Humanity Helps Chennai

All of us are aware about the situation at Chennai. I personally know a few who have shifted from flooded areas to other safer zones. I know many of us cannot fathom the depth of the situation. Let me make this clear.

The place is so flooded that the residents cannot get out of their house for anything. And why would they? Even if they could, there aren’t any shops open. They lack food and basic necessities. There is water everywhere yet not a drop to drink. I read some tips that asked them to save rainwater and drink. This is their state.

They do not have electricity, no means of communication and many of them are in total darkness literally and figuratively. They are cut off from the rest of the world due to lack of communication.

This post is to create this awareness and also to extend some helping hand to Chennai.

Efforts from my hometown – Kochi

A team named anbodukochi is making contributions to the people affected by floods. The list of items required by them are:

1. tabs to purify water
2. ready to eat (biscuits,cookies,rusks)
3. rain wear
4. warm clothes, towels, blankets
5. medicines and first aid kit as per government guidelines (paracetamol, ORS)
6. plastic sheets or mats
7. toiletries (sanitary napkins, diapers), mosquito repellant creams, disinfectants (dettol, savlon)

Places that serve as pick up points in Kochi

You can contribute to any of these locations.





You definitely can contribute!

This is precisely why I am writing this post. I will be dropping of some of the supplies tomorrow. You could send in the funds to me and I shall buy the supplies and drop them at Sukriti, Panampilly Nagar. Here is their call for contributions:

This store has been listed in the previous listings


“Can we trust you?”

Is an obvious question anyone would ask. You may not know me and so, you cannot be blamed if you are skeptical about my intentions. Specially when I am not a part of an organisation and am working individually.

I cannot prove my intentions to you. But earlier, I did get some contributions to help this flower seller lady and I gave her the entire amount. I can only give you my word for it.

Contact Details:

  • If you still wish to make a contribution, don’t know where to go and if you trust me, you can contact me at
  • To ensure that I have given the supplies at the location, you can contact Sukriti at 09744304403, 09020449143. The number is same as in the above image.
  • You could also visit the site anbodukochi and contact them directly to contribute your share. Their contact num is 9846425000.

It doesn’t matter from which place the contribution flows in. The benefactors is what matters and I promise you that your funds will reach Chennai. #HumanityHelpsChennai