The Game of Monopoly

100 Happy Days – Day 70

I remember I had the game of ‘Business’ when I was a child. But the money were in coins. With time, we lost the coins and all I had was the board which was split in theΒ middle.

Our aunt came visiting and guess what she gifted my sister?


The Monopoly! With the note version of the money. I have always wanted that. We cousins and aunt played this for hours together and as you know, the game just prolonged and we had to stop.

From now on, here is an addition to our indoor games list. ❀

13 thoughts on “The Game of Monopoly

  1. I don’t remember playing Monopoly, I think just once..but I wasn’t good then. I’m a lot better with money now tho’ πŸ˜‰ good game neverthless.
    How about Numero UNO, have you played that? Another awesome card game, more the people the better it is… I used to be really good at that and win quite regularly, for some reason, I don’t win anymore ;( which is sad.. I like winning but then I also like to see the people I play with enjoy themselves…so I really don’t know :p

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    1. Oh I play UNO too. I love the game. I’d prefer that over Monopoly anytime. Mainly due to the time consumed by the latter.
      Haha I used to throw tantrums if I didn’t win. But now, not so bad. πŸ˜›

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  2. I still remember the game called Business. It was fun and we cousin’s have spent a lot of time playing it. Never played Monopoly though, someone had gifted me the board and the notes and coins some years ago but I have never opened the thing.

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