February Gratitude List

2016 is on a roll. I still remember writing posts after posts when the new year began and it’s already March. For a CA student, it is very unsettling as May approaches. So, the unease is setting in already.

I have begun to wonder why I started this Gratitude list. The answer lies write here. If not for this, I wouldn’t be blogging today. So let me start February’s Gratitude list on that note:

1. To have started the Gratitude list – Technically, I began this on Feb first. Though there is a slight regret about starting it due to my exams, I am happy for my blog. This year, there will be 12 assured posts in here at any cost, due to this challenge.

2. Watched my first ever Stand Up Comedy – And updated about it here. A couple of months back, I came across Kenneth Sebastian’s videos. I don’t devotedly watch Stand up comedy. But somehow, I liked this chap. Just when I was wishing that I could watch his show live, he decided to do his first Cochin show. After some confusion, I made it to the venue. You can read about my experience here.
And here is the video of his latest show. The one I went to. Hope you like it.

3. Finished a Book – Not just any book but the mighty Game of Thrones! I love reading. But in the present scenario, this is an achievement because, I never read when exams are approaching. During the last couple of years, I must have left around half a dozen books half read. Due to this phenomenon, I decided to finish it this time and Voila! I have begun another. πŸ˜‰

4. My Bucketlist 2016 – When this year began, I wrote out a bucket-list of goals for the year with a view to make the year more productive. Reading more books and venturing out to places and events were two among them and that is precisely what has been covered in points 2 & 3 above.

5. A ConversationΒ – You must have come across certain people who have much more to them than their appearance or their initial demeanor. Β These old souls have a certain luster that come from wisdom accumulated through ages. When they speak, all you could do is to sit and listen to them wide eyed, grasping every word they say, drinking in their aura.

I got to know a certain old soul. I came across this person, or rather this person found me earlier last year. But, it was during this month that I got to know more about this soul. The ideas, the imagination, the wisdom are all unparalleled.


The conversation made me realize how insignificant I am. I felt refreshed after that. It happened around 2 am and the first thing I did after that was, to write. The words rushed as though scared, they would remain forgotten.

The last one was a new experience. Deep conversations with wise souls don’t happen too often. They are like eclipses and blue moons. Rare, magical and manifesting when certain phenomenons come together. The next two months will be tough for me with exams and classes. I may not be update this space often. But I’ll try because above all, I have this second home of mine to be thankful for.

What does your February gratitude list comprise of?


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