My Bucketlist for 2017

A New Year has begun. Wishing all my friends here a wonderful 2017! Last year, I made a bucket list thinking I should do everything in it by the end of the year. 2016 just flew! I don’t remember any of the 12 months actually being there! The bucket list didn’t work out too well either. So, the same list will be continuing this year too.

1. Get a Job – Nop! Wrote my CA finals twice this year and looking for a job presently. So yeah! This year, job has become a priority for me. No matter what, I need to get one.

2. Write Better – “I have to improve my grammar, vocabulary, polish my language, use better ideas, write on better topics, reduce writing gibberish. I want to write posts that are more meaningful. What I am doing now is, just writing away.” is what I wrote last year and I haven’t changed even a bit. I did start a new theme though. ‘Grandma Tales’ and I intend to continue it. Also, I’d like to focus on a couple of new themes.


3. Read More – I read To Kill a Mockingbird, A Song of Ice and Fire – first 2 and 3rd part one. This time, I have entered the Goodreads reading challenge and am planning to read 15 books. A very high target for me!

4. Focus on Music – I joined Smule App and sang around 10 songs. I want to sing more frequently and record more songs. Here is one song I recorded. We have sync issues on the app which is why you find some lag here and there:

5. Learn everything I have been intending to learn – I feel particularly proud when I type this. Last year, I had listed swimming, driving and dance under this. First two almost done. Now, dance is the only thing pending 🙂

6. Keep Spreading Happiness – I believe that little things can bring happiness and one need not do great things. It is good enough if one does a tiny deed of kindness. I want to do more of such deeds of kindness and spread smiles this year. Even if that means spreading smiles through my posts.

7. Quill More – This year I did! Next step is to start making quilled greetings. I could easily make one in a week right? Will keep a slot for the same. You can see the ones I made this year here


8. Become a More Serious BloggerThe aim is one post a week and read 5 posts per day. Also, I have a new fashion blog. One post a week there too. Read more on blogging and improving writing skills. As mentioned earlier, focus on specific themes.

9. Learn a New Language – French is what I am thinking currently. Maybe because my sister was trying to learn it or because I saw Phoebe speaking French in Friends and it sounds super-sexy 😛 But more importantly because I love languages and the ring they have when spoken well.

10. Exercise, Meditate, Pray – Taking care of my mind and my body. I have been going for walks every evening and that is the first step to keeping my body healthy. Prayers and meditation give peace to the mind. It is a conversation with your own inner self and also some time to free your mind from all the turmoils.

11. Become a Better Person – I added this point a week after I wrote this post. There is a scope for improvement no matter what. In my case, there are lots. My first area of focus will be putting ideas into action. Reproduction of my bucketlist itself is an example. I want to make the Earth a better place. I do have ideas. I lack the funds and I am not organized enough to make time and plan things. This particular point should help me achieve all those other ten points. I need to act on this one. I will!


I listed pretty much the same stuff last year and I have reproduced the list again here. Except, I am going to make an execution plan this time. It will surely be better then I hope. So what are your goals for 2017? 😀

A Compilation of Routine Check-ups For Women

Saturday, 1st August 2015 – National Girlfriends Day.

This post is dedicated to the four women in my life, my girlfriends and to all the strong and beautiful women out there. Also, to all the men who have been loving and supporting the women in their lives.

There is a notion in our society. If a person is a bit too hefty, they are bound to be bed-ridden, by the time they reach their forties. I hear my relatives say that someone in our family is so fat that he/she is bound to fall ill soon. People talk. A lot. But do they really make any sense?

Well, the point is, a friend of mine called me up one day and as we were discussing about his work, he said,

“I had to collect the health reports of the employees in the company. You will be surprised to know that the Cholesterol content is high among the ladies! I know many of them. I noticed two things: Firstly, most of them are around 23 to 26 years old. Secondly, most of them are slim.”

This conversation happened a couple of years ago and it had me thinking. I am slim. I fall into that age group. I could be one among them. This is the report of the cholesterol levels alone. What about all the other health conditions? What if we – My mother, sister, friends or I – are suffering from something? How will we know? How do we prevent them?

I wasn’t paranoid. My intentions aren’t to make you paranoid either. But, every now and then we hear news about people being diagnosed with cancer, heart & lung diseases, diabetes and many more diseases most of us haven’t even heard of. Instead of waiting around and doing nothing about it, why don’t we start with ourselves? The answers to all my questions have always been there, staring at us.

How do we prevent them? The obvious answers:

  • Well-balanced, healthy diet – Eating scantily is not the solution, eating healthy is. Due to fear of putting on weight, many starve themselves. Instead of reducing in size, the body weakens, immunity reduces and this attracts illness. Being a bit hefty is alright as long as you are healthy and your body receives ample nutrients. Give your body the right food in the right amount. The two words ‘Well-balanced” and “Healthy” are of utmost importance.
  • Exercise – It could be something as rigorous as the gym or yoga or as simple as a game of badminton or as aesthetic as a dance class. Even better, begin with subtle dance moves, gradually couple up with warming up exercises and then go hit the gym. Doing something where our body could shed some calories and get some movement is what we need.

How will we know? Three words:

  • Routine check up – Most of us have no idea about the routine check-ups that we should go for and so, here is a compilation of the same.

Oscar Insurance created an infographic for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Girlfriends Day. They’ve put together an outline of checkups women need, to make our health a priority throughout our lifetime. They have divided the checkups for each age group into 3 categories – Routine, conditional and immunizations. Go through this list and consult a doctor today itself. 🙂

Oscar Women's CheckupsLRG

Oscar wants their members to be proactive and take charge of their health. They have many resources through their health insurance plans in New Jersey and New York, like their own app that allows easy access to your medical history and a Doctor on Call tool for any questions you may have.

If you find this post useful, kindly share it. Let us spread the importance of getting necessary check-ups and who knows, this might save someone’s life. 

I would like to thank Oscar Insurance for allowing me to share this infographic with all my friends. 🙂