32 Things I Learnt in 32 Years

I have always wanted to write this list post and I intended to do it when I turned 30. But 2018 was one of the years I was least active on my blog. I turned 32 yesterday and I know that now is the right time for this post. So here goes, 32 things I learnt in 32 years; some serious, some unnecessary and some in between. I hope they inspire you and that you enjoy reading them.

  1. On the note of now is the right time, there is no other right time to start something new. Take the plunge! Nobody learnt swimming, standing by the water.
  2. Be more vocal with your loved ones about your feelings, both good and bad. It is the best way to healthy relationships.
  3. Learning comes from the most unlikeliest of places; also from almost everywhere.
  4. You don’t owe favours. You give favours. Which means, you always have the option to say NO.
  5. It is okay to not work for passion, but for money.
  6. It is okay to not make a vocation out of your passion. It can always be your go to safe space.
  7. I once judged a girl who hadn’t waxed her legs. Till date she has no clue that I did because she was least bothered. It’s okay to go out with unwaxed legs and unkempt eyebrows if you’re comfortable with them. You know that others are judging you only when you’re actively looking around for them.
  8. If you are doing something nice for someone you Love, ensure that you’re doing what they like rather than what you think they like.
  9. You owe it to yourself to not work on weekends.
  10. When you base your decisions on what XYZ wants, remember that you might have to live with some of those decisions all your life, even after XYZ ceases to exist. The Blatant truth!
  11. Cooking is not a gender role. It is a life skill.
  12. Breathe through your mouth while chopping onions.
  13. There is a strange peace that comes with cleaning, de-cluttering and clean bed sheets. It is symbolic of de-cluttering your mind.
  14. You always turn into your parents. But you can choose the traits you want to keep.
  15. Fat people are fat. Dark complexioned people are dark. It is when you add the cringe-worthy tone and expression to these facts as though they are bad that it becomes wrong.
  16. It is okay to genuinely accept the changes in your beliefs. That is not hypocrisy. That is growth.
  17. You share traits with the people you spend more time with. Ensure that you are around people who add value to you.
  18. Do not grind hot things in a mixer. Things will hit the fan! Quite literally!
  19. Reply ‘People have it worse’ with ‘That doesn’t discount what I am going through’ because no one has the right to normalise your suffering.
  20. Don’t yell at the service center personnel because the product is faulty. They didn’t make the product. Learn to direct your anger and frustration rightly.
  21. You don’t ever grow up! There is always a child in everyone. Don’t lose that child.
  22. Nobody has the right to make you feel guilty about the things you buy for yourself. Go get that yacht to adorn your lawn!
  23. There is nothing called too many clothes.
  24. You always count your gifts on your birthday. The more the merrier. You have just been in denial (FYI I got 10 this time of which four were from my sister :P).
  25. You are born kind and the people around you shape your kindness. Look within for the kindness that you possess and you’ll know that you don’t have to cause a ruckus over a tiny accidental scratch on your car.
  26. Spend more time cloud gazing, star gazing, nature gazing and soul gazing.
  27. Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry. Don’t look at junk food on Zomato when you are hungry. You always tend to go for junk food. Instead always plan a junk food meal so that you never overeat them.
  28. You can follow the trend. But you can create your style as well if you are confident enough. I thought that a top and a bottom went well. But my fashion designer friend said that it wasn’t the right styling technique. Yet I wore them the way I liked and was told by many that it was a beautiful pairing.
  29. If you want a change of job, apply anywhere and everywhere; ten times a day. Know your worth and do not compromise on it. Work on your communication, learn from failed interviews and aim for the Sky. You’ll only achieve what you aim for!
  30. It is okay to quit and stop looking at ‘quitting’ like it is a bad thing.
  31. Train your thoughts by replacing negative with positive. Instead of, ‘I hate Mondays. I have to work!’ think ‘It’s Monday and I’ll learn new things, solve new problems and I love it!’ You will feel like it eventually.
  32. Take lots of videos of your loved ones’ crazy side. Make videos of them laughing, singing out of pitch, saying weird things, cracking really bad jokes and watch them when you feel blue. Not sitcoms could give you the joy you get when you see a loved one being goofy. Trust me on this! ❤
Here are some of the gifts I received

Let me end with this bonus realization that I had yesterday. I received lots of gifts and like anyone else, I love getting gifts. But the best moments were when the whole family sat together and had food while the focus was on my birthday, we cut the cake, I had a video call with my bestie, went out to meet another bestie and when one came home with a Dairy milk silk like he does every year on my birthday. Having been away from home for the last two years, I value the contact with my loved ones more than anything else. I don’t want a big fat party. I just want a tiny cosy gathering of my loved ones.

