Day 37 – Birthday Surprise

100 Happy Days – Day 37

Happiness is Birthday surprises!

I am a huge fan of Birthdays. There is no better occasion where you can let your loved ones know how special they are. Some times I am in short of money or time, or things simply don’t work out. Some times, I feel like celebrating some people’s birthdays, sometimes I pass. In any case, the joy of planning things, buying them, making them, organizing them is all very much exciting for me.

Yesterday was one such day. Around 15-20 of us had created a group on whatsapp and were busy planning the birthday of a close friend. The plan was to buy 25 different gifts since he was turning 25! We had to make sure that at least some of them were useful, that they were within our budget, that at the end of the day, all 25 did find their way to us and many more. With discussions all day and night, we finally made it!

Cream, Facewash, Wall poster and more…
Gems, candles, Balarama (Children’s comics)
I leave this to your imagination. 😛
Birthday cap, measuring tape, bookmark, Marker, Egg & more 😛

These were a combination of useful and funny things. You can see the cover of a watch – the red one – decorated with bow. We kept an egg with a smiley drawn in it. I really feared that it might break, but nothing of that sort happened.

Hello There Folks! I’m Eggsy 😀

For a useful gift, since he is an avid reader, we decided to get him a book. On various occasions we asked him whether he had any of the things we had decided to buy him. We bought them only after we made sure that he did not have them.

If you have read my blog, you will know why I chose this 🙂

Finally, Something I made with lots of care. As you all know, I love playing with colors. Since we had to give 25 things and one among them is a book, why not a handmade bookmark? I set to work yesterday morning and by noon:


On the front it says,

“Each time you open a book and read it,
a tree smiles knowing there is life after death.”

On the back it says,

“Friends, Books, Work
Books, Friends, Work
Either way work comes last.”

Neither are my creation. You know? From here and there.

I like that combo 😀

After giving him all the gifts, we had some ice cream and chaat. I ended my day with a dark chocolate. It was a day well spent and ended well too when we all knew that he enjoyed our surprise.

You could use this idea for a loved one’s birthday some time 🙂

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