This Women’s Day, I Mourned

For all those women who were and are raped, for all those abused wives and friends, for all those women whose talents are suppressed for merely being born a woman. For the child raped by the Church priest, for the 7 children in the orphanage who were raped, for... Yesterday, I was tagged in many … Continue reading This Women’s Day, I Mourned

Me – A Woman Pointed Away from Technology & Towards Kitchen

Two conversations were sufficient for me to realize that some of the educated people today, still lack the common sense to think for themselves. Conversation 1 It was about booking an Uber. The app showed us that there were no cars available. Having used it many times before, I suggested a solution. The reply was a mocking … Continue reading Me – A Woman Pointed Away from Technology & Towards Kitchen

Day 3 – A Long Awaited Dream

100 Happy Days - Day 3 Happiness is weddings and being asked to be someone's bridesmaid 😀 I have had many tiny & huge wishes. As a child I was very fond of pretty princess frocks, barbies, make up, long hair, nail polish etc. I was a typical girl and I still am. One of … Continue reading Day 3 – A Long Awaited Dream

Help Me Dear Readers And Fellow Bloggers :)

This is regarding the earlier post I wrote about the Flower selling Paati. For those who did not have time to read the entire post, here is the gist. At Palarivattom, Cochin, I saw a paati selling flowers. She looked very old and tired. I bought some flowers from her and started a conversation. Over two … Continue reading Help Me Dear Readers And Fellow Bloggers 🙂

Tresses – Thick, Long, Beautiful and Lost

They laughed, waved, smiled and toiled. They danced in the breeze and reflected her turmoils. They were stared at, they were touched, some gazed at them, awed. For the beauty was rare, of such tresses long, strong and thawed. Anger pulled at her hair, With his arms brawny, he hauled. He curled them around his fist, and hit … Continue reading Tresses – Thick, Long, Beautiful and Lost

The Container that is me.

Weekly prompt: Boxes, tanks, wrappers: for this week’s Photo Challenge, show us something that contains something else.   What better container can I show you apart from myself? Would you believe that there is a sea raging within me? That the molten lava deep within me boils, sending waves of fumes that cool, before they … Continue reading The Container that is me.