Day 27 – Favorite OTPs

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 27 – Favorite One True Pairings

This might be a repetition of characters and books. But I can’t help it. They deserve the best. By the way, I just can’t stop with one OTP. 🙂

1. Holly and Gerry from P.S I Love you

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2. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter

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I am not going to offer any explanation here. All I say is that, the movies never brought out the struggles of their relationship well. Those who have watched only the Harry Potter movies, there is a lot that you have missed. To know why half the world read it, why half of them keep writing fanfics and why I love it so so so much, do read the book. Read it until the very end. I promise you won’t regret it.

PS – Yesterday, my sister and I talked until 2 am about Lupin and Tonks, about their love, their death and their child. The talks never end. We can write books about each Harry Potter character. It is that deep.


3. Noah and Allie from The Notebook



Hi all! I’m held up due to work and so haven’t been able to visit your blogs or reply for the comments. Will get back to it asap. Lots of Love! 🙂

Day 11 – Top Three Male Characters

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 11 – Top Three Male Characters

I haven’t read many books. Of the few I have read, I forgot half the stories. Some characters stay etched in your mind. These are the best I can think of. They are all hopeless romantics. Somehow I cannot think of putting any intellectuals in this category. As someone said, Love makes the world go round. Those who love truly are the bravest and smartest for they have found the essence of life. Here you go:

1. Gerry from PS I Love You – If a man could look so far into his love’s future, try his best to save his wife from the big blow, try so hard, too hard in such a short span of time, I would always want to know the things he would have done if he had been given more time.

If I had been in Holly’s place, those letters would have destroyed me. 🙂

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2. Noah from The Notebook – Retelling their story every single day, dawn to dusk, to see his love’s face glisten with recognition for a minute or two. Willing to bear the searing pain every night when she forgets him again. Sometimes I wonder about the power of love, about the things that love can do.

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3. Ian from The Host – He loves the soul. He loves the soul in that body. And when he gets hold of that soul, he looks at her with love. He is not revolted by the shape, the texture or the looks. He adores that soul. What more shall I say?

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That is all for the day. My eyes welled up when I revisited the memory of Noah and Allie from The Notebook. I guess that would be one story that would tear me every time I think of it.

If you are a hopeless romantic, and haven’t read any of the above books, go run! Grab them and cry your eyes out. These are stories you must hear. 🙂