Bangalore Calling

100 Happy Days – Day 81

The year began on a really happy note. A trip with friends.

Being a woman from Kerala, there are some of the privileges I haven’t enjoyed and so, my wishlist has got these simple wishes that weren’t easy to fulfill. Yes, ironic it is. Being a woman, certain simple things are hard to get. A few among them were fulfilled during the the second week of Jan in Bangalore.

  • Having food at midnight from a street side stall (Thattukada in Malayalam)
  • Strolling in the city streets after midnight.
  • Going to a pub (The moral police in many of you just woke up and you are judging me with your flaring red eyes, smoke escaping through your ears.)

Let me back up a bit. After our CA Final exams, a few of us decided to go on a trip to Bangalore. Many of our common friends are working there and so, we had to go there! After lots of planning, researching, discussions & creation of whatsapp groups, everything was set. It wasn’t a simple trip with friends. For me, it was an experience;

  • Traveling with tickets that are not confirmed –Three tickets were confirmed, while two were still in RAC status. The numbers were almost close to confirmation and so we hoped they would get through. But unfortunately, even after talking to the TTR, we were in no luck. At times I have wondered how it would be to travel without confirmed tickets. Not bad huh?We started off by playing Dumb Charade and soon the lights were off making it impossible to see anything. We began singing and talking alternatively. After a couple of hours, we tried to sleep; two in one berth which backfired terribly! All of a sudden, all of us were hungry and so; we had bread & aloo bhujia. It isn’t bad, you know! We spread the bhujia on the bread and hogged away.We sat up and with lots of efforts – note the point: only and only due to our efforts – it dawned! :DIt wasn’t difficult after that. Bangalore was nearing and sure enough, we were beginning to feel the cold. The view outside – the sunrise, the green fields, the waters half hidden by fog – was magnificent.
  • Cricket & Kayaking –We met up with the rest of the team exchanged some really loud pleasantries, clicked way too many selfies and reached our first destination, a resort, by lunch time!
    I love cricket and I have always wanted to play. I used to play with my cousins as a child and after that, I didn’t have a chance. And so, the nine of us decided to have a really serious match.  I gave the bowlers strict instruction that they HAD to aim at the bat my hand. 😀
    Amidst the game, we lost the ball to a coconut tree and while two of them went to get another ball, we sat on the floor and played Uno, the way people gambled with playing cards!This was followed by some lovely Kayaking in the pond. I was a bit frightened due to the fact that I didn’t know how to swim. I have rowed in a coracle before and so this wasn’t too difficult. It was super fun when I knew I was closer to the bank. Though these two weren’t on my long term wishlist, they totally got in there and was checked off! 😀

    Kayaking at Urban Valley
    The Captain is in control of the Ship

    For those interested, this was in Urban Valley Resort, Bangalore.

  • Trekking –We had planned on a midnight trekking at Skandagiri. The trip turned out to be a twisted one and that story could wait.
  • Street Food –What do we do when something goes wrong? Eat! We so a couple of roadside stalls and got out to have some tea. This was followed by halting at another location. We had lots of omelettes and some maggi. In this manner, my wish to have street food at midnight was fulfilled. The best part is, when half a dozen hands are tearing one omelette, you really enjoy even that little piece you have had!
  • The Pub –The crowd was nice and it wasn’t too shady in here. We danced for a while, sat for a while and commented on others, again danced when peppy numbers came up, ate something (I have no clue what that was since the others had ordered), danced again and so on. By the time it ended, there were some really amusing events that I shouldn’t mention here. You know, the type where your friends were embarrassed, you rolled on the floor laughing and promised not to tell anyone?
  • The Midnight Food Hunt –My favorite part. We started walking in search of a food joint. A friend was very very hungry and so the walk began. We found some authentic eateries, but apparently they weren’t the type that would satiate his hunger. Anyway, we walked & walked & walked until I sat down on the street. Though it was painful, it was nice. 1 am, not so empty street, five friends, just walking aimlessly; I haven’t experienced that.

Our trip ended with a visit to the Bannerghata Biological Park. My good friend and an awesome blogger Anoop had written about this place in his blog and that is how I got to know about it. It was a day well spent. You don’t always see tigers, leopards, bears, lions & white peacocks. My favorite was the marmoset. We did not click his picture, but I could show you one from the web and you’ll know why I loved him.

Courtesy: BERND SETTNIK / Getty Images via Buzzfeed

Though they belong to the Monkey family, are only around 20cms in length with a huge tail. I wonder how they carry them.

The trip ended well and it gave a fervent start to this year. I do not know what the year has in store for me, but at this moment, I am at peace! 🙂

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