Dance Or/And Music

R was four. An animated, naughty girl chattering away at every chance she got. The only time she was silent was when her Music Sir used to walk in to teach her music. She liked singing. But she never liked it when she had to attend music lessons. Things did not work that way. Forcing her … Continue reading Dance Or/And Music

‘And’ Is Given For A Reason; Use It.

Ask me what my ambition is and I can't pick just one. THIS was my first post on this blog. I just read it today and realized that 4 years back, I believed that none of my ambitions would come true. The tone of my post clearly says that. But today, my mindset is entirely different. … Continue reading ‘And’ Is Given For A Reason; Use It.

Heard of Santa? Well, I Am One.

Can you see the snowfall on my blog? Well, It is Christmas time! Since my childhood I have been waiting for Santa. I always had a list of things I had wanted - Barbie dolls, cooking sets, pretty frocks, best friends, toys, huge teddy bears. My list changed as I grew - Harry Potter Box … Continue reading Heard of Santa? Well, I Am One.

Little Things and Unexpected Opportunities

"Look at the two of you! Yikes!!! Can you at least be a bit presentable?", my aunt chided my brother, Vinay and my cousin, Rohit. "This is the new fashion, Aunty!", Vinay said. I was laughing away amused listening to the conversations. It was always like this. Whenever any of us got scolded, others sat watching … Continue reading Little Things and Unexpected Opportunities

Book Review: God is a Gamer

I have heard people say that the books choose us. Sometimes, when books keep popping up in front of me, I have believed this to be true. That is what happened with God is a Gamer. When it kept popping up before me, I kept ignoring it because of my exams and finally I forgot … Continue reading Book Review: God is a Gamer

Chapter 11

#CelebrateBlogging - Chapter 11 Team Alphabet Soup  To read Chapter 10 of this story, please click here Shekhar blinked. He stared at the idol for a while and said, ‘I-I-don’t know how it got there.’ ‘Come on Mr. Dutta. You have got to be better than that. We have a bag that you claim to be … Continue reading Chapter 11