CA Diaries – One Last Attempt

Long post alert! I'll be dividing this post into parts due to its lengthy nature. Also, to understand some of it, you will need knowledge about CA course and the marking system. Hope you get a vague idea here: There are 2 groups in CA final. One group comprises of 4 papers of 100 marks … Continue reading CA Diaries – One Last Attempt

Just Before I Quit

100 Happy Days - Day 80 Happiness is a Ray of Hope - Clearing a group of CA Finals after many attempts. There were no display of emotions. No laughter or pirouettes No screams or exclamation of joy. A friend asked me, 'Aren't you updating this on Facebook?' 'My happiness is also someone else's sorrow', … Continue reading Just Before I Quit

Little Things and Unexpected Opportunities

"Look at the two of you! Yikes!!! Can you at least be a bit presentable?", my aunt chided my brother, Vinay and my cousin, Rohit. "This is the new fashion, Aunty!", Vinay said. I was laughing away amused listening to the conversations. It was always like this. Whenever any of us got scolded, others sat watching … Continue reading Little Things and Unexpected Opportunities

Articleship diaries

Two weeks back, on a tuesday evening I bid farewell to my articleship firm. 3 years & 49 days was indeed a roller-coaster ride there. For the last 6 months I was disturbed by the thought that I would soon leave the firm. My allegiance lie not with the work as all my colleagues would … Continue reading Articleship diaries

The end of another phase

Have you ever felt that happy things end very soon? Having thoroughly enjoyed my College life for 3 wonderful years let me tell you this. This was not what I had expected when I walked into the immaculately furnished CA firm. It had a pleasant & a workable atmosphere. ‘A typical office. Now I have … Continue reading The end of another phase

EKAH 2012 – A Glimpse

EKAH 2012 – The all Kerala cultural fest conducted & hosted by the Cochin branch of SICASA. After four succesful years of conducting the Encore – district level fest of CA students in Cochin - this was the giant leap taken by the branch this year. I was told that this is the first ever … Continue reading EKAH 2012 – A Glimpse