Four Likes & Four Dislikes

I have become lazy with respect to writing. Maybe this is just a phase, or maybe it is time for me to end this blogging journey. I don’t know. Anyhow, I decided to take up another challenge so that I’d get into action again. If this doesn’t work, maybe, I’ll stop.

It is a Four Things Challenge I found online. It is a ten day challenge where I’ll be discussing things in fours. You can take it up if you like it. 🙂 So, here is to getting rid of my writer’s block.

Day 1  – Four Likes & four dislikes

Four Likes: I found it very hard to list just four out of my umpteen likes. These definitely have a special place in my heart.

1. MAGIC – Anything related to magic. Books, people, conversation, movies, places with a magical element in them, others who believe in magic, Harry Potter! I grew up reading Enid Blyton’s books and I could say magic runs in my veins due to these books. I keep looking for fairies, witches & wizards and I try to link things to magic. Life is filled with possibilities and looks more mysterious this way.

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2. DOGS – I should probably use the word ‘Love’ for dogs. I am so very fond of them. I had a dog and she died on me :/ I think of her at times and the grief is always there. It has been 9 years and I haven’t owned a dog after that. I have always wanted to. When life gets tough and when you feel there is nothing that could cheer you up, their leaps of joy, licks of love and playful nibbles would become an unavoidable part of your life.

It is said that chances of depression are low when you are around dogs and kids. 🙂

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3. PASSION in people’s eyes – Have you seen that twinkle in people’s eyes when they talk about their passions? They sound excited, their voices have a ring to it, their words come out in a hurry, they get all animated and sometimes incomprehensible. I just look at their eyes & face and even if I don’t understand a thing, I can’t help but smile. The happiness is contagious. Passion means purpose in life and that sure makes life interesting.

If you do not have a passion, it isn’t wrong or bad. Life has endless possibilities. Passion is just one among them. I personally like watching that part of life. 🙂

4. SILENT CONVERSATION –  Sitting with a good friend, watching the setting sun and saying nothing. Yet, when you are going home, you have a smile on your lips, you wish the day hadn’t ended and hope for another day when you can sit with him/her without saying a word.

Star gazing would be all the more beautiful. I have never tried that with a friend, though. The only star gazing I have done is when I was a child, with my grandmother on our terrace. Those were beautiful times.

Four Dislikes:

1. Unnecessary PRETENCE – Fortunately or unfortunately, I have a keen observation and I can spot pretence pretty fast. The moment I realize that someone is pretentious or fake, I leave a huge gap between them and me. During those rare circumstances when I can’t get rid of them, the irritation is evident on my face. I appreciate honesty to pretence.

We are all fake at some point or the other and I appreciate it when people do it so as to not hurt someone. But where pretence is used unnecessarily, to churn some benefit, to hurt someone or for a selfish motive, I detest that.

2. LITTERING – People littering, spitting and urinating on the streets. We wrinkle our noses when we pass by an ill-smelling, littered place, or when the lorries collecting wastes pass by. Yet, we don’t refrain from throwing trash on the streets. Do we?

No. Don’t do it to save Earth. Earth needs no saving. The day the Earth feels like it has had enough, and decides to clean itself, life form would be wiped from it. Earth will survive on its own. Do it for yourselves. Do it so that your children or grand-children don’t die of painful undiagnosable diseases whilst you are alive.

3. PHONE CALLS –  I am very fond of texting, handwritten letters, face to face conversations, but not phone calls. I can hold on to phone calls for maximum 10 minutes, but beyond that, I get disinterested and sometimes irritated. The introvert in me is to blame says the internet and I happily blame it on him. But people don’t get the point. They tell me disliking phone calls isn’t a thing. I have no other answer but, call me up and face my irritation then.

There are a very few people, very very few, with whom I can easily converse over the phone. The number is definitely below five. Now you know why I never call.

4. ICE CREAM – I have been asked umpteen times, ‘How can you not like ice creams?’ The answer is, it is too cold and I don’t like it when the cold moves down my throat. Plus, it numbs my tongue easily and I find it difficult to talk. I like it melted, though. I mean super-melted. But, if a friend is holding a cup of ice cream, I eat half a spoon. 😛

I was thrilled to find this in Friends 😀

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There! I have written a nice post and after a long time & I feel happy about it. There is this deep sense of satisfaction you get with certain posts. I feel that right here, right now. Hope I’ll be able to complete this challenge. 🙂



PS – If any of you want to join the challenge, you can start right away. This is for 10 days and you’ll have only 4 things to list each day. I’m not revealing the remaining list now. You can discover it with each day. You can either join the challenge in your blog or in the comment section. 🙂