Four Beliefs or Opinions

Day 3 – Four Beliefs or Opinions

I am back after a break with the Four things Ten Days Challenge. If you have been a long time friend of mine, you’d already know that I have some really strong beliefs & opinions. I wouldn’t say that I am right about everything. I could be wrong. But if I feel about something, I do feel strongly. You might have got a whiff of it from my Bio. So, this was a list made after a lot of thinking. Took me close to three days.

Souls / Spirits – Maybe the stories I heard from my Grandmother instilled this fear in me. But I did not find any reason to not believe in them. She herself has witnessed people being possessed by spirits and the thought freaks me out. What if there is a spirit right here as I write this, preparing to possess me?
I think a lot about them. People have seen them wearing the clothes they wore while they died. But how do souls have a form once they discard their mortal coil? What would happen to me when I die? What if I do not move on to the parallel world and stay around helplessly?

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The more I think of it, the more I’m sure of my belief in souls. Once this body disintegrates, there will still be me left. I am just not sure if I should be happy or terrified of the prospect.
God & Miracles – I am skeptical about the reality of Ramayana or Mahabharata. The Rama setu would have been real, so would have been the Kurukshetra war. But, whether they were related to Godly men isn’t something I’m sure of. I enjoy epics and the depiction of little Krishna, his love for butter, his episode with Radha etc. On the other hand, I do not buy Rama’s reasons for sending Sita away and I don’t think stories such as those send out good messages, especially when people consider him to be a Hero.
That being said, I believe in the creator; the presence of a power that keeps everything in motion. I have often felt the presence in my life. I used to experience them right from my school days. At the right time, I received the right guidance and the push. There were moments when things were totally out of my hand and amazingly, they turned out well. They were too good to be coincidental. Call it vibration, guardian angel, cosmic power or God. I believe in it.
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Rights and Wrongs – How often do we argue fervently with people, reaching no conclusion in the debate? Ever thought of the possibility that both the parties to the argument could be right? Let us take up this very post. My beliefs or opinions may not be agreeable to you. It is alright with me as long as you don’t shove yours down my throat.
I wrote a poem on this which is close to my heart. You can read it here: My Black Velvet Unicorn.

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Right to Love – This is a continuation of the previous point. I thought this required emphasis. I believe people have the right to love and this isn’t to be put to vote. How would you feel if someone says,

“Hey! Why do you Love your mother? You shouldn’t. My Holy book of Crapism says so.”
The government intervenes and says,
“Alright! Let is put his right of Loving his mother to vote. Those who think he should be given the right, put your hands up.”

Keeping aside all religious sentiments, considering the fact that we are mere souls; the body will disintegrate and so will our gender, tell me how could we put LGBT’s rights to vote? Let people Love anyone they want to love as long as there is no bloodshed and destruction! Why don’t people feel so strongly against rapes, murders, littering the streets & corruption, but go nuts over two men in love?
Alright! You are entitled to your opinion. I am mine. But remember, so is the LGBT community! You can choose to be straight. But you don’t get to choose for others.
I believe in the policy of live, and let live. I try my best to ensure that my beliefs do not inconvenience or encroach upon the rights of others. My beliefs are an intermingled mesh of your belief and disbelief. I may not be an ideal person in the conventional world. But I am ideal in my own eyes, I live guilt free and that is what matters to me.

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