When Strangers Surprise You

6th September 2018:

Today I am yearning to write. After a long long time. Today something heartwarming and beautiful happened. Today I was in a fix and a random stranger helped me out.

After work, Chin and I decided to go Specs shopping. Not that I was desperate to spend on spectacles, but my eye power thinks that it needs a hike whenever I get a salary hike. After some serious specs speculations, some window shopping and dinner, we were on our way back in my bike.

Bangalore. 11PM. The fuel in my bike got over.

We stood beside my bike contemplating on the next step. We needed a bottle, we needed to spot the nearest fuel pump and we had to find a way to commute. We decided to ask an eatery near us named Charcoal Express for a bottle. We went over and explained our predicament. The guy went inside and after a while came out with an empty vinegar bottle. I sniffed it and realised that it had just been emptied. It also had remnants of vinegar which made it unfit for filling petrol. Disappointed, we walked back to my bike and contemplated some more.

We decided to walk to the nearest fuel pump and ask if they had a bottle. As we began walking at a rapid pace, a bike approached us from behind.

‘Excuse me!’.

Both of us were baffled even before we took a look at the owner of the voice. A man on a bike trying to get your attention at night has never been a good sign. We turned and to our astonishment the guy from Charcoal Express asked us, ‘Aapko petrol chahiye kya?’

We answered ‘yes’, the astonishment evident on our faces.

‘Please give me the bottle’

‘It has vinegar in it. That bottle can’t be used.’ we said.

‘It’s okay. Please give the bottle.’ came his reply.

We walked back, handed him the bottle and he rode off. As we waited for the guy, we just had two things in mind; It was so sweet of him to help and that he should hopefully get another bottle. It took a lot of time for the astonishment to wear off. There is no necessity for a random stranger to take his bike and venture out to help us. And yet, he did.

In about 10 minutes, he was back with the fuel. He had a metal bottle in hand and a make-shift funnel cut out from a plastic bottle. As he emptied the bottle into the fuel tank, I thanked him and asked him how much it cost him.

‘Koi baat nahi’ came the reply as he got onto his two wheeler.

Related image

I had to ask about half a dozen times before he answered. This was followed by me forcing him to take the money. Finally I placed it in his pocket and he took off. As I started my bike, Chin told me, ‘The people in Charcoal Express are smiling.’ They had been watching us the entire time and were smiling as we thanked the guy. As we left, I looked at them and gave a broad thank you smile which they returned.

‘That was one of the sweetest things that happened to me recently. I will be writing about this.’, I declared.

I dropped off Chin, and was on my way when she called out, ‘Don’t forget to write about him!’

And I just did.

A simple act of kindness could make someone extremely happy.

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48 thoughts on “When Strangers Surprise You

  1. What a lovely story and trust Bangalore for that. Glad it worked well. Now maybe you can pass on a random act of kindness. It will be another beautiful way to keep the chain going. 😊


  2. What a wonderful thing to have happened to you! Such instances give me a fresh dose of hope. Thanks for sharing it with us and so glad it got you writing again. Lovely post.


  3. Beautiful act of human kindness. It may not rank very high on grand scale. But for the person in a jam this is god send. This kind of act restores faith in human goodness. I had a similar experience. I got a flat tyre while driving on highway. Somehow my old jack that came with the car was jammed tight in its slot. My more sophisticated jack, one that mechanics use, I was not used to operate. It was a hot summer day. My daughter was unhappy that she had to stand under hot sun without AC. All of a sudden a biker stopped. He helped me change the tyre. Actually he everything himself. He made me road ready again. I tried to pay him hundred rupees. He folded his hands and said, I saw you are in some trouble. I decided to help.. Can anyone be kinder? I don’t know and I don’t think so.


  4. What a beautiful place this world would be if everyone did one good deed. It’s great that you have shared this incident to reiterate that goodness is always appreciated and touches one’s heart. Great post!


