Uncommon Opinion: Finding the Utopia in this Dystopia

GUEST POST ALERT: Today, I have yet another Guest Post on my blog and this time it is written by my Dad. He is an avid reader and has gathered a lot of knowledge and perspective over the years. I have been wanting to know his take on the Coronavirus Pandemic/Lock-down and when I asked if he could write about it, he heartily agreed.


Can we become the creators of our own destiny?

I have read a lot about Karma and its effects on our mind and consciousness. But to me these are all debatable. Learned people say that the mystery of life lies in the knowledge of death. You might be wondering why I have started my post with negative thoughts. I’d like to remind you that two negatives make a positive. That’s what I am trying to do here, turn all the negative thoughts about this tiny virus in to something positive.

My self-quarantine started a week before the official lock-down, thanks to my younger daughter who came back from Bangalore. It was a much needed rest for me mentally and physically. I realized the pathetic condition of my lungs and the lack of stamina when I tried playing Badminton with my daughter. I was experiencing shortness of breath rather too quickly into the game. I am someone who leads thousands of people in the company I work in, and here I was struggling to manage my own body the way I wanted. Since I am not sure about the concealed mystery of heaven and hell, and the concept of the soul and rebirth, I realized that the only genuine companion in my life until death would be my body and it’s my utmost duty to nurture it carefully.

As I mentioned earlier, the lock-down has been a much needed rest for me. I have been able to do the things I love; reading books, practicing pranayama exercises, continuing my passion with drums (with the practice pad), listening to music (I was a professional drummer in my youth), taking regular walk in the evenings and most importantly helping my wife in the best ways possible.

It may sound insensitive when I tell you that I am enjoying my life. Like everyone else, I too am concerned about the virus engulfing the world, taking too many lives. But it’s high time we stop being miserable. We need to accept what comes our way with grace. I know it’s easier said than done. But there’s nothing wrong in giving it our best shot. There is no point restarting our journey in an unpleasant manner. If you ask me, this should not only be a view of life now but a way of life forever.

There are the pessimists and the alarmists who tell us that disaster is certain and that all human effort is of no avail. I don’t think Mother Nature is that cruel. After all, no mother can torture her children incessantly.


Featured Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Uncommon Opinion: Finding the Utopia in this Dystopia

  1. Many people have gotten their much-needed rest in this period. Indeed, we can choose to look at it in a positive light. Enjoy the time we can get for ourselves. Take care, you guys. ❤


  2. I agree with your father when he says that we should stop feeling miserable. I feel that we must at once stop playing the victim card. There is lot of positivity lying in every corner of life and the house where we are safely living that need be discovered in the new light. Life can be lived better if it is looked at better!
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  3. That’s a beautiful message. Being miserable only makes things worse. So, it’s time to count our blessings and realize that we are much better off when compared to many others. And I agree with your dad. This lockdown has definitely given me the time to relax and get back to blogging. 🙂

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  4. I enjoyed your father’s writing immensely. I’m glad you decided to share the lectern per se and let him speak to your audience. I liked how he explained using a personal experience about badminton to illustrate his point. Without actually talking about the dangers of the virus he Made his clear point.
    I also took notice of the language that he used. It was easy to read and connect to/understand. It was a comfortable read much as having a chat over a hot drink together. I hope he will take the lectern again regularlygIt was a comfortable read much as having a chat over a hot drink together.
    I think he’s approach dealing with what is under his control is practical. It makes no sense to become overwhelmed with what we cannot personally change and to instead do our best with what we can influence. I believe you have a wise father


  5. Wow to your Dad! Wholeheartedly agree… this was a long splendid holidays for everyone at a time… being miserable is no way to deal with things or upcoming situations… this time, i got back to blogging… and its good..


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