Stop mocking! People’re fat, thin, tall or short not by choice!

There is something I keep wondering. How simple life will be if people simply stop poking their dirty long nose in other’s business? I know it’s natural for the nose to poke in and of course I too do that and wish I never did. These things often happen during functions or get together or relatives’ homes.

X: Ohh you’re Mr. XYZ’s Son right? You’ve put on so much weight! Why do you hog everything that walks your way?
(X turns and sees someone else and) Hey look at you! You’re too thin and puny. Don’t you have any food? You look so terrible.

What I don’t get is why X has to comment on anything and everything that meets his/her eyes!!?

Some people just chase and comment. They meet you upstairs, they comment! Downstairs, comment, breakfast, comment, lunch, comment, tea, comment, dinner, comment, goodnight, badnight… er I mean comment! I mean what the hell is your problem if I’m skinny or fat!? The first question that follows the surge of hot blood that rushes to my face. It’s with so much effort that I calm myself down and manage to smile. A glint of wrong expression on your face can ruin relations. Damn! That’s a hell lot of work.

But why are people even bothered? If they’re perfectly manufactured and if they can have any kind of food & not be too thin or fat, why don’t they just be happy and shut up?
In fact, Do they say such things so that someone tells them, that they’re perfect, beautiful & whatever or is it because they’re genuinely concerned? And isn’t it common sense that their concern is not going to help people reduce or increase weight?

‘Hello Miss/Mr. X, my parents, siblings and friends don’t have a problem with me. I’m the way I’m coz I was made out of my parents’ genes. I’m not going to steal genes out of your body and so spare me your boring and irritating lectures coz they turn me into a reactor which can be really hazardous!’ – I wish! I wish I could spit this on their face and much more. Unfortunately, we’ve to keep our manners even if they can’t keep their nose to themselves and specially if they’re elder to you, you ought to respect them and bear all the bull shit lest you’re hit by the curse of an elderly person (*Rolls eyes* I think my curses will work better :P).

A funny thing I’ve noticed is, an aunty with a huge lump following her, called her ‘Son’ comes and tells to a girl, ‘Oh my! You’re growing fat each time I see you. Why don’t you control your diet?’
During those rare circumstances if the girl’s got the guts to say ‘Aunty, look at your son! What about his diet?’
The aunty says, ‘He’s a guy, that’s not a problem dear, but you’re a girl!’

Er… did I miss something there? I always thought men and women came in the category of Homo sapiens.

Aunty! No one cares if Gorillas are fat and you said it’s ok if guys are fat. So logically? 

Sorry guys! I know that’s wild and a bit farfetched but I wish I could ask the question just to listen to that aunty’s reply.

Neither am I gonna introduce myself as your best friend (In case my being too skinny is a shame to you) nor am I gonna eat off your plate (The truth being, I don’t eat much. Just water and air I breathe makes me fat).

People, next time you see someone fat or skinny just let them be so. If and only if your comments would slim them down or help them put on some weight, go on, else spare them some peace. It irritates, it’s sickening and sometimes it can be really dangerous.  It isnt their fault people are made that way, it’s something they can’t help and they aren’t troubling you about it, so quit chasing and commenting.

A request!
Association of too thin or too fat people who are tormented by the senseless fit people.

Now, a note to the others; React if you have to. Keep your self respect first, respect others only after that. Be beautiful or handsome from your heart and be confident about yourself. That’ll bring out your personality. In long term, personality is what matters.

PS: This post is also dedicated to – apart from the slim and plump, the supposed to be too  tall,  too short etc.

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