And I am not proud of it!

100 Happy Days – Day 55

Happiness is childhood. Childhood is happiness.

Today, R, my favorite friend is here with a guest post. This is the first guest post in my blog and I am proud to say that she has come up with a brilliant one. I would say no more. Please give a big round of applause for Aaaarrr!!!

I cannot do this in my blog because they all know me. I decided to do a guest post here since I am faceless. These are my confessions. You have no idea what you are about to read. I don’t know what you will think of me after you are finished. (Do I want to know?)

Note: If you have children below the age of 10 years, please make sure they don’t read this. If they do, it is at your own risk.

I would have left by the time you finish reading this.

  1. I used to stand behind the TV and sing to see if I would come on screen. Once my grandmother saw me sneaking behind the television and asked me what I was doing.
    “Looking for the ball.” *Innocent smile*
  2. When I listened to my recording on the tape, I thought I was on Radio. 😀 (Oh come on! That sounds reasonable!)
  3. We use brooms made from palm tree leaves. The spine of the leaves are all tied together to make a broom. When I was 2 years old, I used to stealthily get hold of the broom, untie the thread that held the sticks together, see the sticks fall one by one because it was a lovely sight. And then, run away.
    This is how a broom made of palm leaves look


  4. I must have been 3 years old. I used to dig out mud from the backyard, pour water in it, make balls out of them, pluck some leaves, place each of those balls on the leaves, in a line and leave it there. I did this everyday as though that was my job. Once, when my grandmother, tired of throwing them, asked me what they were, I said they were rat poops. 😀 Just laugh okay!? I too would like to know what that ‘Me’ was doing then.
  5. I painted a lot during those days. I kept all my precious paintings – which were in par with Picasso’s – in a cover. I saved them all and when I had quite a lot (over 20 masterpieces), I vaguely remember taking them to my neighbor’s house, to sell. I marketed them quite well. The price was Rs. 10 for a painting. Dammit! Why didn’t my parents stop me?
  6. I used all K.S Chitra’s and Yesudas’s song cassettes to record my melodious voice. I spoilt every possible cassette at home. I not only sang. I talked. I recorded things simply when someone was having a conversation. This was the talk of the house for the next 10 years.
  7. News headlines: “The princess of wales – Diana – passed away”Me: What? The princess? Are there real princesses? And that too of whales? Wow! I kept asking my father to repeat what he said. I asked him to explain. He said that Diana was the ‘princess of whales’. The previous day, she had died. I sat there wide eyed, finally happy that all that I read were coming true. There were princesses after all! And if whales had princesses, there should be mermaids. Right? I imagined a crowned whale and felt a gush of joy.63928129
  8. “Hellooo! Aww you are a sweet girl there. No. No. You have got me wrong. We don’t pull out teeth here. First, I’ll keep this ointment on your gums. After that, I’ll place this cotton. In a while, your teeth will melt. There would absolutely be no pain.”The dentist began to apply the ointment with so much care. It took a while and at some point of time, it hurt a leeeettle bit. He said that it hurt due to the numbing feeling that the ointment gave. Once he applied it, he kept a cotton there.“There! You are good to go! Now, your teeth will melt. You can go.”

    I was wonder-struck. If there was such an easy method to remove teeth, why did my parents take me to dentists you wrenched them out? We were outside the dentist’s and I was prepared for my well-deserved ice cream. I asked my mother whether the teeth would have melted. She asked me to check. I removed the cotton and felt the place with my tongue and let out a gasp.

    “Amma! The teeth melted. Daddy look! The teeth melted!”

    I believed so until a few years back for a while. One fine day I remembered this incident and realized where I was tricked. Well, I am definitely not proud of it. 😛

  9. In my painting class, my Sir drew an eggplant, painted it so well that it looked so real. He asked me to draw and paint one below his painting and show him. And so, I began.I drew the outlines, slowly and neatly.Perfect!

    I dipped my paint brush in water and spread some water on the drawing as he had taught me.


    I dipped the brush in the paint and started from one side of the eggplant. Due to the presence of too much water, it spread beyond the borders.

    Oh! No problem! Extending the border a little bit wouldn’t hurt.

    I took some more paint and painted the entire egg plant.

    The paint on the other side seems to have spread. Extend the border little more.


    Extend the border.




    Now, do I really have to tell you what became of my eggplant painting? A purple pumpkin?

  1. I had this kitten craze when I was 4 years old or so. We found a stray kitten and I wanted to keep her. The name hunt was going on, so was some show on the TV. I asked my Grandmother what the name of the singer was.MinminiMinmini!!! That sounds so kitteny! Minmini it is! We did name her that. I gave no other choice. Thank God Amitabh Bachhan wasn’t on screen then. 😛
  1. I cut my beautiful mermaid doll’s hair. Just a little bit. Because, I loved cutting hair. I loved the sound of scissors against hair and someday, I wanted to become a ‘hair cutter’. Next week, I again cut my mermaid’s hair. This went on until, I was curious to know what was at the other end of the hair. I chopped off the mermaid’s entire hair to find a not so interesting sight. I hid the doll ‘well’ under my cupboard. But my Mom cracked my ‘well thought of’ hiding place. How did she? 😛 But that wasn’t the sad part. The doll’s hair didn’t regrow as I had expected it to 😛
  2. When I was 5, my mother went to get me a puppy. She asked me to think of a name for ‘it’. Since I didn’t know whether it was going to be a she/he, I decided to lookout for both the names. I took a paper, divided it into two. Wrote Girl on one side and Boy on the other. I wrote Scooby as the first name under Boy and then thought and thought and thought. After a long time, I finished the list and gave it to my mother.She laughed, hugged me and said, “You cannot give your classmates’ name for your dog. Just imagine if Meera gets to know that you named your dog after her, she will be very very angry.”“Aww… But I did not get any other names. So I wrote down all my classmates’ names alphabetically so that you can choose from them.”

    In my defense, we did not name the dog after my classmates. Okay?

Now, do not judge. This girl, R, was naughty as hell. I agree. But when her sister listens to these stories, she feels jealous because R was such an interesting child. Well, R is not proud of all this, but you should also know that she has grown up to be a very beautiful, smart and caring human being. I know her very well. And I’m telling you. She is one awesome person. Very sweet.

And charming.


Oh! She loves Chocolates! More than me!

Her favorite color is Purple

And she is crazy about Harry Potter. 


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