Day 20 – 5 Books From My To Read List

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 20 – 5 Books From My To Read List

Phew! Can’t believe that I just completed 20 days of this challenge. Which means I just posted for 20 days at a stretch! This calls for a self pat. Well done Ranju! I lou you. ❤

So here I am giving the list of 5 books from my To Read list.

  1.  The Book Thief

  2. Insurgent (The Sequel to Divergent)

  3. A Song of Ice and Fire – That is right. The series of which Game of Thrones is a part. I am desperate to read them.

  4. The Hunger Games – Heard a lot about the series


  5. To Kill A Mockingbird


Have I made any wrong choices? If you have read these, do let me know. Psstt! No spoils okay? 😛