Dry Baby, Happy Baby

My sister was born when I was 9 years old. So there was a lot of prayer and excitement from my said before and when she was born. When I saw the little bundle of joy on the first day, I couldn’t believe that she was going to be at home forever. Since I was old enough and was so fond of her, I remember almost everything about her as a baby.

She mostly slept and was a very silent child. And, she loved laughing. She smiled, tinkled and laughed whenever she got the chance and she looked super-cute when she did. I always tried to make her smile just to see that fluffy face go all the more fluffy. There were many things that made her happy.

Seeing Dad topped the list. Her face invariably cracked into a smile whenever she had a glance at dad. Their bonding was that strong. She would get all excited and flail her hands and legs whenever she saw him. She never stopped doing that until he picked her up.

The next thing that made her happy was my voice. I had a strange sing song manner in which I called her. When I was back from school, I would her to get fresh and run to the baby. Before I reached her, I would call out her name and she would struggle to look towards the door with the same excitement she had when she saw Dad. Not only that, whenever she seemed irritated or began to cry, I would sing the song that I always sang for her and instantly she would calm down. She would be all smiles by the time the song got over.

My sister hasn’t changed a bit. Then and now, she is all ears for fast number songs. Her hyper activity used to be at its peak when we played fast beats. When she began walking, she would jump up and down and dance for the fast numbers. She is still the same.

Catching insects, specially beetles, in a transparent jar and feeding them rice was her favorite activity. Trust me! She did that every other day. From her toy box, she would take a transparent jar and put all the beetles. There would be around 8-10 of them. I don’t remember what happened to them. She would sit and watch them for hours together.

This wasn’t all. We used cover ourselves with a bedsheet in such a way that it looked like a tent that only fit us. I don’t know what we talked, but we did have so much to talk and giggle and spent a lot of time in there. She would always ask me to play that game with her. Other times, she would sit under the table and pretend to be Mani uncle. Mani uncle was our electrician. The table was her ceiling and there was an invisible fan.

She was generally a happy baby. Like any other babies, she cried when she was hurt or hungry. Some babies feel irritated and cry due to the wetness. But she slept through it which isn’t good for the babies. It is not only unhygienic, there are chances of rashes too. We used to use clean cotton cloth instead of diapers for the baby. For travels and stay in others homes, we used to use diapers. That was when we felt that diapers were the best choice. It absorbed the water content and kept the baby dry, hence preventing any illness. 🙂

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