If You Wouldn’t Eat it, Don’t Put it on Your Skin

Do you know the amount of poison we are being exposed to on a daily basis? Do you eat the Chemicals that you put on your skin?

A friend’s post on instagram and our conversation following that, opened my eyes to it. Elaine from The Fire spirit blog sent me this video by Fittuber in which he has categorized all the toothpastes, shampoos, oils, soaps etc that are used by most of the Indians in the order of toxicity. The videos were enough for me to think about alternatives.

She introduced me to a range of Organic products going by the name ‘Raw beauty’. Before I tell you more, let me clarify this. I have not been paid to write about them. I ordered their products, used them, and am writing my own opinion. Chemicals and plastics are ruining the world. If the consumption of either or both of them will reduce, that is the reward for me.

What is Raw Beauty about?

They make face wash, tooth powder, foot soak, perfume, deodorant, face serums/oil, after shave, healing salve, shampoo, hair conditioner, soap etc from organic raw materials. For instance, one of their facewash is made out of oats, aloevera and rose. I have used it and will be discussing it in this post.


There are so many organic brands, why did you go for Raw Beauty in particular?

A question I asked myself long before ordering the products.

  1. A gut feeling. I went through their page, saw their posts full of conviction and confidence that I haven’t seen anywhere else. You are right. Maybe it’s sheer good marketing skills. But another caught my attention. It said;

    Simple. Isn’t it? I liked the sound of every product they made and I went on to the next step.

  2. I had a chat with the owner, Sunaina.She hails from Punjab. I was curious as to how she started this business. About 15 years back, she decided to say ‘No’ to chemicals and began using everything organic. Slowly, her family began to use them too and with time she decided to make it on a large scale for more people. That is how Raw Beauty came into being. She sources some of the raw materials from farmers in Punjab and also helps them sell their harvest.

    She turned out to be so genuine and was up to answering any question I had. At various times, when I asked if her products would help me get rid of some health issues, she said they wouldn’t. Instead she could have gone ahead and gotten an order from me. To an extent, you get to know about a person’s product when you speak to him/her. It was a clear green signal for me.


  3. I read the ingredients. That is how we purchase things right? When we can buy things filled with chemicals, we can as well try something that promises no chemicals.

That’s all it took. I decided to give it a try.

What I ordered and my experience with it:

I ordered a foot soak for Amma, an underarm salve and the face wash for myself.

  1. The Foot soak – It is made from Himalayan Rock salt, Epsom salt, Blend of Essential Oils and Naturally Occurring baking soda. It relaxes you after a tiring day and relieves pain. Amma used it and she found it immensely helpful as she keeps having leg pains on and off.
  2. The Gulaabo Face Wash – It is in powder form comprising of aloevera, rose and oats. This is what made me fall head over heels in love with Raw Beauty. I smelled the powder and it doesn’t smell synthetic at all. If you have a strong sense of smell, you will get the over powering fragrance of real roses and the mild smell of oats and you will know that there is nothing synthetic in it.
    The Gulaabo Face wash
    The Gulaabo Face wash – Completely Organic made of rose, aloevera and oats

    Once I washed my face with it, the difference was clear. As opposed to when I use chemicals, my skin didn’t become so dry. It got a natural glow about it which I never got unless I used a cream or a powder. My skin felt softer and smoother. ‘Porcelain’ is what comes to my mind whenever I look at my face in the mirror.

  3. The Underarm Salve – A Deoderant in the form of a salve/paste. It was a new for me. The thing I loved about it was that it smelled of spices as opposed to the usual fruity aroma. And the scent wasn’t too overpowering. After using it, I did sweat but the odour wasn’t there anymore. Mind you! I have quite a strong body odour and nowadays I don’t have to bother about it.
    Underarm salve made of beeswax.

    They also have Perfumes (In paste form) for those who need it. I went for the deodorant as it works as both.


As per Fittuber, companies use chemicals in their products because they are cheaper substitutes for organic ingredients. Hence all organic products will be slightly pricey. So are Raw Beauty products. But the benefits outweigh the costs.

For instance, The Gulaabo costs Rs. 500 for 150grams which means you can use it for more than 2 months assuming you use it twice a day. Rs. 250 for a facewash for a month might seem expensive, but you aren’t applying any chemical on your face thereby keeping it toxic free which according to me, is worth the price.

How to Order?

Visit Raw Beauty’s Instagram page and send them a direct message. This is their handle – @Rawbeauty2018

Will I Recommend their Products?

Yes! Yes! A million times Yes! I use them myself and will continue to do so. If you are conscious about the Chemicals in your products, do take a look at their Instagram page and consider switching to a healthier option. If you have any questions regarding them, please feel free to ask in the comments.

So, will you prefer switching to something organic and will you go for Raw Beauty?


Image courtesy for the first two pictures and the featured image – Raw Beauty’s Instagram page.