  5. Wow that was so heart warming. It’s true, kindness does exist. Hopefully we all can continue the chain of kindness by such random acts.
    #MyFriendAlexa #momlearningwithbaby #Blogchatter


  6. True that it’s very difficult to trust strangers specially when you are alone and that too in the night time in a city like Bangalore where I’ve heard of many incidents. But at the same time, kindness do exist in the hearts of people though it has become a rarity. Glad to hear about this kind act. Hope kind acts like this flourish and soon our place becomes a safe place to live in.


  7. No act is simple unless someone has the heart to do it. This is such a sweet gesture from the guy and very much appreciated. Also, glad to see the guys from the restaurant were keeping an eye and I see it as a sign of safety too. Admirable. Glad you wrote about it. Kindness heals!


  8. It made me smile too. Little act of kindness goes a long way. It’s like a chain reaction. Loved reading this post. πŸ™‚


  9. Such a heartwarming encounter. I call these people Godsend when nothing seems to work out, and we desperately look for some help, God send his favorite people to help those in need. Totally agree with this, A simple act of kindness could make someone extremely happy.


  10. I am so grateful to read this.o have similar acts of kindness and I still think about the experience


  11. I always loved such kind of real life encounters. I had been a big fan of “Kindness of a Stranger” in The Reader’s Digest magazine. Loved it thoroughly!!Sometimes I feel help from strangers are Universe own way of helping us. Indeed Beautiful Encounter.


  12. glad, you were helped by a good stranger at 11pm. hearing to news and watching the channels, it is really a terror to accept any help from an unknown.


  13. Wonderful !! It was so kind of him. Not everyone comes forward to help. May be has gone through such situation earlier because of which he understood.

    And you are so thoughtful to write about this incident. Hope he reads this post some day.



  14. So heartwarming ❀️ I try to do this as well and encourage others to do so. The best way you can repay him is an act of random kindness of your own now πŸ™‚


  15. Beautifully expressed. Nothing is great than act of kindness and we all should carry it forward! Loved reading it.


  16. We do need to journal in these little acts of kindness to remember them, as well as spread some positivity in this world.

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep


  17. Many of us forget to trust people and ignore but you were lucky to get help during that odd hour. I remember once when I helped a small kid while leaving for work, I gave him lift for a 14kms office distance as he had to hurry and pay his fees and had no source to reach quickly and offered him some cash to help him reach his destination and eat snacks on the way. I narrated this to my colleagues and they yelled at me like anything stating “What if he had a knife and him stabbing it from behind” I said someone needed help and I did my bit to help him, I won’t regret anything for the good thing. They were shocked to listen to these words πŸ™‚
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa


  18. A really heartwarming story. So glad you wrote and shared this. The world needs more kindness and stories which make you feel like its not too bad a place to live in. πŸ™‚


  19. Humanity is still alive. Loved reading it. I had an almost similar experience and a complete stranger gave me petrol out of his bike. God bless these people!


  20. Whoa petrol in a bottle. Now that guy has a permanent place on the world wide web thanks to his kindness! It was a good day that he decided to help a writer πŸ˜‰


  21. Random act of kindness have become so rare nowadays…It really makes us happy that there are still people in this crazy world due to whom humanity and compassion is still alive…Thank you for the heartwarming post…


  22. Such a feel-good post this is. Glad you wrote about him. Whenever you or your readers need to be reminded about the sefless goodness that exists in this world, this post will be the perfect thing to come back to.


  23. Absolutely! Such small acts of kindness restore our faith in humanity. Your post reminded me of a duo who helped me change my car tyre when I was stuck on a deserted road with a baby.


  24. This is one of the sweetest, heartwarming post I read today, Rajini! This only goes to show that there is some goodness left in the world and people are not all bad!


  25. It is indeed that there are some good people left in this world. We are trapped in a web of selfishness in these modern times and never have time to help others.


  26. Sometime strangers show a great sense of friendliness. It is natural to question ourselves before accepting their help but yes, good and helpful people are still out there.
    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa


  27. Reading this post, made my heart swell with pride, that the simple and most basic values of humanity still exist and find their way to peoples lives. Such a heart felt post.


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