Fairy Dust Jewellery – The New Kid in Town

EDIT- The store has changed its name to Nathni Tales from fairy Dust.

Hola Peeps,

A lot has been brewing at my end including trying to bring some rhythm to my blogging. So, I will be hosting A Few Handpicked Things’ first ever giveaway in a week’s time! Yes! But this post is an introduction to the newest kid in town. The festive season is here, Christmas followed by New Year, and Fairy Dust and A Few Handpicked Things in Life are joining hands to throw some occasional surprises your way.

In this post, I’ll be introducing Fairy Dust to you. Hope you like what we have in store for you.

The Name

Fairy Dust is a substance with magical properties. This name was chosen because they say they have some fairies helping them out to flutter in search of some pretty happy pieces of jewellery. They add their magical touch to it & a tad bit of Fairy Dust that is sure to transform the wearer. The magical property of these trinkets are that, they bring out the beauty in the wearer.

Fairy Dust’s Motive

I, as a child, loved everything shiny, bright & colorful. But people kept telling me that Yellow was an ugly color and so was Magenta! But now, bright & neon colors are in vogue. They never really went out of fashion as I think of it.

Similarly, it is said that jewellery doesn’t suit too thin or fat people, bright colors do not suit dusky people and so on. I am sure fashionistas, students of fashion designing and owners of brands and fashion magazines know what they are saying. But the emotion behind Fairy Dust is that any type of person can wear jewellery. Provided you know how to style it. Whether to clutter it up or to go for minimalism is one’s own choice. But if you intend to draw eyes, all you need to do is to style it well.

The point is, wear what you love! Do you like bright or Neon colors? Do people tell you that jewellery doesn’t suit your body? Do you like those feathers and long hangings and heavy danglers?  Do people mock you for your choices? Wear what you like and smile at their comments. Wear again. Wear again and hold your head high. Their jokes won’t be funny for long. Fourth or fifth time, they won’t bother. You will be the person that loves her jewellery. The one who wears what he/she loves! 🙂

Psst! You don’t like something? Don’t force it on yourself.


Based in Cochin, Fairy Dust was formed with a view to bring some unique pieces of Afghani, Tribal & Boho jewellery apart from the funky junk jewellery to the South. Currently, they showcase a wide variety of Pompom Jewellery of myriad colors and designs. Pompom accessories have hit Central & Northern India quite hard, with almost everyone owning a pair of those bright colors of happiness. Similar is the case with Tribal accessories. These haven’t really found much light in the South especially in Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Fairy Dust aims at making available these beauties to the Southernmost tip. Be that as it may, the online store ships their magical trinkets to any part of the country.

Featuring some of the collections here:

1. ‘Fairy Lights’ Pompom Earrings
Price – INR 260
Buy Here – Pompom Earrings


2. Wooden Neckpiece
Price – INR 110
Buy here – Wooden Square Bead Necklace

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-17 at 10.26.07 PM.jpeg

3. Intricate Beautiful Clip on Nosepin
Price – INR 125
Buy Here – Peacock Nosepin


4. Afghani Neckpiece
Price – INR 300
Edit: Currently Sold out. Might be available in future on demand.

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-17 at 10.38.57 PM.jpeg

It is evident that most of the pieces are unique and one of a kind. You are sure to lure some eyes your way if you own these pieces. Also, if you are experienced in jewellery window shopping like me, you would have noticed that most of these pieces are at very affordable prices.

Here is a glimpse at the Pompom Earrings on meeee! I am sporting a layered multicolored Pompom Earring. Aaaand, that is how it looks on people.


If you like Fairy Dust Collections, do follow them on Insta @nathni_tales and also like the Facebook Page @nathnitales. Also, watch this space for the Giveaway from Fairy Dust!


A glimpse into the Insta page