Day 11 – Flying Chokers

100 Happy Days – Day 11

Happiness is, finding and owning something you have always wanted.

I love unique accessories and fashionable clothing. If something beautiful catches my eyes, whether it is in a movie or with a friend or a stranger, I’ll make a mental note about it and hunt it down. If it is affordable, that is, below 100 bucks, I buy it then and there. Else, I buy my time, wait until I have made some money, and then own it.

Whatever, the case, I am a very very good accessories and clothes hunter. I have made a list of luxuries I would love to own when I make money. Some of them aren’t too expensive. Yet, I know I don’t need them right now. So, I have kept them waiting. 🙂

One day, as I was watching the famous sitcom ‘Friends’, I happened to see a choker on Phoebe’s neck. I have wanted those when I was a child (Oh! I was born with immense fashion sense :P). But I wasn’t a hunter back then, blame the delay in advent of internet in our household!

So, when I saw the famed choker again, I began the hunt. It wasn’t too difficult to find it. But, it was difficult to find an inexpensive one. I was either led to sites with necklaces that cost approx 400 bucks or to sites that weren’t trustworthy.

It took me a long long while and finally through a friend, I was able to order the same for a low price. This happened almost a month ago. Occasionally, I thought of it and waited since I was told earlier that it would take a while to arrive.

Well well well! The arrival happened to be yesterday and ever since I have been flaunting these black beauties everywhere. They seem a bit fragile and if I’m to wear them all the time, I fear they’ll stretch and wear off. But what the heck! I can’t stay away from them.

The flaunting session began with myself trying them on and prancing all around the house. This was followed by myself showing the choker to each family member, seperately, again and again. Now, it is your turn to see them! 😛


It isn’t perfectly made. But that doesn’t make a difference. No one would look too close to see if the gaps are perfect. This one could go with almost every type of clothing, except ethnic ones. Sometimes, I feel none of my necklaces go with some of my dresses. Now, that problem is solved. If there is no matching necklace, I have the choker. This is not all.


I’m holding the choker necklace. It can be stretched easily. However, with time, it would loosen up considering the fact that I have paid comparatively less. On my wrist you can see the ‘choker-bracelet’. Not sure what it is called. That is the name I gave. Well, I got the 2 together and hence, voila! Double Happiness! 😀

These are available in multiple colors too. I’ll buy 2 more pair of black – one for me when these stretch and one for my sister. I may also buy a few other colors. I haven’t made up my mind on that. So, they will go into my lists. Too many of them are a luxury. But one is always precious. Myyy precioussssss! 😉

PS – You can contact me if you are unable to find it. Plus, I’m planning to learn how to make it. If that works well, nothing is a luxury. 😛