I seek answers…

Doubts are a part of everyone’s life. And so do I have questions. Let me warn you. Really weird ones. But I guess they are genuine. Forgive me if some of the doubts sound arrogant but I really have pondered a lot about them each time ending at the same point I started. And finally I decided to pen them down.

  • What are feelings made of?

There’re 3 states of matter – solid, liquid and Gas. There are 5 elements- Earth, water, fire, air, ether. Skin is related to earth, Nose is related to air, tongue is related to water, eyes are related to fire and ear is related to ether. And what about feelings and emotions? Do they have a state?
In case of negative feelings, if it were liquid or gaseous it could’ve been diluted, wiped, sprayed at or absorbed. If they were solid, they could be burnt or thrown away. In case of positive feelings, they could’ve been stored or reused. But god is the ultimate;
Firstly, emotions don’t come under any of these categories and hence none of this can be done.

Secondly, no one knows under which category it comes. Coz then, man will find a solution to wipe or increase his emotions. If emotions could be changed, everything will. Coz it’s the only thing apart from time that’s not in man’s control.

  • Can a soul be cut into two when a body is cut?

This question mainly refers to earthworms. In Hindu mythology it’s believed that all living beings have soul. And the soul is reborn due to a cycle of Karmas. In Biology we’ve learnt that when an earthworm is cut into many pieces (greater than 1/6 mm if I’m not wrong), each piece becomes alive.
My question is, do those many numbers of souls come from nowhere and occupy the bodies or does one soul get cut into many? In either case how on earth does it happen? (Interesting na :D)

  • When we pray to one god, doesn’t the other god get upset?

Keeping apart the theory of one supreme god, and coming once again to Hindu mythology, we have 33 crores of gods, goddesses and demi gods and godesses. When we pray or do pooja to one or two gods, won’t the other gods be angry or sad? I mean when I go to temple, when I put a coin in one Hundi, I put another in the next too (that god will feel bad na) and next and next till I put for all 😀
No games with Gods.

  • Do some of the offerings to god actually please them?

One day I offered Kumkum archana to godess. On my way back I wondered if it really pleased them? I mean if a heap of kumkum was put over my head, I’ll probably die sneezing (I have a terrible bout of allergy). For that matter doing abhisheka with milk, ghee, water etc just imagine pouring ll this thrice -or as many times people offer – a day!

Probably Gods do like it. That’s why they’ve not reacted yet.
PS: Do Gods have dust allergy?

  • If mind or thoughts can travel from place to place in milliseconds, why can’t people?

If a person here can in milli seconds think of his relative’s house in US or his trip to Canada, see the places he’d visited a hundred times, couldn’t it be possible that he can go there in flesh and blood within that time?

  • Is there a parallel dimension apart from what’s there now?

I had read somewhere about 7 dimensions. Another dimension where there’re another set of people whom we can or cannot see and who can or cannot see us. The idea sounds scary (though I don’t know why). And if the idea is true, there’s still a vast area unexplored by mankind.

From childhood I had so many doubts. I’d be coming up with more doubts soon. Till then please break your heads over this and give me some solutions if you are sure of it. Good day 🙂