pay off as much as you can (of course with our help)

    Noble thought indeed Ranju.

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    1. Thanks Anoop. I understand. The amount does not matter. Because every drop counts. I will talk to her tomo and ensure that I’m doing the right thing. Since many of you are contributing, I want to make sure that all this is true.
      As you said, I will ask her the details of her lender. I will mail you when I’m sure of everything and we’ll think of the next step. 🙂

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  3. I feel a more sustainable solution will be to connect her with a appropriate NGO for support. She would be in a group and get their support in terms of expertise.

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  4. Beautiful work and noble thoughts ranju:) really glad that you are doing your bit of the best service …though i can’t chip in right away i’ll see to it that i’ll get it done with a friends help:)and yes NGO would be more of a help for people like her:)

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    1. Thank you Brunda. It’s ok. Suggesting methods to help her is also a contribution. Your intentions are enough contribution.
      I don’t have much idea about NGOs. Searching for NGOs here.

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