Appooppanthaadi – A Travel Group For Women

Ladies who love traveling but barely get a chance to travel due to so many reasons, you might want to pay attention to this post. If your reason involves lack of company, fear of traveling alone or skepticism to take the leap because you’ve never traveled ever, and if the seed of travel is still in you, I’m about to hook you up with one amazing travel group exclusively for the ladies – Appooppanthaadi.

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Appooppanthaadi (Calotropis in Malayalam), the first born child of Sajna Ali, came into existence out of her love for travel and her realizing the need for a ladies oriented travel group. Now, they have completed over 200 trips, giving over 2000 women the chance to experience travel.

Pool at the Kavaledurga Fort
Appooppanthadi Trip to Agumbe

Over the years, women who have never travelled before, have taken up traveling. In addition to this, Sajna also gone on solo trips and encourages women to go on solo trips. I, for one, am terrified of solo trips and the thought that more women are taking up solo trips inspires me to plan one for myself. This is the kind of impact Appooppanthaadi is making.

I decided to write this post after going on two trips with them. In July 2018, I went on a trip to Agumbe and in April 2019, I went on their Tawang trip. I came to know of both the destinations through Appooppanthaadi and I was extremely skeptical about Agumbe as it was my first trip with the group to a never heard of destination. But during the trip, I realized that I hadn’t gone to a place more beautiful. Agumbe is one place I would return to, at any given point of time in my life. The Tawang trip was breath taking as well. However, Agumbe still beats it! I will be writing separate posts on these trips.

Near Snow clad Sela Pass - Tawang
Appooppanthadi trip to Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Appooppanthaadi’s way of operating is simple. They give out frequent updates of their upcoming trips on their Facebook Page. The seats get booked in a giffy. You are required to register and soon you’ll be contacted with the payment link. Once you make the payment, you’ll be added to the respective trip group wherein you can communicate with other travelers, clear your doubts and prepare for the trip. If you’re alone for this trip, you’ll definitely find other solo travelers in the group and you can easily befriend them. You never know! You might even find a friend for life from one of these trips.

Trip to Agumbe with Appooppanthadi
Trip to Agumbe with Appooppanthadi

Here are some pointers I observed throughout the two trips:

  1. You’ll be given a helping hand in case of any issues. You only have to ask for it.
  2. The trip isn’t restricted to youngsters but they encourage older people as well. 50-60 year olds easily joined us in our trips.
  3. The prices are affordable. We were charged Rs. 10,500 for the Tawang trip of 5 days. Though food and flight charges were separate, the rates were reasonable if you considered the extensive travel from Guwahati and back and the accommodation.
  4. They ensure that we get to try the local cuisine which, in my opinion, helps you soak up their culture better.
  5. Though the group is based out of Kerala, all the trips begin from the respective States or somewhere nearby. For instance, trips in Karnataka begin in Karnataka, the Tawang trip began at Guwahati and so on, so that the costs are reduced and people from all States can join from a common point.

Appooppanthaadi is a blessing for the Women who have been skeptical about traveling. Appooppanthaadi opens the doors wide for the women who never thought they’d be able to travel alone. It also forms new bonds, weaves new tales and makes hundreds of women dream.

The Eight Meter Guilded Statue of Budhha at the TAwang Monastery
The Eight Meter Guilded Statue of Budhha at the TAwang Monastery

If you know women who are still mulling over traveling, please let them know about Appooppanthaadi. Let them get a taste of how it is to fly high. Please feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments. Also, do you know of any other similar groups? Do you think you’ll take a trip with the Appooppanthaadis?

Their Facebook Page – Appooppanthaadi