I think there are some really valuable life lessons in here because I found them extremely useful. If you enjoyed reading them, please comment your favorites. Also please share this post because as a writer, I write to speak to the world as much as I do it for myself.

10 Reasons Why I Love my Blog

Being part of Blogchatter’s Blogbuddy, we are spreading bloglove and so, I take on the baton of Blog Love from Abhinav.

Seven years back, when a friend persuaded me to start a blog, I was skeptical, hesitant and scared for many reasons. When I did, I was sure I wouldn’t write here very often (which is partly true) and soon this will be a forgotten place. Today, all I have to say is that I Love my Blog!
1. For the Freedom to Write Anything –  Being a lifestyle blogger, I don’t have to restrict myself. The freedom to publish just about anything, without having to focus on a theme is what keeps me writing. I love my blog for the flexibility it gives me.

2. Timeline of my life –. I started this blog in 2010 and I became really active in 2013. Ever since then, I have stored the little moments in my life here. Twenty years down the lane, I might forget many of those amazing moments but a look at these virtual pages will suffice to remind me of my younger self. This will be my storyland. 🙂

3.  For the name ‘A Few Handpicked Things’ – I couldn’t be more proud. I have done so many mistakes in blogging and learnt from them. But I haven’t been more right about its name. This blog is about a few handpicked things in my life. This blog is where I live, what I hear, see, where I go, the people in my life, my desires, my trials and tribulations, happiness; this blog is me in words. I Love myself, so do I love my blog!

A FEW handpicked things.jpg

4. It helps me grow – Have you seen my lists and bucket lists? Writing down things make you focus more on them. I did not strike off everything from my bucket list 2016. But the ones I did, I struck off only because I wrote them down here. This year, I am bent on striking off more. The reason being, I want to perform better this year. My blog helps me set goals, follow them and helps me grow.

5. Stressbuster – If you have noticed, I blog more during my exam holidays. It helps me de-stress. Writing here during exams helps me clear my head. While studying, I get a truckload of ideas and as long as they are in my head, I can’t focus. This is where I unload them.

6. Makes a Difference – Whenever someone asks me ‘Why this blog?’ I say ‘To absorb the little things in life’. I want to do that so that I can make a difference in someone’s life. When I prepare a bucket list and share, I wish someone would be inspired by it. When I share the story of someone needy, I wish someone somewhere will be inspired to help a needy. When I write about appreciation, I wish someone somewhere will be inspired to appreciate.

Conversation with a friend
Conversation with a friend

I have received a few personal messages that told me how they were inspired to do something because they read it in my blog. My joy knew no bounds. I love my blog for making a difference. 🙂

7. Helps me Connect with People – Being an introvert, I find it very difficult to gel with people, make the first move or connect beyond the peripheral point. To an extent, my blog has helped me connect with people. Through this, I came across blogging communities like Blogadda, IndiBlogger and Blogchatter thereby found some inspiring bloggers and of course, my blog buddies. 🙂

8. For the Sheer Joy of Creating –  Creating something is beautiful. I am into creating quilled greetings, jewelries, and bookmarks and sometimes, I put them up on the blog. However, the feeling you get when you get an idea, streamline it, write a blog post, prepare the image, format the entire thing, find the title and hit publish… Goodness! It is inexplicable! Can I call it bloggasm?

My creations in Quilled Greetings
My creations in Quilled Greetings

9. For the Gifts & Pocket Money – My blog, with the help of above-mentioned communities, bestows upon me so many gifts, prizes, and pocket money. I participate in contests, sometimes win, sometimes get paid, brands and website owners find my mirror (blog) on the web and offer me writing jobs. These are all flattering and encouraging. They happen only and only because of my blog.

10. For the Home that You can Redecorate Anytime! – The artsy folks did have a smile here, right? The blog reflects my mood. The same way we redecorate our house, try moving the furniture to make it look different, add a bit of this here and that there, we like to revamp our blog. Sometimes, I want it to look girly, peppy or loud, sometimes I want it to look calm, composed and inviting and at times, I like it professional. I can do that! I spend hours searching for themes that suit my requirements. I Love my blog not only for helping me express myself through words but through appearances too!

Finally, it does make me look cool you know? 😉 There are many bloggers out there and I do know where I am. Yet, when I say I have a blog, the expression of the person listening to me gives me some sort of a pride, until he is a blogger too. The moment he says so, I vanish. Poof! 😛

I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Srikanth