Do You Have A Vision?

Sometimes I just stop whatever I am doing and try to make sense of the things happening around me.

We study from a very young age. Our adolescence and youth is spent mugging up unnecessary theories that we will never need in real life. Our youth is spent pretending to understand further more complicated theories. This is followed by the pursuit of money and the momentary pleasures they could buy, not that it is all wrong.

But when I ask myself what do I need in the end, all I can think of is a vision. A tiny cottage beside a river, a library with books for a lifetime and someone to love.


Someone with whom I can be myself, share my fears, joys, sorrows and the silliest of thoughts even if it is at the oddest hour of the day.


I look at the books & documents around me. I have no clue how these papers would give me the life I want. I look around me and see others with their documents and laptops. Do they have a vision? Will they achieve theirs? Have they even thought of a vision?

Have you?

The sad part is, we are all content with our robotic lives. Studying, working, earning, marrying, creating more robots, retiring. We are satisfied, maybe because we have no vision. Even if we have one, we have replaced it with the societal definition of vision.

Even if we have one, we forget it, ignore it the way I will ignore mine. After posting this piece of writing. Once and for all. Because now, I need to study, get a job, earn, marry, create robots and retire. By the time I remember my vision, I’ll be too old, withered and will be visiting hospitals every week.

Now, let me ask you. What is that ultimate vision you have about yourself? Are you in the process of achieving it?

PS – Did I mention that I need a dog? I need a dog too. In that riverside cottage of mine. 🙂
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28 thoughts on “Do You Have A Vision?

    1. Thank you so much Alok 🙂
      Indeed you are! I get a feeling that you are quite planned from your posts and tours. Hope all your visions manifest the way you want them to. 🙂

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  1. i suppose this was the post you had mentioned about!!!
    nice post.. and it is certainly nice to see another person put up a very similar thought in a slightly different perspective!!! 🙂

    Its quite sad society decides how life should be led and it is worse that we actually let society do that.. End of the day, all that one is left with is that incurable itch that just cannot be scratched.. the one that keeps reminding us that we are not living for ourselves, but for a whole bunch of people we call the society!

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    1. Yes this is it.
      “The incurable itch that just cannot be scratched” well said.
      The worst part is, even if we decide to live for ourselves, our mind is trained to fall back into the society’s methods. An invisible rule book is already made & anyone who goes against it is stoned, shunned & bad-mouthed to such an extent that, the rest fears his path.
      Fear is the weapon used. Fear works like no other.

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      1. true..
        this thought sometimes creates an image of a little kid sitting by a window n looking longingly at an ice cream vendor cycling down the road..!


    1. Thank you so much dear 🙂 Your comments do the same to me. Such a pleasure reading them. I read your mail and I am so sorry for the delay in reply. I will definitely reply to it.

      I hope your hope dream and vision gets fulfilled. 🙂

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      1. No it isn’t. But as long as the dream lives it is ‘comparatively’ easier is what I meant 🙂 It depends on how we approach our dream. I try to make it easier for me rather than remind myself that it is not easy.


  2. I have many visions depending on the different parts of my life. I have visions for my family, my desire to grow and learn more, and to live a full life. I am inspired by persons like you who write and share some well so they connect even though thousands of miles away.

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