Conversations From Late Nights

Last night was a night of conversations that wouldn’t have ever happened if not for last night.

A jarring bit that stood out because of some words that slapped me awake was this.

Your past might have torn you down,
your past will be a part of you.
But do not become a victim of your past.
Do not stay there.

Because during nights like these, your past will seep in from the windows,
gaps and the crevices
From around you,
mix with the air you breathe
and enter your lungs,
suffocate your heart
And poison your brains.
Well, reminders of your past are all around you.
And there is a certain point
beyond which you can never go back.
There’s no delete button or reverse button.
There’s only forward.

Let it blur
Let it fade
Let it become a fleeting memory,
The kind that you remember
a moment before wakefulness,
And forget.
Let it stay in that doorway
where the subconscious opens to the conscious.
You cannot stay there.
You can only flicker past it.

Some conversations

Are meant to stay,

So was this.

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